What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • conniehealthygirl
    conniehealthygirl Posts: 156 Member
    What does NSV MEan PLEASE??
  • SueSueDio
    SueSueDio Posts: 4,796 Member
    What does NSV MEan PLEASE??

    Non Scale Victory - something good about your weight loss (or gain/maintain!) journey that's unrelated to the number on the scale. :)
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,117 Member
    JessicaMcB wrote: »
    Achieved a normal BMI for the first time in 6 years :)
    . Congratulations!!!!!!!

  • aft85
    aft85 Posts: 54 Member
    I'm a kilo away from my 2011 weight, which made me depressed at the time because i was so fat.
    ASH_DVM Posts: 160 Member
    Finally having my inseam for pants longer than the waist. But now it's not easy to find 30x32 pants in the outlet mall. Found a great pair of Izod golf pants, but the 32x32 were too big, and the associate at the store said they don't have 30x32. It's a good problem to have!
  • becca_rup23
    becca_rup23 Posts: 396 Member
    This is a swimming NSV - last time I'd been swimming regularly I'd been stuck to 99% open turns cause my belly was too big and made flip turns really difficult and squeezed all the air out of me...

    Well today was the first time I'd gotten in the pool after losing about 80 lbs and I was able to do about 50-50 open turns vs flip turns during my 6x500s. I challenged myself to flip turn each lap of my final 500 and succeeded. Starting to feel like I can actually swim like when I was in high school. Some day soon

    Nice! Making progress! I used to swim too and it's so hard knowing what I used to be capable of, but getting there slowly :)
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