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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Afternoon Ladies,

    Penny, you have me laughing soooo hard with, “I mean, honestly, how much strength does it take to hold a dead bug for one minute? (Oh, yeah, you repeated it four times, too.) “ The kids are dolls.

    Heather, you and your Norwegian phrases are a Hoot!

    Lillian, I agree it’s just not right for you to get the flu twice!! I so hope you are well and stay that way. (((Hugs)))

    Lisa, you had a great day yesterday. Those ladder back chairs were a steel for sure. The seats look new.

    Janetr, a huge congrats to your DD. That is fantastic. The jewlery tree looks great. Wonderful pic of you with your sisters.

    Trailgirl, welcome. We are not all super walkers and weightlifters like some of the ladies. I started out with getting off the couch and moving for 5 minutes each morning during my morning news show. I am up to 20 minutes a day and moving rapidly including some dumb bells and some dance moves. Just keep moving and that is better than sitting. You can do this if you are willing and this is a great place for support. If you come here every day and read every post, that will take up some of the time you used to spend on games. Good for you and keep it up.

    Sylvia, so glad the group thing was worthwhile.

    CarolNC, so sorry to hear that you tried to knock your brains out. I’m glad it wasn’t worse than it was.

    MicheleNC, so sorry about DD and the gift thing. I know that hurts and she probably doesn’t even give it a thought. (((Hugs)))

    Bibia, welcome. This is a great place for support and information. Please tell us a bit about yourself to help us get to know you. We also request that you sign each post with the name you want to be called and a location, general or specific.

    Wendy, welcome. Thanks for the great introduction. Some of us know a few better than others but the population here is always changing and we always welcome newbies. Come often and join right in.

    m1277.gifto any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    I’ve only made it through page 38 but will stop and post. I got home from the convention this afternoon and it’s been a beautiful day. Rain was predicted by noon but we haven’t seen any yet. I did terrible with my eating the past three days so will have to put my planning and exercising in high gear. Our hotel room looked down over a rooftop to some of the first floor. Yesterday when I was in the room having lunch I heard a loud noise that actually sounded like a gun shot. I got up and looked out to see a man across the way looking down to the rooftop. I looked and saw what appeared to be a dog lying there. The man then kept leaning out and looking up to higher floors. There was another man on about the 8th floor that kept looking down. I don’t know where the dog fell from but it never moved so I can only guess it died immediately. It was a midsized dog that was at least part poodle and had on a bandana around it’s neck. It just made me sick. When I got to the afternoon session other ladies were talking about it and had seen it also. Time to go start dinner. I hope to catch up tomorrow.

    I hope all of you have a healthy and happy day. good-afternoon-smiley-emoticon.gif]

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.
    I Love you, smiley-love013.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Jake is still not pleased that he got a bath but he'll get over it!

    No date tonight, he never called like he said he would to finalize plans. What is it about men in their 50's???!!!

    Walked a lot and did the elliptical and kettlebell instead. He'll be sorry he never met my awesome self!!!

    Chris in MA
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    Chris in MA - makes you wonder what they are thinking. His lose for sure. Glad you are back. :)

    Janetr okc
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    Hello ladies: Really windy here today, already power outages around us. DD and I got our new gates put up but then wind and rain put a stop to outdoor work. Breathing still not great but oxygen saturation coming up after being on prednisone for a few days. Will be really glad when Wednesday gets here and I get to the doc.

    Welcome to all who are new.

    Healing angels to all who need them and congratulations to those with victories. Sue in WA
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    just swinging by for a moment...
    Had a beautiful weekend on Cape Cod and a nice 3 mile walk to the beach. Spring is almost here.

    I start my new job tomorrow and am a bit nervous, but I know it will all be fine. I'm sad that my time off is coming to an end. I loved not working although was getting kind of lazy. The lack of a paycheck was a concern though. I still need that.

    Will check in tomorrow.

    Take care.

