WOMEN ages 50+ FOR JULY 2016



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    Heather - way to go on both the writing and passing up on alcohol last night. Makes you feel good about yourself right? Good job.

    Janetr OKC
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    Katla~ Of all the places I have lived at, (26 places is my tally so far), I think Oregon seems to be the best fit. The fact that I grew up in a suburb of Portland, then married a sailor, well, its nice to come back to the fold so to speak. The Navy has taught me to be outspoken, and opinionated, but it has also taught me when to keep my mouth shut...
    (true Oregonian at heart)
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    Well, Groovy Gals

    I hardly know what is going on with the scale right now - it went down again - 244 for two days in a row. I guess I knew in my head that I couldn't have lost a whole pants size on just 11 pounds... my body must have been clinging to some excess water or some such. I am just glad that the scale is starting to catch up.

    More exotic projects for me to do at work, so, I can't take the time to reply to each of you - but, I am keeping up on my reading.

    I am taking part in my first "challenge" starting today - doing a 24 week Christmas Challenge. If I keep it all together and make my goal... I will be down to the weight I was when I got married by Christmas. Since I got married just under 27 yrs ago - that is really something.

    I am counting on your ladies to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Hugs for everybody!

    Re in TX
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    Good morning ladies. Well I was hoping to sleep in today and get somethings done at home, but my phone rang at 5am and I am working 7-3:30 today. Then my boss came in this morning and wants to meet at 3:30 so not sure what time I will get out of here. Going to be another hot and muggy day. I am so ready for Fall.

    Weigh in is tomorrow and not looking forward to that as been a couple weeks since I weighed and eating was out of control. But important thing I have to remember is I am not giving up.

    Barbie--Glad to hear Jake is doing well. Tell him slow and easy beats doing to much to fast and end up back down again. I know that easier said then done.

    Joyce SD--Happy to see you post. One day at a time and we will do this. I know I am trying to learn this as a life changing way of life.

    Linda IA--Sounds like you did very well this last weekend. You Rock!!

    Rosie SC--Sending hugs. I have been feeling down lately also. Trying to look for the Blessings in each day, big and small.

    Katiebug--Glad it is done and everything went well. I always feel so much better when mine is done and do not have to worry about it for another 5 years.

    Well today is just flying by for the most part. Fighting a headache and just want to get home. Take care ladies.
    Blessings, Vicki GRANDISLAND NE
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    Dear chatty ladies, I cannot keep up but I will dip in when I can. I'm currently on holidays and doing one household job a day to try to declutter my environment. Today was light bulbs and fittings. Boy do my hips ache after going up and down the ladder. You don't have to go to the gym to get a workout. My calories have been too high for about 10 days, I'm trying to get back in rhythm again. It's so much easier when I just pack a lunch
    Laoighse in Ireland
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    Vicki - Have you worked out why you are feeling so low? Usually, unless we are simply grieving something, it is because we have a problem we are trying to ignore, repress, or hide from. Sometimes it is difficult to focus on what the real problem is, but I think we always know deep down. Has your arm operation badly affected you? That is perfectly understandable.
    We use a lot of energy keeping our problems repressed. It took me a while to realise that I was running away from my writing. You'd think I'd know by now!!!! :ohwell:
    You have done so brilliantly transforming your life by losing all that weight. I hate to see you so low. Just counting our blessings doesn't hack it, we have to dig out the junk that is blocking our flow.

    Of course some problems cannot be solved, but just recognising them and hauling them out into the light can help. Do you have someone you can talk freely and honestly to?
    Lots of love to you, Heather xxxxxxxx
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    Thanks to all of you who are sharing your childhood!

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    Linda, my dad's first parish, in the early 50s, was in Sioux City. Before I was born. The Episcopal church.

    Miriam - I've been there many times. One of my best friends in high school went to the Episcopal Church in Sioux City and I went to church with her quite often. Of course, that would have been after your dad was pastor.
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    Vicki - How is your arm healing? I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down AND that you are fighting a headache. I hate those days. {{{hugs}}}

    I'm fighting a bit of a headache today as well. My daughter and I have been trying to work out if we may have a food sensitivity that causes our frequent headaches. We do not have any food allergies, but thinking we may have a food sensitivity. There is now blood testing that can check for food sensitivities. Has anyone on this forum done that? We are trying to work out whether or not it is worth the money as our insurance won't cover it.

    Linda in IA
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    re sounds like a great challenge! I love anniversaries on holidays. I got married on my birthday cause my husband shares it. We call it our "Annibirthiversary" and neither of us can forget it!! I made a challenge connected to a date but it was over the course of a year so I had more wiggle room and .5 lb per week is all I was aiming for
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    evening ladies~
    I am a tad stressed out and trying to deal with multiple things while working 9-5 or 9-6 with not much of a break is wrecking havoc..
    My DFIL is moving to a different nursing home closer to us, but there are all sorts of things I need to do, and they are moving him thursday.. and so I have to go down and get his stuff to move, and somehow we have to transprot him, I thought they would do that ,but guess it isnt done that way.. I have to work 9-6 tomorrow and not much time to make calls, so I dont know what I am going to do.... then my DSIL told me her mom needs to go to court while they are on there honeymoon,they are driving an RV up the maine coast, and its the day before they are supposed to come home, I cant take any time off of work and I dont know how to help.. just alot of stuff going on and no one to help me out...BIL and SIL are in Frt Lauderdale right now, they could care less and they are the POA...
    alright enough crabbing.. have to go find my phone charger..
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    LoLo - love that, thanks.

    Janetr okc