60lbs to lose by August 20th 2016



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    Hi all!

    I've always been a big girl and my weight has always fluctuated. Unfortunately in the last 4 years... Since meeting my wonderful fiance, I've let it go. I got comfy and fat. But I'm no longer comfortable with my size, or who I see in the mirror. I'm wonderfully supported by my man who loves me at any size (thank god) but I'm ready to make a serious change. August 20th 2016 is my wedding day, and I am making it my goal to lose 60lbs by that date.

    I'd love to make some friends and some accountabili-buddies along the way because I know I can't do it alone! Thanks all :)

    April, congrats on having someone in your life who loves you unconditionally. I do understand tho that it is hard to accept that love when you don't see what they see and you feel as though you don't love yourself.

    I too was always a "big girl" but I didn't see what others saw. My mom would always say I had such a pretty face, if I could only lose the weight. It wasn't until I had to go in the basement of Macy's to shop in the plus size that I became devestated. I have since lost 70lbs but back on almost 25. so I'm back on the journey with a plan to lose 30lbs.
    I wish you success...feel free to add me!
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    I've always been big too. I was chubby when I was 5 in photos. I really wish my parents had fed me healthier stuff. They were both obese at some point so I was really overweight before I knew it would bother me. I was obese by the time girls start to dress cute and really discover boys and crushes. But I have learned what is and isn't healthy. I know better now.

    My biggest struggle is always impatience though, and negativity. I look in the mirror on week 2 and go "why don't I look different?" lol!! I know it's silly, but I think it's a negative way of trying to sabotage myself. I've always done that. "I won't do it" or "my stomach will never change" and then I look at before and afters and I go "her stomach didn't look much better than mine before and now it's all tight and toned!" I can't deny that amazing transformations DO happen. And maybe my stomach will be a little flabby... but I bet even a two-piece could hide my lower tummy if I buy the right one. My family has always been so negative about everything, so I've also been learning to stop that. Negative thinking = never losing weight or toning. Negative thinking leads to giving up. Negative thinking is what got me to this point. Positive thinking led me to meet all these amazing people, and get back on track. Positive thinking led me to my fiance. Positive thinking is telling me I can and will do this.

    My point in all this rambling hehe, is that my biggest weakness here is myself. My own mind and doubts. But I'm learning to tell her to shut it :P I really believe that looking inward and spotting the common reasons we kept giving up can help us break those barriers for good.
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    Hey Guys,

    New on here too I have about 45 lb to loose by Aug 27th 2016 for wedding day, first week 4lb down and feeling positive , but birthday meal on Saturday for hubby to be praying i don't put it all back on in one sitting! Wishing everyone luck! Great to have some girls on a similar mission!!!!
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    I am 190 it's and really want to lose 40 by July but have no support at home. Only just started to use this community forum thing and would really appreciate it if anyone would like to add me as a friend.
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    Welcome @dringo82 :)

    Fantastic! Another with very similar goals. You can do this! I think if you enjoy a bit of a treat in moderation you won't gain that all back. Feel free to keep checking in here. Good luck to you too!
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    Hi! I have 90 days until a beach vacation. I would like to lose 26 pounds in the next 90 days. That would bring me to my weight before I had my child. I have a lot more to lose but I am starting with that!

    Please friend me! I need all the support I can get!
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    Oh my goodness it's incredible to read all of the posts here and to know we're not alone on this journey!! Please add me too. 12 years ago I lost 48 lbs and was off of insulin (type 2 diabetes) for 11 months before I started eating whatever I wanted again. Boo! Gained it all back...I want to control diabetes and my health instead of it controlling me. The most positive part of this is having accountability partners through it all. Strength in numbers!!! I am in Canada :)
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    I didn't realize a person had to be under 200 to ride a mule! That is something! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. My first goal is to get under 200 as well. I am hoping it happens in February. It will be nice to know once I get there that I COULD ride a mule if I wanted to. Yeah!

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    That is so awesome! I didn't know about the weight thing for riding a mule either, wonder what the requirements are for the "big boys"!!
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    Jetamu96 wrote: »
    krbkrat wrote: »
    Ok - here is my brutal honesty to wrap up this lil Monday...

    So I just asked my hubs how much he weighs right now...175. I am 190. I officially weigh more than my husband today (...obviously it's been for a while - duh - I've just been afraid to ask...). Scary to me. Don't like this. Don't feel dainty or sexy. Feel heavy. Very heavy.

