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    New here! Looking for encouragement and motivation! I like what I see so far! I am just getting started pretty much...walking is my exercise of choice right now. I'm trying to get in better shape so I can move on to something else!!
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    Sylvia, is this the first support meeting you have ever gone to? Did the kids get anything out of it. It would be so nice if the lady could actually come and talk to your son. Maybe she could have some one on one time with the kids. They know they are facing death every day. It must be terribly scary for them.

    PIp, what does the sign say in your yard?

    I forgot to do any reading here today and am going to bed super early tonight so I can get to church tomorrow even with the time change so I am just rushing in here, saying hi and by in the same breath!!!!!

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Jmkmom- a farm sign, just art for the yard, nothin serious
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    trailgirl: I started in a similar situation as you, and have been here for almost 4 years. The weight took its time coming off, but in the process I've grown more optimistic, stronger and healthier in more ways than simply physical. I hope you meet your goals, too, even though it may take its own sweet time. Welcome! PS: I love the Teddy Roosevelt quotation. :flowerforyou:

    Janetr: Thank for your kind words. I am making progress with my riding, and I'm likely one of the slowest students my teacher has ever had. I might be the oldest, too. :embarassed: She has some middle aged women students, but I think I have seniority. :laugh:

    Pip: The yard looks wonderful and inviting. :flowerforyou: Your NSV at the gym is awesome. How nice to be taken for a sweet young thing. :wink:

    Heather: Thanks for the encouragement with my efforts to learn Spanish. I am enjoying it very much, but repeat Duolingo lessons OFTEN. :laugh:

    Anne: I'm sending good thoughts for your attitude. I hope you enjoy as much of the evening as possible and can remember some things that were pleasant after you are back home. :heart:

    Kim: I haven't heard the term "meathead" applied to a person in years, but our dogs have pretty much been meatheads. If the shoe fits... :smiley:

    Carol: Your life is sounding more upbeat even though you're sleep deprived and hurt yourself a bit. Yay for good things in your life! :bigsmile:

    Sue in WA: It sounds as though you and DD are getting a lot done. Congratulations. I'll look for the book. I'm confident anything can be found on the internet, but if I can get it from the library that would be wonderful, and quite unlikely. :flowerforyou:

    Joyce: Thank for the reminder to reset our clocks! Some of ours will do it automatically, but others need to be changed by hand. :ohwell:

    DS and DDIL are packing to move. I will miss them both when they're on the other side of the country. I hope it is a good move for them and they enjoy the experience. Their boat will be in our storage unit unless I tow it across the whole country. DH says noway to that, so I guess it will stay for "a while." Maybe we can find someone to buy it and they can get a different boat. I know DS has an idea in mind of something else he'd enjoy.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

    March Resolutions :
    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on flexibility and back strength.
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least three glasses of water daily, preferably more!
    5. Monitor sleep. Try to average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.

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    Joyce, yes, the kids were very interested, especially when the transplant lady told us how bad she was and how much better she feels now. I'm sure they are wishing their dad could feel that way.
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    Bibia2418 wrote: »
    New here! Looking for encouragement and motivation! I like what I see so far! I am just getting started pretty much...walking is my exercise of choice right now. I'm trying to get in better shape so I can move on to something else!!

