May-June Weight Loss Challenge!



  • CandehMandeh
    CandehMandeh Posts: 66 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 146
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 142


    May 1st: 146
    May 8th: 145
    May 15th: 144
    May 22nd: 143.5
    May 29th: 143
    June 5th: 145.5 ( I started my time of the month yesterday D: )

    Fitness/Health Goals: Goal (1) - Eat slower, so that I feel fuller and get to enjoy the food. Goal (2) - Go out on more walks (once the rain stops) 4-5 miles per outing. Goal (3) - Drink more water.

    > I should be around 142.5, I'll check the scale again in a few days.
  • Shelle33
    Shelle33 Posts: 63 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 179.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 169.6


    May 1st: 179.6
    May 8th: 177.4
    May 15th: 176.6
    May 22nd: 176.6
    May 29th: 176.6
    June 5th: 176

    Weight Loss for this challenge: 3.6 lbs

    Hoping to do better next month! :)
  • kaimbf123
    kaimbf123 Posts: 182 Member
    Today is officially the last weigh in of the challenge! You guys have done such an incredible job, you should be proud of yourselves. Thank you for motivating me and inspiring me each week! Feel free to add me on here as a friend, too. :)
  • michy84
    michy84 Posts: 342 Member
    Start weight (May 1)= 135.5
    Goal weight (June 5)= 126

    May 1= 135.5
    May 8= 132.5
    May 15= 133
    May 22= 135
    May 29= 131
    June 5= 132

    Total challenge loss= 3.5 pounds

    I didn't reach my goal but at least I lost something.
  • Pattie7681
    Pattie7681 Posts: 9 Member
    Start weight (May 1st): 148
    Goal weight (June 5th): 143

    May 1st: 148
    May 8th: 147
    May 15th: 146
    May 22nd:146
    May 29th:146
    June 5th:146
  • SavannahS2016
    SavannahS2016 Posts: 350 Member
    Start Weight (May 2nd): 193.8
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 185


    May 2nd: 193.8
    May 9th: 193
    May 15th:191.8
    May 22nd:189.8
    May 29th: 188
    June 5th: 189.6 (I did 60 minutes on the bike last night was 187 on the 4th)

    well done everyone. xx
  • karen615lp
    karen615lp Posts: 18 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 156.2
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 145


    May 1st: 156.2
    May 8th: 154
    May 15th: 153.4
    May 22nd: 151.6
    May 29th: 153.6
    June 5th: 150.4

    I didn't hit my lol unrealistic goal....But I am so happy to have gotten this far....maybe by the end of this long as I am healthy... :):):):)

    Can't wait for the next challenge!!!!!!!
  • mfost50
    mfost50 Posts: 75 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 231.8 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 220 lbs


    May 1st: 231.8 lbs
    May 8th: 231.8 lbs
    May 15th: 230.6 lbs
    May 22nd: 231 lbs
    May 29th: 231.4 lbs
    June 5th: 230.8 lbs

    Fitness/Health Goals: Workout at least 3x/week for 60 minutes. Drink more water and eat less sweets (I have a sweet tooth).

    Progress: I workout 2 days this week for 60 minutes and over so far and I didn't go overboard with the food this week.
  • AndrewD315
    AndrewD315 Posts: 57 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 234.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 224


    May 1st: 234.6
    May 8th: 232.4
    May 15th: 233
    May 22nd: 227.8
    May 29th: 224.8
    June 5th: 224

    Fitness/Health goal: Eat healthy, stay on track w/macros, water and exercise.

    Update: SUCCESS That was hard! ;)
  • basil53
    basil53 Posts: 9 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 268
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 256


    May 1st: 268
    May 8th: 262
    May 15th:262
    May 22nd: 260
    May 29th: 258
    June 5th: 258

    Fitness/Health Goals: Drink 2 liters of water a day

    So close!