    I'm a lot heavier than my boyfriend, but not for long! ^^

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    Today is a new day, a clean slate with no mistakes on out. You can do this! And sexy comes from within so let yourself shine from the inside out while you are transforming the outer you.
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    SueSueDio wrote: »
    Hello April and everyone! It looks like there are a bunch of ladies here with the same kind of weight loss goal as me - I'd like to lose 50-60lbs, but don't have a set date to achieve that. By the end of the year would be fantastic, but I think it's more likely it'll take me a couple of years. It didn't go on fast so it's not coming off fast! :)

    I just signed up here yesterday, and am logging my food for the first time today. I find it annoying, but I need to know how much I'm actually eating rather than just what I think I eat! I like to snack, especially when I'm bored, so being unemployed would be a much larger problem if I could afford to stock the house with high-cal snacks! I have cut down somewhat from when I was working (there were free snacks and fabulous cooked lunches where I used to work!), but I need to find healthy and cheap substitutes so if anyone can point me towards some suggestions that would be fantastic!

    A little about me: my name's Sue, and I'm a Brit living in Canada. I had a milestone birthday in October (fortynine-and-twelve-months *coughcough*) and I appear to be heading into the menopause, so I don't know how much those things might affect the ease of losing weight as I hear it's harder the older you get. I don't feel 'old' - in my mind I'm still in my twenties (maybe younger!) - but sometimes my body feels more like it belongs to an old lady. It's time to do something about it (again)!

    I tried a diet a few years back and lost about 24lbs, but it involved meal replacement shakes and that's not sustainable for me. I need solid food or I don't think I've eaten, no matter how nutritious a shake is! I kept the weight off for a short time, then took a sedentary job and all those pounds crept back on again and brought some friends with them! I know that what I really need to do is change my eating habits permanently, but with a husband and son who are fussy about what they eat and also love snacks and treats it's going to take some effort to find healthier meals that everyone will eat.

    I also have some difficulties with exercising due to long-term back problems, but I dug out the old Wii Fit that I haven't used in years and have done 20-30 minutes of stretching, balance games and light aerobics every day since Jan 2nd. It's not exactly a high-intensity workout, but when you're starting out any movement is better than none, right? :)

    krbkrat wrote: »
    Do y'all have any non-numeric goals...???

    Yes!! Besides being able to fit into some old favourite clothes that I still keep, I would really love to be able to wear my wedding and engagement rings again. I've been married 26 years but only wore them for the first four... when I got pregnant my fingers puffed up so I had to take them off, and I've rarely been able to get them on again since then (even though I was nowhere near as heavy then as I am now). I wore my hubby's ring for a while, since he also put on some weight and his got tight, but I haven't been able to wear that either for a few years. I never wanted to get my rings resized, telling myself it would be an incentive to just lose the weight so I could wear them again, but apparently it wasn't enough of an incentive!

    After my previous weight loss I was able to just about get them on, but they were still a bit tight. It was such a lovely feeling to finally be able to get those diamonds on my finger again, and I'd forgotten about it until I was thinking about writing this. I want to experience that feeling again! :)

    Anyway - that was a lot more waffle than I'd planned to write! But if any of you lovely ladies would like to add me to your friends lists (like I said, I'm new so I don't really know how all this works yet), then please feel free to do so! I'm going to need some encouragement to keep going with this as I get disheartened easily, and I'd be happy to try and cheer others along in return! :smiley:

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    You all sound great! Yes, 60+ lbs to lose. My goal for at least a good dent in that number is my birthday in June.
    I'm excited about 2016!!
    I got married almost 4 years ago. I had lost weight before that but like someone else said, got too comfortable. I am no longer happy with how I feel or look.
    Let's all do this together!!
    I'm on day 2. Hungry! I will admit but I know I can overcome this initial discomfort with less than the overeating
    I have been doing to get myself so fat
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    Hey all! Just outta curiosity, since this thread got so big, I'm wondering where everyone is from :)

    I'm currently living on the East Coast, Canada :)
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    Good luck everyone and hello! :smile:

    I lost 46lbs, but then met a great guy and slipped back into my old bad habits of too many treats! I managed to put on 33lbs again. Whoops.
    My first goal is to get back to the weight I was at my lightest, when a size 14 was comfortably baggy on me. That means I need to lose those 33lbs again.
    My next goal is to get comfortably into the healthy weight range, which will require a total loss of 60lbs. I haven't been that weight since I was about 11 years old! Part of me finds it hard to believe it is even possible, but we'll see.