    Kimses in MA

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    Chris in MA~ What a cute dog, Jake is!! Men just don't think sometimes! When he does call say, "Now, WHO are you again, its hard to keep all my men straight". Saying, "And I was wearing my best outfit too"...to which he might ask..."Oh which one is that?" to which you reply, "Oh it was my birthday suit, I decided when you didn't call me back to make it bath night". Hahahaha... see I have been married too long....I have ALL these great comebacks! Yep its his loss for dayum shure...:-)
    Bawdy Banter Queen in
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    Annr wrote: »
    Chris in MA~ What a cute dog, Jake is!! Men just don't think sometimes! When he does call say, "Now, WHO are you again, its hard to keep all my men straight". Saying, "And I was wearing my best outfit too"...to which he might ask..."Oh which one is that?" to which you reply, "Oh it was my birthday suit, I decided when you didn't call me back to make it bath night". Hahahaha... see I have been married too long....I have ALL these great comebacks! Yep its his loss for dayum shure...:-)
    Bawdy Banter Queen in

    LOL!!! Thanks Becca for the comebacks!

    Chris in MA
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    The reason most people fail instead of succeed is that they trade what they want the MOST for what they want at the MOMENT.

    Strategy is stronger than willpower.

    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gifStats for today:
    14,000 steps
    153 minutes of dog walking
    70 minutes riding the exercise bike
    2 minute plank

    Strong Lifts with dumbbells
    sumo squats 5X5 @ 45 lbs
    bench press 5X5 @ 38 lbs
    dumbbell row 1X5 @ 50 lbs 4X5 @ 55 lbs

    253149qtzkf0ld22.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington

    My word for 2016 is "alacrity"....I will greet all experiences in my life with cheerful readiness
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    Just saying hey! Stuck to walking this weekend as I had lots of church related meetings both Sat and Sun. I managed 10,000 + both days so I call it a success.
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    Annr wrote: »
    Chris in MA~ What a cute dog, Jake is!! Men just don't think sometimes! When he does call say, "Now, WHO are you again, its hard to keep all my men straight". Saying, "And I was wearing my best outfit too"...to which he might ask..."Oh which one is that?" to which you reply, "Oh it was my birthday suit, I decided when you didn't call me back to make it bath night". Hahahaha... see I have been married too long....I have ALL these great comebacks! Yep its his loss for dayum shure...:-)
    Bawdy Banter Queen in

    Now that's funny. Made me laugh.

    Anne from Wisconsin
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    Did an hour of a pilates DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do some yoga, hold my plank, and then take the extremepump class.

    Mary - I can already see muscle definition in my arms. One of the intrauctors at the extremepump class has mentioned it to me

    Welcome everyone new! You've certainly come to the right place for encouragement

    katla - do you know that when I first started taking riding lessons, the instructor had to keep reminding me to breathe, I was so scared?

    KJ - I love this time change. I do think that Denise didn't really mean any harm, it just hurt, that's all. I'm sure she's trying to get closer to Pete's mother (as if she wasn't already). She may very well be trying to impress his mom. She knows deep down that she doesn't need to impress me, that I'll always be there and always love her. Vince said that he was going to say something to her. Just to clarify, TOM = time of month.

    Making this "cheesecake" for the guy at the Y and then I'll make the rest of the bottom layers of the wedding cake.

    Wendy - welcome! Boy, you sure have a lot on your plate! How wonderful that your bf helps you.

    Gloria - I had to take a peek at what you had for Mary. So cute!

    Meg - I do hope you feel better soon

    bibia - there are some things that are good to be obsessive about. I guess I would say that I'm a bit obsessive about my exercise. I need to do it every day. I guess I could also say that I'm a bit obsessive about logging. As far as motivation, AT FIRST weigh youself pretty often. Usually when you begin an exercise program you lose weight. Yes, it is usually water weight. But seeing that number go down on the scale many times will help your state of mind. Now, don't constantly weigh yourself daily. When you start to lose, you will find that there are daily fluctuations in your weight. Did you recently go potty? Have a high sodium dinner the night before? Little things like that can affect your weight, so that's why it's not good to weigh yourself every day.

