WOMEN ages 50+ FOR JULY 2016

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Welcome to a supportive and encouraging thread for women. The title says women ages 50+ but all women are welcome

How did you do with your goals for June?

What goals do you have for July?

I look forward to traveling this journey to health and fitness with you

<3 Barbie from NW Washington


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    Happy July My friends.

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    Thank you Barbie and DJ for the warm send off into July.

    Janetr okc
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    <3 Packing up tonight and heading home tomorrow. It has been a great week. Weather has been hot and sunny all week but now it is storming and there are flash flood warnings in the area. We are high enough up so we are safe.

    Saturday we turn around and get back in the car to visit MIL. You may remember that she is suffering from dementia and her body is starting to shut down. The doctors say it could be a few days or more then a month. This will most likely be our last time to visit and we will see if she remembers us.

    Linda, heading back to IA tomorrow
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    Gee, I got the best email today from a friend of mine ... it was all "Texas" things ... but, I could not get the pictures to show up here (trying to copy it). It was funny ... and interesting.
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    Katla, as you know my Dad was a preacher. Back in the days, Southern Baptists preachers lived in the parsonage or a house that the church owned and provided for the preacher and family. This church we were at in Mattoon, Ill made sure it's parsonage was right across the street from the church. Remember, the house belongs to the church. Well we all didn't have disposable diapers then so if the nursery ran out of diapers they would just have some one run across the street and raid Mom's kitchen for dish towels. Yep, they raided our dish towels for diapers.

    Was going to say that we had gone to see the ostomy nurse and hopefully she has him on track to a good fit. But when he came upstairs at midnight to go to bed and me pack his belly I could smell him. Sure enough it was leaking in the exact area. at least i know it's not just me. If the specialist can't get it to stay on then I don't feel bad about it. So I left a message on her voice mail.

    Heather, I just loved what you said about children. We just need to watch them, see their innocence and their beauty and all is right with the world. I just hope that the world we are preparing for them will be OK.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Happy 1st of July to all. The kids and parents have all gone off to school, where my grandson is in a play. He and a girl are the narrators. We can't go, because we are meeting our friends and their children in London this morning, so we will be off shortly. I'm going to leave my bag at our station left luggage and go on from there. We're meeting at the Natural History Museum. It was raining this morning, but it seems to have cleared up after we did "spells" with the kids to make it go away. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    We also taught them "Pinch, punch, first day of the month". We'll probably regret that!

    Speak later when we're home. Heather in the mangled UK
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    Morning, all... and welcome to another July. Thank you, Barbie, for doing this from the hospital! You keep us coming back, and we are more than grateful.

    My goal for June was to "be lighter." I am, dropped from 181 at the 1st of June to 180 yesterday. Actually lower this morning, but that's OK... I'm claiming the one pound. It has diminished my stress in extraordinary fashion to simply know that's the only goal. My goal for July will be... "be lighter."

    Actually came over to the warehouse at 3 p.m. because he had his toolbox unloaded with his first load of stuff he was moving (it's taller than I am) but couldn't get that half-ton sucker up the ramp and into the warehouse... so I carefully backed the van up the ramp, pushing the toolbox the whole way--his idea, and it worked. Then drove both vehicles out to the ranch and brought a van and a pick-up load into town, unloaded about 7 p.m. last night. We made sure to get the things the DH couldn't lift alone, like the reclining loveseat, the other heaviest piece. He's got two more loads to go today, and it should all be here. Hopefully. And my back survived, which I had my doubts about.

    I did OK with all this until we left Daisy, our dog, at the ranch with the Mexican ranch hands who live there. They love her, and she was SO miserable here at the warehouse. She's lived at the ranch nearly her whole three years of life, and all the noise here, having to be on a leash while outside, was stressing her constantly. She doesn't get the reason for it, not after running everywhere on the ranch at will. Plus, she hates loud noises, and July 4th fireworks would have sent her right round the bend. She has visited with "the men," as they're called, since she was a pup, and we lived in the next house over, then. They are very kind men, all of them, and love animals--and we're pretty sure she's bilingual.

