May-June Weight Loss Challenge!



  • CandehMandeh
    CandehMandeh Posts: 66 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 146
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 142


    May 1st: 146
    May 8th: 145
    May 15th: 144
    May 22nd: 143.5
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Goal (1) - Eat slower, so that I feel fuller and get to enjoy the food. Goal (2) - Go out on more walks (once the rain stops) 4-5 miles per outing. Goal (3) - Drink more water.

  • mom0f3cuties
    mom0f3cuties Posts: 18 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 268.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 255
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 155


    May 1st: 268.6
    May 8th: 261.8
    May 15th: 258.6
    May 22nd: 253.8
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    1) Work out 15 minutes 5 Times a Week.
    2) Increase water intake.
    3) Get Motivated! - Stay motivated!
    4) stay away from the wine!
  • ee_vaughn72
    ee_vaughn72 Posts: 4 Member
    michy84 wrote: »
    Start weight (May 1)= 135.5
    Goal weight (June 5)= 126

    May 1: 135.5
    May 8: 132.5
    May 15: 133
    May 22: 135
    May 29:
    June 5:

    Almost didn't post here today because I am so ashamed I have gone up again this week! I am going to stay positive because otherwise nothing gets done. At least I am less today by something than my start weight. I will have a good weigh in next time!

    Stay encouraged! You got this!
  • AndrewD315
    AndrewD315 Posts: 57 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 234.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 224


    May 1st: 234.6
    May 8th: 232.4
    May 15th: 233
    May 22nd: 227.8
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health goal: Eat healthy, stay on track w/macros, water and exercise. Update: Had a rough time in May so far but nothing will keep me from getting healthier and staying on track.
  • ghizon
    ghizon Posts: 103 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 168
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 160


    May 1st: 168
    May 8th: 167.7
    May 15th:167.5
    May 22nd: 166
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Workout 30 min daily
    Drink at least 2 liter water
    Stick to my calorie intake goal

  • momtojacesf
    momtojacesf Posts: 9 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 409
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 399

    May 1st: 409
    May 8th: 407
    May 15th: 404
    May 22nd: 402
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Avoid sweets, exercise 3-4 times a week and SWEAT!
  • Shelle33
    Shelle33 Posts: 63 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 179.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 169.6


    May 1st: 179.6
    May 8th: 177.4
    May 15th: 176.6
    May 22nd: 176.6
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health goal: Ease back into the fitness portion once I feel better. Try not to beat myself up for resting when I'm unwell. Get more accurate with my food logging. More fruit and veggies. Less sugar. Investigate options for a trainer to start strength training.

    Fourth Weigh-in: Really bad cold derailed things for me this week. :( At least I didn't gain weight though!

    Non-weight related victory: Got a dream job! :smiley:
  • KristaMunson
    KristaMunson Posts: 55 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 211.8
    Goal Weight (June 5th):204.8


    May 1st: 211.8
    May 8th: 208.6
    May 15th: 207.4
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:[/quote]
    I would like to start taking walks with my kids and make sure to drink a lot of water.

    Avoided posting yesterday because I had gained. I have to get my motivation back to diet even when I am at get togethers and the weekends!

  • Breezie68
    Breezie68 Posts: 49 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 212.5
    Goal Weight (June 5th):199
    Ultimate goal: 140

    May 1st:212.5
    May 8th:208.1
    May 15th: 208.8
    May 22nd:206.9
    May 29th:
    June 5th:
  • sj2roach
    sj2roach Posts: 5 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 221.7 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 210 lbs


    May 1st: 221.7
    May 8th: 220.3 <-- Went camping for the weekend with girl scout troop, I was down to 218.5 before that
    May 15th: 220.1
    May 22nd: 218.1
    May 29th:
    June 5th

    Goals: Getting in 5 days of cardio per week. Making my daily step goal. No snacking after dinner.
    Progress on goals
    May 8th: Cardio 5/5, Steps 7/7, No Evening Snacking 5/7.
    May 15th: Cardio 3/5, Steps 4/7, No Evening Snacking 5/7.
    May 22nd: Cardio 5/5, Steps 5/7, no evening snacks 4/7.
  • notyap187
    notyap187 Posts: 5 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 217.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 207


