My food crack is...



  • chocolate_owl
    chocolate_owl Posts: 1,695 Member
    Cheez-Its. I only buy them when I make an intentional decision to eat the whole box.
  • I_Will_End_You
    I_Will_End_You Posts: 4,397 Member
    Mexican food.
  • ChristineE63
    ChristineE63 Posts: 105 Member
    As for food crack, I have to say Laffy Taffy Banana, I love it. I'm pretty sure I'm in a class by myself on this because you can hardly find it anywhere.
  • SuzySunshine99
    SuzySunshine99 Posts: 2,767 Member
    Trader Joe's peanut butter filled pretzels. Evil little pillows of joy.
  • Dannigreen31
    Dannigreen31 Posts: 557 Member
    Def crisps also and pizza
  • _dixiana_
    _dixiana_ Posts: 3,262 Member
    Chips and salsa
    Cookie butter from Trader Joe's
    natural peanut butter and apple slices
    popcorn (because I will eat the entire bag)
    CHEESE especially feta and goat cheese
    cobbler a la mode (preferably PEACH)

    way too many things....
  • cat_phillips
    cat_phillips Posts: 31 Member
    Angie's Boom ChickaPop Popcorn is the devil incarnate!
  • budonyan
    budonyan Posts: 37 Member
    cabbage cabbage I put it on everything
  • JenSD6
    JenSD6 Posts: 454 Member
    CrabNebula wrote: »
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Costco's bakery cookies.

    Oh my goodness, the Costco bakery cookies. I have to put at least half the container into baggies hidden throughout the deep freeze as soon as it comes into the house, or it'll get devoured by my husband in no time flat. Now and then he forgets there are more cookies to be found, so it's a partial success.
  • nicailyzee
    nicailyzee Posts: 183 Member
    White Rice, cookies, pasta, cookies, bread
    Ice Cream
    any cheese especially american processed cheese not blue, ugh!
    Chocolate covered peanuts, almonds, cashews and M&M peanut, snickers
    potato chips regular and flavored, cheese doodles
    Iced Coffee the overly sweet ones
    Now that I am writing this it is funny and sad at the same time but its real!
  • LuckyNumbers
    LuckyNumbers Posts: 208 Member
    Creamland Green Chile Dip. I will eat the entire tub by myself, no matter what I have to eat it with: chips, crackers, veggies, as a condiment on sandwiches and baked potatoes. They sell 3-packs of it at our Costco. It's so, so, so wrong but so, so, so right ...
  • Panda_Poptarts
    Panda_Poptarts Posts: 971 Member
    Also, sour cream herring. I don't buy it, because I'll eat the whole jar.

    I may treat myself here soon, though. It's been too long.
  • wellsjc
    wellsjc Posts: 23 Member
    Donairs, I dont care if its chicken, Beef or Lamb, love them all
  • melissa6771
    melissa6771 Posts: 894 Member
    edited June 2016
    Oreos... If I open a package I HAVE to eat a whole row! I don't know why but it never fails!
    Cupcakes, cake, donuts, anything cakes and baked.
    Goldfish crackers, cheez-its, very hard to stop once I start
    Sea salt lime tortilla chips with homemade guac or Carmelized onion dip
    Walnuts/cashews., I could eat 2000 calories of nuts in 5 minutes, maybe less
    Roast beef/steak, I could eat pounds of steak in a sitting easily.
    Eggplant parm, luckily I make a healthy version of this so I can eat tons of it!

    I'm sure I'll think of more later.
  • Gallowmere1984
    Gallowmere1984 Posts: 6,626 Member
    Cheese. Literally all the cheese. I care nothing about what kind.
    Nearly everything I make anymore has a good amount in it.
  • Vicxie86
    Vicxie86 Posts: 181 Member
    Cashew Nuts
    Ice Cream
  • missh1967
    missh1967 Posts: 660 Member
    I love chips and I love chocolate. Have any of you tried this?

    Don't do it! It's a trap.

    Danger, Will Robinson!!!
  • biggsterjackster
    biggsterjackster Posts: 419 Member
    Matjes and potatoes.
  • EttaMaeMartin
    EttaMaeMartin Posts: 303 Member
    purely elizabeth original granola. i'd swear it has an addictive substance in it. sugar........ ugh!
  • JackieMarie1989jgw
    JackieMarie1989jgw Posts: 230 Member
    Thai. Particularly panang chicken curry with rice. That stuff is so damn good I can't stop myself after one serving. I always eat the whole gigantic portion.