    Welcome!! Come chat often, this is a great group! Gayle Minneapolis
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    That was to be :)
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    Me and my sisters. The oldest sis is missing. I'm the youngest (front right hand). My younger daughter made me a scrap book for Christmas that is truly a treasure. I love itnmia5fytwi4a.jpg
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    morning ladies~
    my allergies are doing me in, flonase working a bit but sore throat and not feeling great.. now darn it.. I want to get to the gym today and I am on a roll.. but not feeling well enough to go.. might just go lie down again..
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    Janet, what a wonderful photo! I have three sisters- two older, one younger, and also an older brother smack dab in the middle.
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    Good morning ladies! I am laughing at myself this morning, because I have had DST on my brain all week! So excited for the time change...and I forgot to set my clocks ahead. My alarm went off this morning at 5am, went in to wake my son (who had to work a closing shift last night) and realized my mistake. He had to be to work at 6am. I was waking him at 6am. The time change. smh Oh well, he popped up and out of bed and was very sweet about the rushed start.
    Betty-Oh the trees! I know how you are feeling! We have been in the house we are in for about 12 years and trees line the road. They were quite a bit thicker by the road when we moved in, but the electric co. hired tree crews to come out and prune around the lines. They did a good job keeping the trees and pruning around. But in recent years they have widened the road and wide swatches of trees were cleared. I was practically foaming at the mouth when they took our an old oak tree and two birches that sit on either side of our drive. I called the township and they said the township "owns" a 50' clearance on either side of the road; so technically they weren't my trees. 50' from the road takes them about a third of the way into my yard. I am pretty sure I paid/am paying for that property. Grrrrrr...infuriating. Especially the loss of the birches.
    Trailgirl- Welcome! I started on MFP about three years ago, with 100 pounds to lose. I still have about 70 to lose. All I can say is when I log in to MFP the accountability keeps me on track. I have been up and down with my weight/exercise/diet. I am a stress eater and injuries would sideline my exercise, but you just have to keep on going and making the best choices for yourself. I have to say; since I joined this group back in mid January of this year, the weight has been steadily moving down and my spirits have been rising! A great group of ladies!
    Pip- I have to do that when I run, too. It is usually about mile two or three that I finally reach that place where I know I can (and will) do the entire five miles. Until that point, I am really focused on NOT getting off the treadmill! And the hottub compliment?! Oh yeah. Take that and run with it! Who is the pyt at the gym? Our girl, Pip!
    Janet- Beautiful jewelry tree! What a creative thing to do with costume jewelry! Love the picture of you and your sisters! So sweet!
    Lisa- Awesome garage sale finds! That is a fun way to spend a Saturday! I am drooling at the chairs! I plan to build a farm table for my kitchen this spring and those chairs would look really good with what I am planning! Have to find some closer to my house!
    Mary- I have never heard of dogs eating lily of the valley! My grandmother had large patches of it growing around her home and our dog never touched it. Is Shep eating some? Maybe he is so young and doesn't know better? I don't have a dog, so it could be more common than what I know.
    Heather- Thanks for the explanation of "slip twixt cup and lip". Makes sense now. My DH and I bought the house we are in now (12 years ago) because of the close proximity to the lake, knowing that it needed a little work. We now refer to our home as the "Money Pit" in reference to the movie with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. Every small project that we started ended up being a HUGE project when other issues were exposed during repairing or replacing intended wall/floor/banister/ etc. Home ownership is not for the weak! LOL!
    Sylvia- Sounds like a day with both highs and lows! But a good day overall? What a great idea on the support group. I hope it helped you and the kids. It sounds like you made some good bonus points with the kids at the trampoline place! I have been to a couple of birthday parties at our local KidZone trampoline place. Lots of fun! Sorry about the dog and the cleaning lady!
    OH, Mary- I almost forgot! I was thinking of you this morning when our local news station was doing a segment on a kettlebell work out! Every Saturday, they do a "getting fit" segment with different ideas to get you moving and more fit. This month is "strength training" and they gave a whole kettlebell work out to do. All I could think was, Oh, there's Mary!
    Katla- How far away are your DS and DIL moving? My DD and SIL are in Texas and it seems so far.
    Bibia2418- Welcome! Join in when you can. Walking is a great way to start! Great group of gals here!
    Michele- So sorry for what you are going through with your daughter. Perhaps it is just a case of her not being aware of how much you do for her? You know, we always seem to take those closest to us for granted and not show appreciation as often as we should. My daughter always used to tell me "gift giving is not my love language" as an excuse for WHY she can't think of anything to buy for me for birthdays or holidays. I called her on it and told her "As your mom, whom you have lived with and gotten along with your whole life, you should know what I like and/or need! You just need to take a couple minutes and think about it!" Could your daughter be trying to impress her MIL? Also...thank you for referring to TOM. I was confused.
    Becca- I was confused about TOM until Michele commented! LOL! I thought "Who the heck is TOM? What did I miss?" What does the acronym stand for exactly?

