Calling all Women! Let's lose 20 lbs. by March 2016! Who's with me?! Svelte by Spring!



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    aliciadpo wrote: »
    I am 8 weeks postpartum

    I am right there with you! I currently hands a 7 week old baby girl and I have to return to work January 11th. I'll send you a friend request so we can help each other get thru this :smile:
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    I found the group under the new groups catagorey and tried to join but it's still not showing up under my group lists.
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    Id like to join. I'm 34, 5'8, 212.7 pounds. I work as a restaurant manager and a stepmother of 2. My major goal is 180 pounds, but right know I would love to get under 200. I always get stuck at 205 and would love to move past that for once.
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    Hi I'm Kim. I'm 49yrs married with 2 kids (20 & 17). I lost on here 2 years ago and now I'm back to 221lbs. Looking forward to the group! Please feel free to add me
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    I am in as well!! I have been looking for a group to join and this seems perfect!!

    I am married, 31 fast approaching 32 in Feb.
    5'-3" and currently 209, I had a great last month and dropped 10 pounds with dedicated tracking and the mantra... Just make it through Christmas when the cookie tray comes around haha.
    I am an architect in Chicago
    I love traveling and lived in London for three years
    My biggest problem is once I have one of my "trigger" foods it is really hard to reign myself back in, so just been avoiding them lately.

    Can't wait, I'll go sign into the group page!!
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    I'm in. I'm 45 years old. 3 kids, I'm a trauma RN and I hate to look at my closet. Nothing fits, the only new clothes I buy are shoes.... Because they fit! Sigh. I am 5'9" and weigh a whopping 182 lbs. I've never weighed this much in my life. Add me
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    And I can't find the group Svelte by Spring. Hmmmm.
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    Is it too late to join?!

    I'm 25, and 215! It'll be nice to have some support on this journey!!!!
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    I'm in too.

    That's a great goal and I know we can do it - please add me to the group and feel free to friend me.

    My name is Val and I am in regional Western Australia. My overall goal is to lose 20 kg, however but I am setting my goals for 5kg at a time so that I see regular small achievements that will keep me on track, rather than aiming big and failing.

    I have only been doing iifym for 10 days and have already lost 2.4kg, however I know that will slow down as I am aiming for 500g weight loss per week. I love flexible dieting as it gives me variety andtracking macros also keeps
    me honest.

    I am loving the dishes in the recipe section and find them so filling, I have never eaten so much food and felt so satisfied before and lost weight so easily. The 8 glasses of water are a challenge but I am up to six per day.

    I have been doing cardio (treadmill) mainly for the past week, I also slike to swim but the weather has not been that good here recently, but I got back into weights yesterday, for the first time in ages so I guess I may see some slight weight gain as a replace fat with muscle.

    Good luck everyone.

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    I'm interested! How do we get into the group? I'm 30 years old & 5'2". I'm short & obese. My overall goal would be 150. I work as a School Counselor. I like reading & watching movies. I can shop where ever. As long as I look good in what I'm wearing, it can come from anywhere. I typically enjoy snacking & am an emotional eater (stressed, upset, etc). Recently I've cut back & have been trying to get workouts in regularly. This week I've been off my game though. Please add me!
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    I would like to join. I went to the doctor Thursday and I weight 216 and I'm 5'4
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    I'm Kyla and you can count me in!
    My SW was 290
    My CW is 258
    My GW (for this challenge) is 235
    Good luck to everyone, let's kick some assistance!
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    Count me in too! I'm currently 141 and change (started a couple weeks back at 148), and looking to get down to 120. For whatever reason I got the bug to get cracking before Christmas and I'm so glad I did. I'm even planning on keeping up my running schedule right through Christmas... Taking my running gear with me while we visit family!
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    Can I join in??
    I'm 38, married to a chef (blessing and a curse!!), and just had our first baby girl 5 months ago.
    We also lost my husband's mom to pancreatic cancer last month and started our next chapter this week - me: breadwinning mom and husband: stay at home dad. The last few months have been the most joyful (new baby), miserable and sad (mom in laws illness and death) and confusing (going back to work).
    I'm 5'5" and 204 lbs as of this morning. I gained 55 lbs with my pregnancy and its slllllllow to come off with all that's happened. I'm seriously considering the 21 day fix, but only if my husband does it too. He has about 80 lbs to lose but is grieving and he knows too much about food, he gets in his own (and my) way by being able to make so much deliciousness...which is comforting at the time know.;)
    Happy to meet you all, lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Can I join? I'm 5'5, and weigh 146. I've put on 25ish pounds over the last couple years and would like to get back down to 120-125 but am really struggling to find the motivation. This group seems like the perfect place to help get that extra kick to start :)
  • I'm very new to MFP but I'd like to join the group. I need directions to how to join the official group though. I'm currently 147 lbs at 5'3", having lost and gained several times, frustratingly, and I'm trying a few new strategies to lose and keep it off this time - not going completely black and white on food groups, for one thing (even though i believe dairy and grains are a problem for me - I just haven't been able to stay off them completely, so I'm trying for moderation), plus bringing my Exercycle back in from the garage (lol) and joining MFP. A 20 lb loss would be nice, but my initial goal is 130lb.
    About me, briefly, I'm a mom of three ranging from preschool to highschool, yes I did that to myself. I live in New Zealand (yes I am a LotR fan OF COURSE) but come from Africa and spent a year in the States once. I think a group is a great idea. I'm currently sat on my Exercycle craving pizza :/
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    am 5'7 weighing 111kg dont know what that is in pounds and def too early to start. I am a health visitor with RGN background. married mother of 2. i am currently on the fivetwo lifestyle.
  • mcespi1
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    well Google says 111kg is 244 pounds
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    I'd like to join as well. :) I can't find the group...

    I am 36, married, homeschool mama to 4 little chicks. I am 5'3" and weigh around 160 right now. I was down to about 145 a year ago, so I am pretty frustrated with myself for that gain. I had been exercising really frequently until about a month ago, due to schedule changes in our day. I find that when I exercise I eat much better.

    I would like to get back on track to being healthy, and making better choices. I realize with my daily demands that I NEED to be healthy to complete my tasks well...and I'd like to fit into my clothes again. :)
  • Would love to join! Already motivated by your determination during the holiday ;) looking for like minded ladies for some accountability and motivation!!