    But that one kind of busted me up. I know she'll be much happier there, and it relieves a huge worry for me and the DH, as she'd be alone at the warehouse all day most days... but leaving her at the ranch made me cry. And I don't, much.

    Lastly, until my health insurance kicks in August 1, we don't have any, because the owners filed Corey's termination papers effective the day he talked to the GM, meaning his health insurance expired 6/30, instead of effective the day he gave them for notice, which is Tuesday, the 5th. Had they put the termination date at the 5th, his health insurance would be effective through 7/31. So, I said some seriously bad words, but we'll see how it all works out. I know we're eligible for Cobra, but it's an added stressor. Then, they seriously came back after that little piece of pettiness and asked him if he'd be interested in doing contract mechanic work from town. My bad word quota for the month of June was exceeded. A lot.

    His honor and integrity being what it is, he's going to escort the general manager around (for the third time in two years) and show him where to turn the water well pumps on and off. Even though he no longer works for them. And I'll stop there, 'cause I'm ticked off again.

    Becca, in terms of what have I done recently that's 'out of my comfort zone,' I have to say I'm not sure I have one. Comfort, for me, is my husband's arms at night, and the rest falls where it falls.

    May we all have a successful July, from sunny, hot West Texas...

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    edited July 2016
    Lisa If that's the way your husband's former employer rolls the dice, I am glad he is out of there having lost only one month of benefits. There are good bosses, and then, well...

    I cannot believe you backed the van up the ramp and pushed a half ton tool box into the warehouse. WHAT???? You are my hero. I am honored that you are my virtual friend.

    Irish Terri <3

    @Expiggy Welcome, what would you like for us to call you?

    DJ How 'bout those Coastal Carolina Chanticleers? Here is the moment they won the championship: http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/sports/college/big-south/coastal-carolina-university/article86947762.html

    Joyce Of course I am not glad that bag leaked, but I have to admit it made me smile a little cuz I knew you were taking it personally. I just hope you can work with the ostomy team to find a solution, this must be getting old for both of you. Healing energy sent.

    Becca & Barbie Sending much healing energy your way.

    KJ <3<3 Two hearts, one for you and one for your sister.

    Travelers Fair Winds and Following Seas!

    Everyone else, have a lovely day

    Karen in Virginia with a red sky and thunder

    July Goals
    • Start StrongLifts or at least kettle bells
    • Get Fitbit online and working
    • Start walking
    • Continue Jazzercise
    • Lose 5 lbs
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    Morning everyone---

    Barbie all the best to you and hake as you continue the healing.

    July Goals:

    Focus on OS bathroom remodel in a positive way that doesn't send me off the rails with bad eating choices and no exercise

    Feel lighter

    Start toning arms with emphasis on shoulder strengthening!

    Log, walk, read and participate!

    Say yes!

    Good luck to all, here's to a healthy July everyone. NYKAREN
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    Good morning, all, and Happy July. Today is official weigh and measure everything on my body to see how I've done after 6 months of weight training.

    I lost a grand total of 0.8 lbs in June, but I'll take it! I floated in and out of Onederland there for a while, but I think I've finally settled in. This morning's weigh-in was 197.4. That's a total of 40 lbs since I started MFP and 53 lbs from my all time high. Most of my measurements were 1/4 inch smaller since I measured last (I think around 3 months ago). I'm going to get my body fat percentage measured at the gym this morning. He does it with some kind of caliper. If it's even a fraction of a percentage smaller I'll be happy.