    Got a call yesterday from DD. She and her DH were out walking Chappie, their dog of about four weeks, when a smaller dog (a Yorkie) came running at them, off leash and out of his yard. Well, Chappie, who was leashed took this show of aggression by this little dog badly and grabbed the Yorkie by the neck and shook the heck out of him. DD and SIL were horrified and felt terrible. DD (Lauren) ran to their home, which was close by, to get the car; while her husband stayed holding Chappie and with the injured dog, whose owners were not around. They called 9-1-1 (who couldn't help because a person wasn't involved), animal control (who did nothing because Chappie is leashed and the other dog needed medical care and no people involved) and finally a vet who told them if the owners don't show up, to bring the Yorkie in and he will do what he can. Owners were on the scene by the time Lauren got back with the car and they felt bad that their dog was unleashed and out of the yard. Didn't blame Chappie or DD and SIL, at all. I am wondering if any of you ladies have ever had something like this happen to you? Is there a spray or something you can buy to break up a fight between dogs or something you can do to get your dog to stop attacking/defending? Chappie is a lab mix, rescue dog. Lauren was in tears when she called, she was just so horrified. Any advice would be helpful.
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    Good morning all.
    It seems everyone knows each other pretty well here, so I thought I would tell you a little about me.

    I am 50 yrs young. I am a November child.
    I have 2 son's. One is 28 and just moved to Louisiana in January with his wife and her 2 children that he adopted on my
    birthday. It was a awesome birthday present to become a grandmother for the first time! :) He invited me to go with them
    to court so I could be apart of their very special day. They are in the process of buying their home there and should be home owners within just a few weeks.

    My youngest son will be 24 next month. He was born with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder for which he takes meds. He is bed ridden and dependant on me to do everything for him. He cannot walk, talk, chew or clothe himself. He gets nursing care while I work part time as a cashier at Lowe's.

    I have a fiancee that lives with me and helps me out also. He is awesome!

    We have three family pets, 2 dogs and a cat. One dog is a German Shepard named Gracie. The other is a mix of what we think is a rottweiler and who knows, lol, his name is Riki, after Riki Tiki Taffie. He is our guard dog while Gracie is our timid one who will run and hide at the drop of a hat! LOL Our cat is pure black with green eyes and named Ruby. Which fits her to a tee.

    We live 15 miles from town in the country , where we have gotten anything from deer to bulls from a neighbors farm in our yard and we love it out here! I call this place my little piece of paradise on earth. I have lived here 16 years now.

    I am on mfp to lose 60 pounds so I can take care of my youngest for a few more years without being worn out.

    Hope you all have a great day! Today is shopping day for me. Going to try to get some healthy snacks and food for meals for the week.

    Wendy from beautiful TN.
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    edited March 2016

    Just a little behind in my miles for the month.....


    2761041eb5r14nb4d.gif If the weather keeps up we could be golfing by early April.

    Later everyone
    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Bibia2418 wrote: »
    New here! Looking for encouragement and motivation! I like what I see so far! I am just getting started pretty much...walking is my exercise of choice right now. I'm trying to get in better shape so I can move on to something else!!

    :) You have come to the right place...log your food and exercise every day and come to this thread and join the conversation....walking is a great way to get started with exercise.....if you don't have a step counter, then get one so you can challenge yourself to more walking every day.

    :) Barbie from NW Washington
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    Good morning ladies. Today kind of damp and misty here so no dog walking. She hates the rain. Going to breakfast with a friend this morning. Always hard to find something really healthy to eat this time of year. In the summer lots of fresh fruit type things. know I am really going to want bacon. I would take bacon over chocolate any day.

    Then heading off to a farmers market they have here. My weakness there is the fresh home made bread and fresh butter. They also sell mini home made pies. Should be fun though.

    The party last night was ok. Was home by 10. Sleep was not great last night but ready to face a new day.

    The ex called last night and wants to have dinner together agreed to meet him for dinner. We will see how that goes.

    Anne from Wisconsin
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    having another cup of tea, then think Tom and I will go to Ocean State and Sams, then I would like to come home and lie down.. I really am not feeling up to par..