    January 4th marked the start again of a new journey to lose weight. I am trying to focus on eating more protein and fibre, and to cut back on the sugar (my major weakness), which seems to be working so far. I am also trying out a few ideas, just to see how they work for me. I have always found it easier to cut back when at work because I'm so busy. Weekends often feature family meals and nights out, so they are much tougher to stay on track for. So far, I am aiming for around 800 calories a day for weekdays, to allow myself to have around 1,600 for the weekend days. I figured that not eating the exact same number of calories a day is no bad thing, especially when you have diets like the 5:2 getting such a good press. :) I am also tracking my steps each day, though the device does not talk to the computer and thus the calories are not automatically added to MPF or anything. However, I've noticed that I am averaging between 300 and 400 calories burned from walking just whilst at work and pottering around. I am not very well at the moment (I have been ill and have been physically limited since August, which is another cause of the weight gain I think) but I will eventually step up my exercise again as I used to love the buzz I got from it.

    So far, since January 4th, I've lost 7lbs so fingers crossed I hit my goal this year (and that everyone else does too).
    Another 26lbs to go for my first target. :)
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    Hey all! Just outta curiosity, since this thread got so big, I'm wondering where everyone is from :)

    Northern California :)
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    krbkrat wrote: »
    Also, this is a moment of brutal honesty for me. But. I've only estimated my weight on here. I'm to embarrassed to actually get on a scale and check :( but that also means it's going to be hard to check progress.

    Any suggestions?

    April - no worries girl! If you aren't ready for the scale, then use something like a pair of jeans, a dress, a tshirt, etc. that you kind of know what you weighed when you wore it. Try it on every week and take note of how it's fitting. This may help make it easier - as you get closer to it fitting correctly - to get on the scale.

    You can do it! We can!

    I REALLY appreciate that. Thankyou so much!!

    I would suggest taking measurements with fabric tape measure then recording them in the area in your profile as well. Slow and steady...
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    I'm in too!! I'm turning 40 on the 14th of June this year and I refuse to be Fat & Forty!! I need all,the help I can get, and I'm happy to motivate new friends along the way.
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    Hey all! Just outta curiosity, since this thread got so big, I'm wondering where everyone is from :)

    I'm currently living on the East Coast, Canada :)

    Southern Alberta, here. :)

    (And yes, the link worked - thank you! Bookmarked now so I can find you all again...)
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    My biggest struggle is always impatience though, and negativity. I look in the mirror on week 2 and go "why don't I look different?" lol!! I know it's silly, but I think it's a negative way of trying to sabotage myself. I've always done that.
    My point in all this rambling hehe, is that my biggest weakness here is myself. My own mind and doubts. But I'm learning to tell her to shut it :P I really believe that looking inward and spotting the common reasons we kept giving up can help us break those barriers for good.

    I know some of those feelings! My dad was obese for a lot of his life, but my mum was never fat (she used to complain about her thighs, but I never thought she was overweight) and I was always a skinny, sickly child. I started to fill out when I hit puberty but stayed relatively slim (although I always hated my belly) until after I got married, when the weight started to creep on. I've heard it's a common problem and has something to do with 'contentment', but maybe it's really just that we've found someone who loves us so we stop trying so hard? I don't know - I wasn't deliberately trying to stay in trim before I met him, it was just the shape I was. I think I just started eating more without realising it, plus I changed my job to a more sedentary one that had a staff canteen with the best cheese scones EVAH... I'm sure that didn't help! :)

    I thought I'd discovered the secret to easy weight loss when I was pregnant - all-day morning sickness! ;) I felt so ill for the first few months that I could hardly eat, and every time I went to my checkups I'd lost weight instead of gaining. They were starting to get a bit worried, when finally at 5 months the sickness stopped, my weight stayed steady and then I began gaining. But after my son was born I weighed about 20lbs less than before I got pregnant, and kept it off for a few more months - living five minutes walk from the seafront and having a summer baby resulted in lots of fresh air and long walks by the sea for both of us! Then it was back to work and those delicious cheese scones, and feeling too tired for exercise. Cue the weight creep.

    For too many years now I've looked in the mirror every morning and hated what I see. It's really hard to find even a little bit of me that I like. Even when I buy sexy underwear (and you can get it in large sizes - hipsandcurves.com is my favourite!) I tend not to feel very sexy in it, or not for long. My hubby is inconsistent too, sometimes telling me he loves me just the way I am and sometimes saying I need to lose weight. Occasionally he's tried to push me into dieting by making comments on my weight, but that has the opposite effect and just makes me want to curl up in a corner with a bar of chocolate or three and cry because I think I'll never be what he wants and I don't have enough willpower to change. He's not being very supportive of my efforts right now, either.

    I think that, like you, my own fears and doubts are my worst enemy. What if I can't do this? What if I lose a few pounds and then gain them back? What if I still don't like the person I see in the mirror? I need to try and remind myself how I felt when I lost weight a few years ago - although it was only 24lbs, it made a big difference to the way I felt physically and I could see differences in the mirror as well. People told me I had more confidence. I need to get that feeling back, and see every pound lost as a small victory to celebrate. :)