Did you gain weight over Christmas / New Years?



  • whmscll
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    I gained 5 lbs between Nov. 20 and Jan. 4 and enjoyed every second of all my overindulgences. I would have gained more, but was exercising regularly. Now back to eating at a deficit, which actually seems normal and like second nature. But it's only the first week. ;)
  • sapphire1166
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    I've been too scared to weigh myself, but I know I did. I've been back on track for a week and won't weigh myself for another week. If I'm at the same weight I was at before the holidays I'll consider it a success!
  • seiffertrk
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    I started the day before thanksgiving 2015 made it through TG, Christmas and New years. I figured if I could do it through the holidays (My toughest time for food being all over the place at work and family) I could beat this weight. I did it! 26 pounds down now........ now if I can just get through that pesky green beer and valentines day hearts! Oh and another weakness those damn Reece's (eggs, trees, pumpkins) man I love those!.

    Mmmm seasonal reese's...the perfect chocolate/peanut butter ratio!

    Congrats on the 26 pounds!

    Was up 10 (without any reese's trees...more's the pity!), it's almost gone already.

    C'mon, y'all, just keep tracking! You'll blast those holiday pounds and a bunch more!
  • bmj2015
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    Well, actually on 12/24 I was 124.2 pounds.
    Today I'm 123 pounds.
    So a 1.2 pound loss — and I definitely had a couple days when I really just went for it in terms of eating. So it's comforting to know that I can do that every once in a while without ruining all of my progress.
  • janicelo1971
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    Oh YEA! went from 119 to 130 yesterday when i finally was brave enough to get on the scale(after 2 months of being inactive)....when you can't fit in any clothes time to make a chance...was stable for a few years,but just not active lately...back to normal routine today! hopefully it will fall off over the next month)
  • Marianna93637
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    I didn't lose, but didn't gain either. I ate more than usual, but not every day. Drinking didn't help, lots of calories. I did go to the gym a lot though, lots of Zumba classes (3-4 / week) so I think that helped evening things out.

    I'm a high school teacher and go back to work next Tuesday. I must admit, I'm ready. I know I will be burning a lot more calories just by being on my feet and not just lounging around. I have a Fitbit now, so I'm curious to see what it will say.
    Last year when I started logging, I lost 9 lbs during Thanksgiving and the 3 weeks that followed it. Then 3 weeks winter break, lots of exercising, Zumba, jogging, etc and not 1 lb was lost. I went back to work, and within a week 3 lbs came off.
  • NinjaChinchillaNZ
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    I weighed today - put on 3kg in the last 3 weeks, so not ideal but not too bad considering how badly I ate over Christmas and New Years! I'm small though at 5'2 so will take me a while to lose it again.
  • Dayofthebread
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    I put on 6 pounds which totally surprised me as I went way overboard and I have been unable to exercise for a few weeks, I thought it would be much more. I lost 4 pounds the following week so nearly back to what I was.
  • PrimalJillian
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    I gained 11 pounds, and I've lost 10 since the 1st.
  • macjessmcintosh
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    6kgs (13lbs) in 4 weeks! pretty dissapointed in myself but not going to mope around. went back to the gym this morning and have organised my food for the week. trying to eat as raw as possible.
    good luck to everyone who have a few kgs/lbs to lose in the next month or so!
  • macjessmcintosh
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    Slashnl wrote: »
    kazminchu wrote: »
    If anybody needs to make themselves feel better - I gained almost 13lbs.
    Go hard or go home.

    Me too! Yay us!

    me too!!!! very worrying
  • mrsnazario1219
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    I'm sure I did I just don't know how much because I refused to weigh myself. I weighed on 12/18 at 176.4, I ate and drank whatever I wanted during the holidays but still logged. I weighed myself for the first time this past Friday at 176.2 so I'm back on track.
  • maicap22
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    I maintained and then gained a couple of pounds at the end of the holiday week. It is still better than my usual holiday gains though.
  • nutmegoreo
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    Lost nearly 2lbs between Christmas and New Years. Then bounced around for a week until I got back to my regular routine. It's all good. The down time was enjoyable.
  • scorpcookie
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    I ended up maintaining until about Boxing Day, since then I've probably been above maintenance every day since. Yes, I have gained some weight, probably way more than I wanted to thanks to my sweet tooth, but I don't really regret it since it's nice to just be able to relax and enjoy one's self, even if only for several weeks out of the year.

    Starting this week, I will go back to eating under maintenance now that most of the sweets are gone. And in 2 weeks time, I will resume exercising on a daily basis once I'm done with a work course. I'm hoping that once March rolls around, I will be back to where I was before the holidays hit and then I can concentrate on losing a few more pounds to reach those stretch goals I had in sight.

    For now though, I'm going to continue feeling the bloat from the last holiday meal that was had yesterday and the leftovers that were enjoyed today.
  • delgph
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    Gained about 9lbs. Back to tracking now, lost 2lbs so far.
  • suziecue20
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    I didn't log at all Christmas week and put on 3lbs. I know I didn't go over my calorie deficit enough to put on 3lbs of fat in a week so just started eating and logging again normally. I weighed this morning and the 3lbs has gone + another 1lb so I'm back on track.
  • MindyBruno
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    Very surprised and happy. I lost 4.5 pounds from 12/2 to 1/1. I enjoyed a lot of food and never felt deprived.