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  • FitEqualsSmile
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    Hope everyone is having a great day. I am now officially on the IR list though. Finally called it quits and went to see the doctor yesterday about my shoulder. Turns out it is my bicep so I am supposed to take it easy for a month (haha) and go to PT for a while. - that part I can do.

    What will the rest of the day bring everyone?

    @GillianSmith2 - I can not wait until I am that close to goal. Congrats on all your hard work.

    @ngolden3320 - ariel yoga was great. There is this one trainer at my gym, he makes my muscles hum, yummy.

    @bluepoppies777 - you will get back to it. Take your time and work it in.
  • ngolden3320
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    @FitEqualsSmile I hope your bicep heals quickly. Try and take it easy.

    @health_guard Good luck in school. What are you taking?

    @danan01 Congrats on selling your house and finding a new one. How exciting.

    I took the day off yesterday. My stomach hurt all day yesterday, and every time I moved I felt like was going to be sick. It was senior night last night for softball. Quite emotional. Twelve days until she graduates. This is really getting tough for me. :'(:'(


  • Rachel0778
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  • Rachel0778
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    Happy Friday Everyone! I have super exciting plans tonight, I'm taking my dog on a date. We're going to Petco, making popcorn, and watching movies all night long! I hope you all have a great Friday!

    @danan01 Congrats on selling the house and finding a new one so quickly!

    @health_guard Trading one type of work for another? Bummer!

    @ngolden3320 Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! I hope you're feeling better today. I can't even imagine having a kid graduate from high school. Does she have her college all picked out or is she entering the working world?
  • ngolden3320
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    @rachel0778. That sounds like a perfect Friday night date. Yes she is going to school to start out being a medical assistant. Would eventually like to b an RN.
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    Maybe some day I will look that good in a grass skirt and coconut bra
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    HI I would love to join you all too. I have done this before, about 4 years ago and had the same experience. I did well because I came on everyday and supported and motivated my friends and believe that this is the best way to lose weight again. So please let me join and make some new, like-minded friend.
  • Archercc
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    Day 6: Today is the first morning I have been hungry when I woke up so I indulged in my 1 12 oz serving of pop for the day, felt terrible drinking pop this early so i compensated by doing a quick 6 minute low impact aerobics set (Well 2 3 minute sets, my Mom skyped to talk to my Daughter around half way through). I feel alot better now, did the set burn off the pop? Not at all, but I feel like I paid for drinking it first thing this morning.
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    @craftaholic66 welcome please feel free to add me as a friend if you wish.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. Saturday was raining all day. I caught up on some sleep. Yesterday went to see my dad. They moved him to rehab. Then worked on the laundry. That is one job that NEVER ends. :#

    Ready to start my week. I lost .5 lbs last week and measured and lost 2.5" since last month. Biggest loss is in the boobs.

    Everyone have a great week.
  • janetay01
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    happy Monday all - hope the week treats us all well :)
  • Rachel0778
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    Welcome @craftaholic66, keep posting!

    @ArcherCC Great job fitting a workout in, every minute counts!

    @health_guard You've got quite the busy summer planned! The field laboratory sounds like a lot of fun though

    @ngolden3320 Great losses! Glad you were able to catch up on some sleep to start the week fresh!

    @janetay01 Happy Monday!

    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed so I have a feeling today is going to be a loooong day. I never sleep well when the weather changes so I might be in for limited sleep this week (we've got thunderstorms forecasted all week long). Wish me luck at not snapping at students!
  • janetay01
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    @rachel0778 - good luck to you and your students :smiley:

    Well, I've just had a phone call to say that my little boy has a temperature and has just thrown up over one of his nursery carers - so please can I come and take him home! What a joyful start to the week - and husband started his new job this morning so although he is far nearer, I can't really ask him to drop out on day 1!
  • Archercc
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    Day 8: Body physically could nt handle any activity yesterday, I tried, but I had to take a rest day. Back at it today, Cardio once I wake up then (hopefully) a 1.5 mile walk tonight.
  • IWTBR160
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    I would also like to reach out for help and motivation. I would love to have a group to lean on. I need to lose 60lbs. I've never been this large and out of shape. I need motivation and positivity. I will keep my food diary today and I will exercise today.
    Today will be a good day.
  • ngolden3320
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    @jkhoffe I hope you enjoyed your trip to Vegas, and welcome back.

    @health_gurad That sounds really interesting. Good luck and as I tell my girls every morning before school. "Go learn something" lol

    @janetay01 Sorry your little boy isn't feeling well. On the bright side he didn't throw up on you :s Hope your husbands job goes well for him.

    @rachel0778 Sorry you didn't get much sleep. Hopefully the thunderstorms will come before or after bed.

    @tamarafidler & @archercc welcome feel free to add me as a friend and check in often. This is a great group of motivators. You will like it.

    Woke up this morning and my left should is kinda hurting. I think I may have sleep on it wrong. I hope it starts to go away, I have arms to do today at the gym.
  • CariTJR
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    Hi guys, happy to see you all doing so well. :smile:
    I'm still around, just severely lacking in any motivation right now, everything has been so mad over the last few months what with Mum, then weddings, my 40th Birthday and a weekend away, i'm struggling to get my head back into the game...
    Had a lovely weekend in Brighton though, my OH surprised me with a stay at The Grand hotel no less - for all my overseas chums, Brighton is a lovely bohemian seaside town on the south coast, and The Grand is a very historic swanky 5* hotel there - we had a great time wandering around and visiting all of the little boutique shops and just relaxing after a very tough few months.
    Back to reality now though, birthday over for another year, and time to get back to this!
    My new goals, get into training for this Muddy 5k in September, and lose another stone (14lb) by October when we go to goes.
  • ngolden3320
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    Cari. Welcome back. Your getaway with your OH sounds fabulous. I'm kind of jealous. :) Hope you had a great birthday. After everything you have been through you deserve it.