    Becca - you always crack me up. How I went thru the mental-pause thing. It drove me absolutely batty. If one month you get it like normal (mine was heavier than it had been), that could very well be your body's last "hurrah". "Hurrah" is all I can say!!!! I'd go for like 11 months...and then get it. Fortunately, I haven't had it in over a year. Love what you said Chris should say to that guy!

    Karen - I used to be a size 00, too. Of course, that was also my age!

    Anne from WI - I don't care for the artificial stuff. Give me a little of the real stuff. then I'm usually satisfied. But if I start in with the fat-free, sugar-free stuff, I want more and more. So you had bacon. Big deal. It's only a big deal if you go overboard.

    pip- I understand your getting depressed. But the reason you're only burning so few calories is because you're in such fantastic shape. That's something to be proud of.

    Loki just isn't "right" today. I tried to give him his phenobarbitol, but he wouldn't take it. Usually he gobbles up his "treats". Today he didn't want them. When I gave them the canned food, usually he stays and finishes whatever someone else doesn't eat. He didn't today. I think he's just feeling out of sorts. Hope this doesn't last tomorrow.

    chris - Jake is gorgeous, and you're so right. That guy is the one who missed out.

    kimses - best of luck tomorrow

    Michele in NC
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    Hi all you awesome ladies.
    This will be a long post as I am trying to completely catch up with everyone.

    Lenora- Welcome back to the great EtherSphere. I am glad to see that your DH’s procedure went well. I hope that you are just as successful. I agree with you about sales. I am allergic to retail pricing. Even when I order a book from Amazon, I only buy used. The one cent books are often in absolutely new condition. Today, after walking the mall (pouring outside) I hit a sale on 75% off boots and shoes ($129 and $89 original price, then another 25% off, then another % that I could not quite figure out but popped up on the register, and then the store accepted my $15 dollars off coupon on top of it. I ended up paying just $29 altogether for $218 worth of Tommy Hilfiger tassel loafers and real sheepskin lined BearClaw snow boots. Of course, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it so retail prices have no meaning for me. I have put the boots away for next year to give to DD and the loafers will wait until my current black walking flats can no longer be repaired, which I figure will be in about 3 months, or when the cobbler retires, which is in June.

    Lisa Your tag sale flipping sounds terrific. How about posting a picture of the project so we can all admire it? A now deceased cousin took a huge sofa and turned it into a fabulous padded headboard. The wood was magnificent oak. I love tag sales, auctions and second hand stores. We have some fabulous charity shops in this area. If we lived closer, I would give you a huge combination bookcase/desk/ media center that you could use for your warehouse. It was left behind by previous owners in the house that a friend purchased. They did not need it and another friend with a truck asked to store it in my basement for a short while. Of course, that was 3 years ago and now it is going out. Sometimes I think that I need to charge rent for my basement.

    Katla Cantering with the horse. Whoowhoo. Giddy up cowgirl.
    Depending on the boat and where DS is moving, you may be able to get more for it than he will pay in the new location. We can only hope.

    Trailgirl- You have made a great start. Self-understanding is so important. I wish that I had your insights. A supportive DH will really help. I really liked your idea of starting to log for a month before making a weight loss goal.

    How proud you must be of your daughter. What an inspiration she must be to her teenagers and the other, younger students.
    The tree is such a lovely gift for your sister. So very beautiful and creative. The family picture is precious.
    As far as our children not wanting antiques, call it the IKEA generation. Also, minimalism seems to mean sterile white walls and clear white glossy surfaces to young people instead of keeping only what is cherished, regardless of the style. A friend of mine recently moved out of a very large home to an apartment. The kids wanted almost nothing and the antiques dealers in the area said that dark wood does not sell. They had magnificent pieces that no one wanted. Evidently, mid-century modern is the big “antique” style rage. The family pieces have gone into storage for now.

