Ladies losing 100+lbs?



  • jlhicks72
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    I am 43 years old, and brand new to MFP. I have recently begun a long overdue journey to improve my health and need to lose over 100+ lbs, quit smoking and have more energy. This week has been rough, the doctor specializing in obesity has told me that gastric bypass is really my only option for long-term weight loss (which was devastating to hear) and I failed my stress-test and now will be referred to a cardiologist. On a positive note, I have also reconnected with an old friend who turns out to be my future life-partner it would appear. He is super supportive of my journey and will love me no matter what size, but I really want to develop much better habits and be healthy and happy so I can model those habits in my future role as step-mom to his 3 kids. I don't ever want them to end up like me at my age...and I have time to get my ducks in a row, since he had filed for divorce just before we reconnected, and that's going to take awhile to be complete. I would really enjoy friends to chat with through this journey. Positive support is definitely appreciated and helps.
  • fwitsend1277
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    I'm 39 with over 100lb to lose. I really want to get this under control. I have 2 boys under 4 and I work full time. Would like to look fab and be fit for my 40th in February
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    Hey girl,I'm Cynthia from China. I'm 22 years old. I'm trying to lose 45 kg/about 100lbs aswell I'm 5ft9. I am motivated and excited especially to be a part of a team,I've attempted weight loss soo many times and I seem to backside just before reaching the goal,I hope this time I go all the way and maintain a healthy happy lifestyle. We all can hey <3
  • juliayadda
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    Hey y'all.

    I am 32 and looking to lose 75ish pounds stretch goal of 90. I am 5'8" and sitting at 240 right now. My plan is to get strong! I have done so many "plans" and diets and tried cardio, but I met a personal trainer that said something that made so much sense to me. Muscle is active tissue. Just having more lean body mass means your body is burning more calories from your resting metabolic rate. I am eating more, but eating better. Portion control, healthy choices and lots of water. Squats, lunges, and weights.
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    I have about 100 lbs to lose...I was working out, eating clean, etc. Didn't see a change for 10 months, finally got my nexplanon out and have lost 5 lbs in just under 2 weeks. I was feeling discouraged for a bit and now that I figured out the issue, I'm excited to be back on track.
  • imamyurdumb
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    I'm on the same road here :) 100lbs needed to lose. Already lost 26 (well 46lbs and gained back 20 with this new job) Ugh ugh But I'm starting to have hit my limit and want to treat my body better
  • Jenn_M013
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    Hello! I'm a first-time MFP'er. I started at 300 and I'm 22 down thanks to strict food/calorie tracking, moderation, cutting out fast food and soda, supportive family & friends, and cardio-cardio-cardio. I just attended by 2nd boot camp and I'm feeling good. I have over 100 lbs to go and I am cheering for you all!
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    Hi there! I'm 30, 5'6, and I have around 135 lbs to lose. I just started this past week. I go to a local gym 2 or 3 times a week to do Fitness Boot Camp (which is really intense!) or DDP Yoga. I'm already noticing changes to my body but I still get down sometimes and think no one can be as uncoordinated as me! I'm looking for friends to help me be motivated and when I get depressed!
  • aubreylynn28
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    Hey everyone! I'm 21, 5'10 and have at least 120 lbs to lose. I will probably lose more once I reach my goal, but that is already a big goal to start! I have been working on logging food and trying to exercise 5 days a week (but I fall short often). I am hoping to find some people taking the same path as me, and I hope to have some friends that also want to motivate and be supportive in the tough journey! Everyone please add me! I just started this so I do not really know how it works yet. :smiley:
  • Hi! I'm 5'2 with 150 LBS to lose! I'd love some motivation!
  • KaysKidz
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    I'm back on MFP after an 11mo break when my teenaged son was diagnosed with Leukemia. During that 11mo, I probably gained another 20+lbs, so now I need to lose well over 100lbs. I keep dabbling with trying to eat right, but keep coming up with excuses. I'm tired. I am my son's primary caregiver and I need to be healthier for him. And for me. I prefer to eat low carb, but found that to be challenging when he is in/out of the hospital so much. I need to get control of my life, or at least one aspect of it!!
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    Im 54 i weight 240 and im struggeling to lose this weight i would love to have help along the was and people keep my on my toes and motivate me to
  • CalystaZ
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    Hey! I'm 29 and this is my second time around on MFP. The first time, I started at 280lbs with a goal weight of 170, got down to 220 and then a bunch of life events happened, I got depressed and ate myself back up to 265lbs. Just started MFP again yesterday, under a new account, mainly to start completely fresh. I'm currently at 261lbs still looking to get to 170. Anyone welcome to friend me, as I found last time, this journey is much easier with friends and support! :smiley:
  • Working_Hard4me
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    Hi! I am new to MFP and looking for the motivation/support. I also have about 100+ pounds to loose. I officially hit my highest weight of 268. I am a mom of 3, 31 yrs. old, and with each pregnancy I gained more and more weight and only ever would loose 20lbs at most at a time but then would always gain it back and then some more. Now putting me at my heaviest as of today. I know this journey would be a lot more comforting if I wasn't doing it alone so here I am, feel free to add me...Thanks :)
  • aboutthatfitlife01
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    Hi all! I'm 27 and looking to lose quite a bit of weight too. It's really nice to meet everyone! :)
  • isatannar
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    Hello :smile: I am 5"5 23 years old and 300lbs so I have a long journey ahead of me. I have a problem with control and my weight and cravings have always been something that felt so out of my control. I have lost 7 lbs so far and it is my second time here. When I slip up or cheat I get so disappointed in myself and I feel like a complete failure and for some reason get discouraged and lose all of my motivation. That can't happen this time I can't let that happen because I have some serious health problems that rely on me losing this weight. I have come here for accountability and support on my journey and hope to find motivated people. Hope we can help eachother along the way
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    Yess!! the same here I'm hoping to lose 100+lbs as well. it's only been 8 days but I'm soo determined and glad to see you all here as well! <3
  • ladylove808
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    feel free to add me :)
  • Kassi81
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    Hi everyone! I've been off and on with MFP for years, but I am really ready to do this now! I want to start by losing 100 pounds, and see how I feel at that point. I would love the support of some people with a similar goal, and I'd love to support them as well! Feel free to add me!
  • duckpuddle
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    Hey all, Im 31 and want to lose at least 50 pounds to start, then see how I feel about it. Ive been up and down on the scales over the years but I really want to get back to being happy and healthy