    Thanks to all for the motivation!
  • BreezyBre33
    BreezyBre33 Posts: 7 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 150.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 140


    May 1st: 150.4
    May 8th: 150.9
    May 15th: 148.7
    May 22nd: 145.4
    May 29th: 147
    June 5th: 146.4

  • icecreampnt
    icecreampnt Posts: 31 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 270 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 249 lbs


    May 1st: 270 lbs
    May 8th: 267 lbs
    May 15th: 260 lbs
    May 22nd: 258 lbs
    May 29th: 254 lbs
    June 5th: 252 lbs yeah

    I came real close to goal but feel like a winner. Lost 18 lbs in the month. Yeahhhhh

    Fitness/Health Goals: To run 3 miles everyday. Lift weights 3 days a week. 90 day challenge. No fried foods, junk food or drink alcohol. On day 61 Lost 36 lbs total. Looking and feeling great. Treadmill, elliptical, weights, swimming and basketball. Very active. Need to keep it up during my sluggish months of Nov-Feb. #hustlehard
  • momtojacesf
    momtojacesf Posts: 9 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 409
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 399

    May 1st: 409
    May 8th: 407
    May 15th: 404
    May 22nd: 402
    May 29th: 400
    June 5th: 399 :D

    Fitness/Health Goals: Avoid sweets, exercise 3-4 times a week and SWEAT!

    I didn't think I'd hit my goal, I kept falling off track and eating fast food because I failed to plan meals/snacks. I need to remember to make time for ME and that means planning my meals, snacks, packing a lunch and taking lots of drinks and water when I leave the house.
  • ThisIsMeAt53
    ThisIsMeAt53 Posts: 5 Member
    Start Weight (May 8th): 184
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 179 (revising goal to 174)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

    May 8: 184
    May 15:179 (even though this is almost entirely water weight, still gives me a rush to see it in the scale!)
    May 22: 176 (this is what happens when you stand for 7.5 hours waiting to see Bernie Sanders ... and then scream your head off for another hour and a half :) )
    May 29: 176
    June 5: 176 STALLED. Damn it.

    Health/Fitness Goals: 8 glasses H2O/day, 30 minutes walking/day, zero sugar (including white sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids ...)
  • evivahealth
    evivahealth Posts: 567 Member
    edited June 2016
    I made it! It's a miracle after the week I've had and ttom haha bring on the next challenge! I'd love to make it to my overall goal weight by the end of August :)

    Overall starting weight: 90kg
    Challenge Start Weight (May 1st): 65.4kg
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 63.5kg
    Total loss: 2.3kg


    May 1st: 65.4kg
    May 8th: 64.6kg
    May 15th:64.9kg
    May 22nd: 62.8kg
    May 29th: 63.7kg
    June 5th: 63.1kg

    Also want to say that you guys have all done amazingly well. I swear thinking about the determination of the people here makes me all misty-eyed. Thanks for being inspirational xxx
  • pinkheart32
    pinkheart32 Posts: 11 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 139.5
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 132


    May 1st: 139.5
    May 8th: 138.5
    May 15th: 138.5
    May 22nd: 138.5
    May 29th: 136.5
    June 5th: 134.5

    Fitness/Health Goals
    Last week: Continued with reduced carbs and my 21 Day Fix workouts. I upped my weights this week too. Had one cheat meal (pizza).

    I'm very happy with my loss even though I didn't meet my goal. I feel stronger since doing my workouts.
  • kaimbf123
    kaimbf123 Posts: 182 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 142.8
    Goal Weight (June 5th): somewhere in the 130's


    May 1st: 142.8
    May 8th: 141.6
    May 15th: no access to scale
    May 22nd: 140.4
    May 29th: 139.8
    June 5th: 140.0

    Fitness/Health Goals:

    •24 hours exercise
    --24/24 hrs complete--
    (This goal is for the month of May)

    •1500>mg sodium &
    10<cups water per day
    (What I'm aiming for)

    So technically I didn't reach my goal (which I'm a little surprised about actually) But i did really well this past week so there's no way I gained .2 pounds of fat... probably water retention from sodium, pms weight gain, or whatever else- I reached my goal last week though so that's cool, haha!
  • typeitdaily
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    edited June 2016
    Start Weight (May 1st): 256
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 250

    May 1st: 256
    May 8th: 254
    May 15th: 251
    May 22nd: 247.5
    May 29th: 247
    June 5th: 242.6

    I made my goal I can't believe it!!!! Ready for the next challenge!

    Fitness/Health Goals: Walk at least 30 minutes a day and stay under calorie goal.