    Becca I know just what you mean about tone of voice. Your comment about mothers made me chuckle.

    Your advice to Trailgirl is something many of us can keep in mind.

    Pip Wow. I was feeling really good about my 6 miles in 66 minutes until I read your stats. With weights? You really are a superwoman.

    Anne Glad you made it through the party. I hope today is better. I am not a party person either. Someone once told me to go to parties with the goal of finding out something new about at least one other person. All it requires is listening. Perhaps the reason many of us do not like parties and other social or business networking functions (the worst because they are so high stake) is that we do not enjoy small talk. However, everyone loves a good listener. As far as not doing much, REALLY? I am still looking a piles of paperwork on my desk that I should have tackled weeks ago.

    Betty and Barbie The job description for electric company tree people includes: No knowledge of horticulture and must hate trees. A town maintenance supervisor told me to be sure to supervise the electric company contractors to make sure that they did not cut something they weren’t supposed to.

    Heather. You are a very god skriver. (With thanks to Google Translate)

    Sylvia It sounds like the meeting was very helpful for you and the grandchildren. How wonderful that the participants acknowledged their good behavior. It must have made them and you feel so good.
    It was sad that the little dog died but good that you could keep the children. As far as Krispy Kreme – I admire your fortitude. The donuts used to jump off the conveyor belt and right into my mouth. A student of mine knew I liked them and would bring a box every once in a while to class for us to enjoy. I was sorry when the student lost his job, but is was actually good for my waistline when the company closed all its stores in this area.

    Mary I am new to weights and am thinking about kettlebells since you make them actually sound fun. Any advice?
    I don’t know about dogs eating lily of the valley but we had a dog when I was growing up who used to love to sniff the flowers. She would go flower to flower, sniff, and then when she found the right one, would lie down next to it and relax. Strange. This is also the same dog that would go from one cherry tomato plant to another sniffing to find the ripest one, then eat it. We kids got blamed for stealing the tomatoes that my mother planned to pick for supper until one year she glanced out a window and caught the dog in the act. This garnered apologies for a long time.

    NCCarol Ouch. Do take care.
    It sounds like a nice relationship may be starting. Good Luck.

    Sue Glad the prednisone is helping. You certainly are getting lots of work done for the horses. I wish I could fly out and help. I love barn work and miss doing it.

    Michele - Not a dump at all. And I heard on no less authority than NPR yesterday from a real live legitimate M.D., Dr. Drew Ramsey, a professor at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (medical school), that chocolate is necessary for brain/metal health. He said a little rhyme that has been going through my head since the broadcast: seafood, greens, nuts and beans. And then he said not to forget dark chocolate. Works for me. So your body was crying out for an anti-depressant and you chose some chocolate fudge. As long as it was just a piece, as far as I am concerned, that is better than a bunch of supplements and pills.

    Welcome Wendy This is the right place to find lots of supportive friends. No judgements here. No matter what you are feeling, experiencing, or doing, you are sure to find someone with whom to share and turn to for advice. Many of us are taking care of adult children with disabilities of one kind or another, acting as parents to grandchildren, or being our parent’s, sibling’s, or significant other’s caregiver. Most of us also work in addition to our caregiving responsibilities. Is it hard? Absolutely. Here is where we get some assistance for ourselves.
    KJL How awful for all concerned. I know that your DS and her DH are in the “what did we do wrong” agony right now. It is good that the neighbors acknowledged their responsibility for the dog, not that it makes anyone feel any better. You said that Chappie is a rescue dog. Perhaps they could go to where they adopted him to see if the agency has more information about his previous situation. They may also want to see if the agency can help them with some behavior modification training for Chappie. Some agencies put the rescue dogs through this training prior to placement in a new family, but it seems like this agency did not. Their vet may also have some suggestions.

    Meg Do take care of your back and welcome to the MFP routine again.

