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    I want to join this thread but I wonder - how do you keep up? It seems a little overwhelming. Help?

    I personally skim thru so I can keep up., I'm not a "novel" poster. some get kinda long. usually, if someone is addressing you in their post, they will put your login in bold or quote your post like I just did.


    Yep, I read when I can, post when I can, and just... like the world a little better, for knowing y'all are in it. <3
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    Sue from WA – I’ve had cataracts taken off both eyes; they did the best one, first; then 2 weeks later did the other one. I still have to wear readers. Given the choice of being able to see far off or close up without readers; I chose to need readers for reading. This is an area that I can’t see clearly about arm’s length away. Drives me batty because that is about as far away as grocery shelves are when you are shopping and trying to see prices. For an additional price, I could have had a total lens implant; but, I don’t mind wearing readers when I have to.


    I had total lens replacement for $1,000 additional cost for each eye and I still have to wear bifocals. But I still see much much better than before the surgery. I do have macular degeneration tho, so that probably doesn't help matters.

    Janetr OKC
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    Mia - was glad to hear you had a good weekend and then sad to hear about your job. When you mentioned putting on your big girl panties my first thought is that yours are probably smaller now after your surgery. LOL Good luck on your job search. I hope you find something quickly.
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    Evening ladies!

    I found Bugs Bunny Jr. in my back yard yesterday morning. Chased him and discovered he was just small enough to squeeze his head though an opening about 2-3inches wide between the house and the gate support post. I found some wood and blocked the hole. I've never had such a rabbit problem as I have had this year. Checked again this morning and saw Bugs Jr. had attempted to move the wood out of the way and failed. The mature rabbits can't get their heads through that small a gap so they can't get in. Jr. is just too smart for his own good.

    I have one final solution for this nonsense if he persists. I will trap him in a humane trap and take him for a ride further out of town if I need to.

    Many thanks to all of you who offered suggestions and moral support regarding that very tempting chocolate dessert lurking in my frig. As to the chocolate monster DD said she would take it off my hands. She has been taking small portions and eating it when I am out of the house. We have both taken up walking in the evening to do the Pokemom Go thing on the phone. I like company on the walk and she claims she is walking off the Chocolate Dream frig monster. Personally I think she would have to walk to Texas and back to walk off that calorie beast, but evey step helps. :)

    Charleen in Colorado (Too darn hot, looking for cooler temps asap)
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    Stronglifts Workout A

    Squats- 1x5x55/65/75/85, 5x5x90
    BP- 1x5x55/65/75, 5x5x80
    BR- 5x5x85

    Kettlebell Swing

    Russian Kettlebell Swing- 22x10x30

    Busy day with my DSIL. I did my exercise at 5:30am so I would be able to get it done. Same tomorrow. We will be hitting the antique stores in Park Rapids MN.


    Mary from Minnesota
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    :) :) Jake had a conversation with the surgeon's nurse today and she confirmed that he is doing well...the daily towel changing and every other day sheet changing will go on for another two weeks. Every day things get better for him.

    This is such good news. Congratulations to both of you! :heart: :star:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    I guess we just need to get Becca's husband better now. It seems like our husbands are on the mend. I sure appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for me and mine.

    Sue I have had both cataracts removed with lense implant. I keep readers in every room in the house, the car, the choir room, the choir loft. They are so cheap and you can get so many pretty styles for $5 with a cheap case I love buying them. Sometimes I can read without them but not the small print of grocery items, music, etc. I can read the newspaper. I did have a film re-occur on one of my lenses and I had that lasered off. Took less than a minute.

    nite, nite ladies, Joyce, Indiana
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    well here I am it is 3:47 am EST , and guess what been up since midnight a whopping 4 hrs sleep . geesh the dog scratching door to go outside, just to go out and bark at something.. so go out in my robe and bring him back in.. and do you think I could go back to sleep? NO...my whole morning will be busy with DFIL. and sleep was what was needed... oh well...
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    Been up since 3:30 AM. We are renting a u-haul today and driving down toward Macon to get some furniture out of my mom's house. Not looking forward to it because the furniture is heavy and will be difficult to load. DH, son and son's wife will have to do the moving. I will mainly be emptying out cabinets and wrapping dishes. Will have to store a bedroom set in my parking spot in the garage until we can figure out how to get it in the house and replace another bedroom set. Between this and the rental property we have too much on our plate.

    I did make sandwiches for us yesterday so didn't eat fast food.

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    Good mornin all.Have been awake for an hr......earlier by an hr for me.

