Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • abigailcantu2
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    :( the weight just started creeping in ,and I wasn't eating as healthy as I should of been ,so I'm starting all over again ,trying to motivate myself every morning to walk/jog and eat less bread :) but I'm glad I'm starting all over again because there is a part of me that doesn't want to five give up ,,,,,......
  • Gamliela
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    Eating too much all the time was making me feel wierd. Its been two months or so now that I've been logging cals and eating proper meals and I'm feeling a lot healthier, happier and peaceful. I don't have a scale but my too tight clothes feel comfortable these days. I might have even gone down a size because I've had to take them in at the waist. So th benefits are acruing to give me a feeling that this is the right road to be onto.
  • frankerzzzfit
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    Two AH HA moments:

    1. My sister shed a lot of weight and my best friend said how great she looked and straight up said I should try to lose weight for my health too.

    2. A professor was walking with me in a cramped area and said that I would have to move because I was too fat to walk next to her. [granted she was trying to be straight forward and shes old and traditional] Although offensive, it slapped me in the face and I started my journey. mziclfx5aj68.jpg
  • kfrankiewitz
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    I have something wrong with my gi tract and no doctor can figure out what's happening. I'll spare the gory details, but one of the symptoms is abdominal extension....I could blow up and look like I was 9 mos pregnant within an hour. One of the specialists told me my weight was the problem...I was 5-10 lbs over weight at the time.

    That was 40 lbs ago...I've got the gi problem under control, but I still look pregnant. All the weight I've gained has now settled into my already stretched out abdomen. I'm the heaviest I've ever been.

    Another dose of reality...My husband, who is 60 (12 years older than me) was approved for insurance, but my cholesterol was too high.
  • cgvet37
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    I have spinal arthritis, and it really affected my activity. Now I have my pain somewhat under control. I started going back to the gym, but was not really pushing myself. I won a free session with a personal trainer, and that's all it took. I'm now in the gym five days a week, and learning a lot from my personal trainer. My goal is to get down to the weight I was in the Military.
  • VictoryGarden
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    Got sick of looking at my fat self in the mirror, which doesn't match with what I *think* I look like, and then getting really depressed. My dislike/embarassment of letting others see me the way I am was keeping my isolated, angry, and terrified of having a pic of me put up in social media.

    But this is in addition to not finding clothes that look good ever, walking into the edges of doorways b/c I think I'm thinner than I am, and not being able to take my toddler to swim classes, b/c a parent has to go with, and DH works when lessons are available. I won't be caught DEAD in a swimsuit right now. My kids shouldn't suffer for my shortfalls, and they should learn to grow up with a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with food. I can't I tell them one thing, and then do another!!!!
  • rockstargreatness
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    Multiple reasons actually.

    Most females in my family are obese.

    So I got on the scale one day and said "I don't want to be like my mom."

    Plus I like fitting into clothes from middle school. (I haven't grown since 6th grade.)

    Can't do that if I maintain this weight.

    Who said the reasons had to be selfless?
  • GiovannaD20
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    I've decided to start losing weight because after I had my son I gained 65 pounds....and still have the weight til this day.....I had my son 3 years ago...and didn't have the motivation to change my eating habits....also I wanted to be small enough to fit in a 2 piece swim suit....without out having rolls.....I know the stretch marks are gonna stay there.....MOTIVATION IS KEY!!!
  • habla25
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    Two reasons:
    1. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time and realized that I gained over 35 pounds. I was the heaviest I had ever been.
    2. I started getting this terrible feeling where I couldn't eat a regular sized meal without feeling like I was extremely full and had horrible reflux. Looking back, I think it was actually caused by my bra strap pressing against my (then very large chest) too tightly.
  • Sa1979kb
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    I was fairly big once and swore I'd never be that person again! Now working hard to get back in shape after pregnancy.
  • musicstardust67
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    I have gained like over 30 pounds over the last 3 years and when I saw the number on the scale I was mortified. I also took a picture with a celebrity recently and I looked pregnant in the picture because of my stomach. One of my "friends" actually asked me if I was pregnant. Embarrassing and made me feel really fat.
  • poldi1509
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    I've decided to start losing weight because after I had my son I gained 65 pounds....and still have the weight til this day.....I had my son 3 years ago...and didn't have the motivation to change my eating habits....also I wanted to be small enough to fit in a 2 piece swim suit....without out having rolls.....I know the stretch marks are gonna stay there.....MOTIVATION IS KEY!!!

    I still have to lose my baby weight of my youngest who is 4 now. Finally made a start now though.
  • steph124ny
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    When I realized that I was the fat one in the picture with a group of friends.
  • timusetta
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    My clothes kept getting tighter and I started feeling very uncomfortable constantly and then I stepped on the scale and the number was astronomical! I realized how bad I had let myself go and I need to lose about 140 lbs.
  • charlottemmarks
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    I 'accidentally' lost 100 pounds a few years back. One day I just went outside and took a walk, and every day I would walk more, sometimes jogging. Food allergies necessitated cutting out crappy food. Less than a year later, I was 100 lbs lighter. I honestly didn't even try, which is hilarious given all the times I DID try before. I eventually regained about 70 of those pounds due to dietary choices and no longer walking. I'm now losing again because I remember how awesome I felt, how great I looked, and how much more confident I was. Also, I have a treasure trove of cute AF clothes that are being neglected in my attic.
  • MiniNyoom
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    I got stretch marks on my thighs, and my weight was the highest I'd ever seen it. My boyfriend also did not like my new weight, and this really ruined my self confidence. Been working on it all ever since.
  • Camish911
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    I told myself I'd never top 200 pounds, then one day I stepped on the scale and I weighed 230. My size 18 jeans were getting really tight, but I refused to go up to size 20. Also, I'm tired of being out of breath just from walking up a flight of stairs.
  • ccrdragon
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    three reasons actually:
    1. blood pressure was shooting thru the roof
    2. got on the scale for my physical and REALLY looked at the number (holy $%^& batman!)
    3. saw pictures that my wife took on our beach vacation the previous year and wondered who the fat guy was in all the pics (hint - it was me :neutral: 3. )

    The reasons that I have kept up with it are my wife, my kids and my grandkids!!
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    dougl004 wrote: »
    My story is a little funny. I was sitting in my chilly office with a small jacket on. I leaned back to yawn and a button from my jacket popped off and flew accross the room. That was my AH HA moment. What was yours?
    Jan 2015, I realized I had hit 240lbs... wasn't going to allow myself to continue destroying myself like that. So I first bought a bowflex for the basement. I saw small weight loss, some muscle gain... then my fiance and I started jogging... so more muscle gain/weight loss... then I got on board with My Fitness Pal in around April 2015. Lost BIG time after that. I'm now 190lbs and feeling great! Looking to lose a bit more and put on more muscle.
  • sterrac
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    Christmastime 2015. I was angry. I was angry at everything, work, the wife, the kids, sometimes even the dog. Then in a moment of honesty, I realized I was just plain angry at myself more than anything else. I was angry that I was fat and lazy. I was angry that I could let myself go.

    I got tired of being angry.

    Now, I am making positive changes, seeing results and I am happy. And I feel fantastic. Really good actually. In 2 months no less. Still got a journey ahead of me, but happily skipping along. And Happy.