    Allie I so wish things were better with you and Tom. As far as the malaise, have you tried standing in steam? It used to work for all kinds of croup, crud and coughing when DD was little. Occasionally, I will use it to clear a migraine or really stuffy head.

    Heather I am scratching my head at the description of DH’s DD and the vacation with exes.

    Karen It sounds like you did a fabulous job raising a responsible DD. I ran into a mother today in the shoe department helping her DD find prom shoes. She had already spent $600 for the dress and from the looks of the shoes, was about to spend at least $200 on those. I think that my entire wedding cost less than $2,000 and that included the invitations, ceremony, sit-down dinner, flowers, dress, and car rental (I was side-swiped while driving my soon to be husband’s new car the week before the wedding), hotel room that night, wine and champagne. Times have changed in 30 plus years, but…

    Glo My thoughts about Mary exactly!!!!!!! Although Mary just swinging a kettlebell would probably scare any bear with half a brain.

    Pip Of COURSE you came up with that name. Our resident Merry Prankster. Ken Kesey would approve.

    Chris Your Jake looks quite handsome. As far as the date, it is that darn Y chromosome that makes men the way they are. They are missing an extra branch.

    Kimses Best of luck on your first day at the new job. Let us know how it went.

    . Last night I was absolutely craving for mussels. I mean crazy craving. The local store had certified organic farm raised mussels for $4.99 for 2 pound bags I convinced a friend that we needed to make mussels and I picked up 2 bags along with some crab (locally packed) also on sale at my friend’s suggestion. Last night I ate 38 steamed mussels steamed in wine and water. I served the garlic and butter sauce on the side for dipping rather than cooking the mussels with the butter sauce. We also made clear vegetable crab soup. I did not go over calories. I was so stuffed with mussels, I only had half a piece of toast. Naturally, I had 2 bowls of the clear mussels’ broth. The crab soup was outstanding. It used up the very last of my garden’s bounty from last year. I only did 3 miles yesterday so today I did 6 miles in 66 minutes. Nothing compared to the rest of you, but I felt pretty good about this. I have not lost any weight lately, but I have lost over 2 inches on the hips. Yesterday, I began to get out the summer clothes for the trip. Lots went into the give-away pile. I am not keeping any large clothes anymore because I never intend to go back there. I also will not buy any additional clothes. I am doing a year-long shopping ban and only replacing what cannot be fixed.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to all.

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    Thanks for all of you that commented about my earlier post! You guys are right...I see what you are saying! I can make healthy choices and I can ask myself "do I really want this?" and usually I can talk myself out of something I don't need to have. :) Good idea walking whenever I can fit some time in!!
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    Mary from Minnesota - thank you for the info! I love the bear pictures! I'm a camper and a hiker and I love seeing wildlife.
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    Michele- isn't strength training awesome! You can get such great tone and muscle definition! Nice compliment!

    Chris - Jake is very handsome! Becca is hilarious! She is right about that man being not worth it. He probably lied to you and couldn't let you see the truth.

    CJ- dogs are curious creatures. I will message you information on my Kettlebell workout.


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Exterminate don't get me wrong, I know why so little it's just sucks. Still kind of depressing
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    pipcd34 wrote: »
    Exterminate don't get me wrong, I know why so little it's just sucks. Still kind of depressing

    Cssj09 thanks, my legs were kind of tight from yesterday from 5 miles I'm surprised I did it.
    Nite peeps

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    CJ ... Your dinner sounds delicious!

    Kimses ... You're going to do great tomorrow!

    Becca ... You're a hoot!

    Meg ... Glad to see you back! Missed your wit!

    Since the southwestern quinoa dish turned out so well, tried a quinoa and kale crustless quiche .... I will be the only one eating it it seems from the turned up noses ...

    Also tried a new recipe for balsamic glazed pork tenderloin ... It was done in a slow cooker which I should've known was a poor choice ... Horribly dried out a beautiful piece of meat... For every good recipe, I go through about five bad ones ...