    ALLISON,4 hrs is a bit better sleep than none,but not by much. Hope you can grab a couple naps. Good luck with your FILs move.
    Made macaroni with ground beef & tomatoes in the Instant Pot yesterday. Froze enough for another meal.Having supper with DD & SIL today. She is a WW leader,so there are no comments on what I eat or don't eat. o:)

    Yesterday we bought fresh Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck,the last of the season. DD bought enough to freeze & a case for her dentist.He buys them every time they come to town.We have just enough to eat & make one cobbler.

    We both had cataracts removed.
    Makes me wonder.Mom was a few weeks from 90 when she passed away. She read a newspaper every day,read books etc & never had cataracts.She had never heard of most diseases.Only pill she ever took was for BP. Never knew her to be sick,never saw her in bed till the last couple wks.Her list of nevers was long.

    I am so over summer :/ Ready to open windows,sit on porch & walk while staying dry. B) Done skimming,time for more tea.Have a great,low cal day. Pat

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    I have written this morning! :drinker: That kind of sets my day up and makes it bombproof. :bigsmile:

    I'm not weighing myself this morning as that halloumi was WAY too high in calories and salt. Delicious though. Kim, I'm surprised you can't get it in California. Anywhere that has a Cypriot, or Turkish population should have it. Very high in sodium though. :ohwell:

    Got to go and make lunch with the Norwegian smoked trout we brought back. It's fabulous.

    Heather xxxxxxx
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    kim I only splurge on fancy cheeses when I have company! I live in metro area so they aren't too tough to find. Fairway, whole foods, or a real Italian deli are all reachable where I live. I wonder if SAMs club or Costco carry a wide assortment of nice cheeses. It is a splurge I enjoy especially at a party type situation.

    Chris reading your post is so inspiring I am going to reread it all day today. I do believe we make changes and our world changes. Sometimes it is hard to stop the cycle, and sometimes we want instant results but if we keep on trusting the small positive changes our world changes. That doesn't mean bad things won't happen, they still do, but if anything I've learned from reading this forum is that we r strong and adaptable.
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    Morning all... got the DH's lunch packed, and he's off to work, leaving me a couple hours before I have to be at work... Thursdays are always relaxed days at work. Cleaning up the files and folders, getting ready for the next week. Fun, in other words. :) Kinda lovin' the job.

    Speaking of jobs, the DH's current job is a temporary one, I may have mentioned. They told him last night that he's on the shortlist for who they keep for the solar plant that's next on the list (supposed to be five more in West Texas all told). I'm unsurprised. He had clocked out and then stayed to help the managers clean up for the next day--because it's what we do. That's when they told him.

    I'm... just going to have a nice, relaxed day. Hope it's the same for everyone.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in West Texas
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    Patceoh ~ Do you live in GA? I grew up not too far from Roberta and Fort Valley (well, about 30 miles) where they supposed grow the best peaches.

    Chris in MA ~ Happy Birthday! You deserve all the happiness that is coming your way and we are all so glad for you.

    Heather ~ Good for you writing again.

    I have not weighed in 3 weeks as I do not want to face the consequences. Feel like I have been on a merry-go-round and can't wait for it to stop! LOL
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    Good morning! Happy Thursday! Just wanted to share a little video I found this morning that got me laughing. Grown-ups don't want to play PokemonGo, they would rather play this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fldN-0Ndlv8 If the link doesn't work, look up ChardonnayGo by Dena
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    Well I'm not a member...feeling left out :(

    Lots doing with pool today...water delivery around noon. The crews been working since 7 need to get some water out to them.

    GLo soon to be swimming on the North Shore of Ma
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    ljdw99 wrote: »
    Well I'm not a member...feeling left out :(

    Lots doing with pool today...water delivery around noon. The crews been working since 7 need to get some water out to them.

    GLo soon to be swimming on the North Shore of Ma

    :) On my screen, it says "Member" under your name and the number of posts you've made....so you're really not left out.

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    Hi Ladies!

    Sorry, I've been missing in action. Even lost my three year streak! Oh well... I logged on to see I last read 600 posts ago...

    Been very busy. Flew to Nashville yesterday for son's college orientation. I'm waiting right now while he takes his music theory placement exams... Then a full day of power point presentations I suspect.

    Unlike Heather, I'm not a seasoned traveler ... So very stressful for me dealing with airports, shuttles and rentals ... Add the hearing loss and it gets interesting. Fortunately TSA was very patient with me ...

    An NSV ... No problem with the plane seat belt this time around!!

    I will try and read back to get caught up.

    Beth near Buffalo who is temporarily in Nashville ... Occasionally tearing up as she watches her baby get ready to embark on a life without mom....