    May 1st: 217.6
    May 8th: 214
    May 15th: 210.8
    May 22nd:208.8
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Walk more, continue the 8Fit app meal plan and continue Convict Conditioning workouts.
  • hanksmom79
    hanksmom79 Posts: 85 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 148.8
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 142


    May 1st: 148.8
    May 8th: 146.9 (May 10)
    May 15th: 146.9
    May 22nd: 145.4
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Log every bite I eat-no cheating
    Get 10,000 steps absolutely every day
    Fit in 3 runs a week in addition to my 3x a week bootcamps

    Things are going sloooow this month so I'm going to have to kick it into high gear to meet my goal weight - will be tough as I'm going out of town for Memorial Day. I'm only 5 pounds from my goal (though I think I will be happiest another 5 pounds below that) & I'm having a tough time finding the motivation I once had. I've been doing great with workouts because those are planned in advance but I haven't done a great job with my steps or my out of control days but it's too easy to say yes to another glass of wine or dinner out when you're so close to your goal. Time to recommit and finish strong. Good luck to you all!!!
  • ChefTamiCinNC
    ChefTamiCinNC Posts: 39 Member
    Start Weight: May 1: 224 (5'6" female)
    Goal Weight: June 5: 214


    May 1: 224
    May 8: 222
    May 15: 222 (Daughter was in town for a week and didn't completely stick to my plan but no gain so ;) )
    May 22: 220
    May 29:
    June 5:

    Haven't been in the gym as much as I wanted to be. That is my fault! The gym is literally over my head at work. 2 flights of stairs and I am at the door. It seems the gym is harder for me than my meal choices! Not beating myself up though. Trying to make so many significant changes all in the span of a few weeks is certainly hard. I've already had my workout today! Going to mow the lawn tonight (push mower) and do a little gardening as well. Writing here helps me I think! Good luck to everyone!
  • myallforjcbill
    myallforjcbill Posts: 5,387 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 190
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 189.5

    Ultimate Goal:157


    May 1st: 190
    May 8th:
    May 15th:195.6
    May 22nd:192.6
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Recover from back epidural, daily stretching & walking, follow strength training schedule

    Update for this week: Jumping back into this challenge. Had 3rd back procedure on Thursday. Restarted cardio and mat work on Saturday. Tracking well and feeling confident.
  • BreezyBre33
    BreezyBre33 Posts: 7 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 150.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 140


    May 1st: 150.4
    May 8th: 150.9
    May 15th: 148.7
    May 22nd: 145.4
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Taking it 1 day at a time.
  • libertygurl
    libertygurl Posts: 37 Member
    TheBlizz35 wrote: »
    Starting weight: 188
    Goal weight for this challenge: 178

    May 1st: 188
    May 8th: 186
    May 15th: 184.5
    May 22nd: 182
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/health goal: walk an hour at least 3x a week and ultimately get to 138 lbs.

    Down 6 lbs so far and on target to hit this challenge's goal. Thanks for all the motivation!

    Well done! Very consistent!
  • ThisIsMeAt53
    ThisIsMeAt53 Posts: 5 Member
    Start Weight (May 8th): 184
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 179 (revising goal to 174)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

    May 8: 184
    May 15:179 (even though this is almost entirely water weight, still gives me a rush to see it in the scale!)
    May 22: 176 (this is what happens when you stand for 7.5 hours waiting to see Bernie Sanders ... and then scream your head off for another hour and a half :) )
    May 29:
    June 5:

    Health/Fitness Goals: 8 glasses H2O/day, 30 minutes walking/day, zero sugar (including white sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids ...)
  • QueenofComeBacks
    QueenofComeBacks Posts: 165 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 133
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 125


    May 1st: 133
    May 8th: 133
    May 15th: 132
    May 22nd: 131
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: I wanted to hit my goal but at this point to be under 130 I will take it...
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 156.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th):150

    May 1st: 156.4
    May 8th: 155.8
    May 15th: 154.8
    May 22nd: 153.4
    May 29th:
    June 5th

    Pretty sure I have ended up with a stress fracture in my lower leg... :(

    This is not a setback. This is not a setback. This is not a set back. I can still weight train and/or swim....

    Today's goal - weight train with my son for 30 minutes today!