    Yes, I'm not worried about the actual surgery. I've had this cyst for 3 years. No one was worried about until I had the mammogram this year and the technician suggested I have a dermatologist drain it. She (and the dermatologist was in agreement) that since it is in the breast area it is better to be safe than sorry. They will just deaden it locally and whack it out. I don't even have to fast before surgery. It's just the whole weight training part! I've gotten addicted to it and don't want to lose any ground. But I'll be a good girl. I don't want to hurt myself. The nurse laughed when I turned down the first two openings because they were in the morning. I told her if she was going to make me skip weight training for two weeks, she could at least let me do it the day of surgery. She made me a 2:00 p.m. appointment.
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    Morning ladies-
    hope all is well.. Had a long post I think it might have posted in the June thread...but today is the first of July and dad is still snoozing.. Will let him sleep as long as he needs to as it was a long long day for him yesterday.. He has both hearing aids out so he is deaf as a post until he puts them in, a freight train could go through the room and he wouldn't hear it lol.
    Woke up at 4:15 CST so 5:15 my usual time got up and went outside for a walk... It was nice and refreshing... Will go down and get some breakfast in a bit and maybe walk some more.. Going to have to figure out how to take pictures on my I pad so I can get some from the trip...I'm gonna stop at Walmart here in in Brentwood and see if they have any Nashville t-shirts will get one for myself and one for dad and maybe if I feel like it Tom.. Homer is doing amazingly well for having 7 teeth extracted ,Chester got treats last night and Drs orders none for Homer so he got a little bit of ice cream with whip cream on top, let's just say he is a bit spoiled...
    Barbie- glad to hear Jake is doing a bit better
    Joyce- so sorry Charlie is having such trouble with the darn bags and see it's not just you doing it...
    To all in the U.S. Please enjoy a Happy and safe 4th of JUly and I will try and check in later...
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    @Expiggy Welcome, what would you like for us to call you?
    Hello Karen,

    'Piggy', 'Fred', 'Hey-you' or 'Lauren'. I answer to them all!

    All the best to you all.

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    Happy July 1 and hope it is a good one for everyone! Hugs and prayers for those who need them.

    Lisa ~ It sounds like your DH's former bosses were just retaliating for him leaving with short notice. But, if I remember, he did give them a chance to meet his employment needs and they did not. I'm sorry you had to leave your Daisy behind but she will be happier.

    Irish Terry ~ I looked at your home page this AM where you introduced yourself. Wow ~ You have a lot of different interests and sounds like your life is full of activities. An extended family member of mine got her doctorate in poetry a couple of years ago. She loves poetry but has found that there are very few teaching positions in the US that accommodate her area. So, she is mainly teaching college English.

    Another day of painting for me! I have the master bedroom, bathrooms, and living room to finish. My DnL is doing the baseboards, door and windows. Then we will work on the kitchen. We have been renting out this house (our first house bought 1975) for the last 20 years. We have never seen so much damage done by tenants...a crack in the ceiling, broken doors that had just been replaced when they moved in, nail holes in every wall, patched holes in the walls, and just plain filthy. But, we will get it all repaired and move on from there. Most of the work is things that our hard labor can repair with the exception of new carpet and new doors to replace the broken ones. The roof will also be replaced as it is 20 years old.


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    Hi everyone,

    I didn't post much in June, was dealing with medical issues that have calmed down.

    In June, I went up as I my body decided that I'm not done with peri-menopause, so the weight came on and all of my measurements increased! Even though I worked out like crazy.

    My goals for July:
    • 6-8 cups water every day
    • Stay under calories at least 300-400 calories
    • Walk 45 min 5 days a week - getting outside to walk, not just on treadmill
    • Continue my PT exercises for my neck (which takes about 45 min non-stop)
    • Ab exercises to help with PT
    • Eat more veggies (I've been averaging 21-54 gm of fiber in my diet in June!)
    • 8 hours sleep
    • No tv/iPad, etc right before bed - makes me take longer to fall asleep
    • No caffeine after 7pm
    • Lower sugar (not from fruit) intake - which I've started (not drinking as large cups of coffee in morning).

    I did go down to 140 from 142.8 this morning. Good luck to everyone!