WOMEN ages 50+ FOR JULY 2016



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    For the last few weeks Flash goes down to the fence and waits for the llamas. He and Haven share come kisses then she goes on. Haven is the second child. :)
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    Stronglifts Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing

    GobletSquats- 3X10X35
    Russian kettle bell swing-19 X 10 X 35

    End of week one of increasing to 10 reps and 35 pounds. It is really heavy but no issue when swinging it.

    It will still be busy for the next day so hopefully tomorrow I can get back to normal. Have a great day everyone!

    Chris - enjoy your last day in the 50s!

    Barbie - i'm so glad that Jake is doing so well!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Janetr That is the sweetest...

    GLo On my screen Member is under your username: muf9x1199v7b.jpg

    Lisa Second day in a row Fort Stockton has been in the danger heat zone on Today show. Stay cool & hydrated, y'all!

    Visiting a continuing care community today, this is #2 of 4 we are visiting. Have no idea if we will actually end up going that route, it's just part of some long-term planning we are doing.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Hi ladies!

    Have a great day everyone and I hope something awesome happened today to each and every one of you!

    Chris in MA

    Back to you.

    Barbie, Joyce glad for your good news!
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    Alison: I don't know how you survive on so little sleep. Take care of yourself first, then take care of the other people on your list. (((HUGS)))

    Carol: Congratulations on avoiding fast food! Great accomplishment with sensible eating while you're under so much stress. :flowerforyou:

    Chris in MA: Happy birthday! :bigsmile:

    Heather: Congratulations on writing!!!!! :star:

    I got almost 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. It was wonderful!!!!! DH gets up frequently in the night and sometimes wakes me up. Last night I didn't notice a thing. I NEEDED that. :bigsmile:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Tibetan proverb: "The secret to living well and long is: Eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure..."

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison
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    I averaged 4-4.5 hours of sleep for years. I started trying some of the suggestions you all shared here and have got up to around 5.5, if I get 6 I consider it a win. That doesn't happen often tho.

    Janetr okc
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    hidee ho ladies~
    a quick one before I dash out again to pick Homer at the groomers.
    DFIL was in cranky mood this morning so they gave him the trazidone and got him up he was very sleepy this morning and only got about 75% of his breakfast in him. taxi picked him up and got him to new place, and they had him in his room where they do a body check and got him showered. while they were doing that I got all his clothes and everything in the room and returned the wheelchair to Cobalt where he was.. I forgot paperwork there so had to go back anyway....and then back to check on him.. he was awake and they were taking vitals ,I said how are you and he just shook his head no.. geesh I feel so bad.. but think I made the right decision .. it will take him a bit to adjust .but so much more convenient for us and ,a better enviroment for him.. well off to pick Homer up at the groomers.
    Chris~ Happy Birthday.. we want pictures of the party shhhhhh we don't know a thing
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    Michelle – And a lot of singers in our day have died very young in our lifetimes: Patsy Cline, Big Bopper, and the others he was flying with, Jimmy Dean, Wilson guy from the Beach Boys, Janice Joplin (although I did not care for her music), Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, and Prince, others include Reba McIntyre’s entire band, and many more two of the Bee Gee Brothers. Some have had some very close collisions, Gloria Estevan. Seems like the ‘good ones’ have met some sort of bad accidents at the prime of their lives. I’m sure there are many more.

    Janetr7476 – I am losing my peripheral vision; but, eye MD says I need to wait until the 2nd eyelid starts drooping and that way, they can code it as medically necessary and do lid lifts on both.

    I looked out the other night to see if Cracker had come to the door; caught her and the cat laying side-by-side and playing ‘footsies’ … it was so funny. Tux has gotten to wear he’ll come up and side-swipe Cracker if she is sitting down on deck.

    I used to have awful sleep patterns, not long enough and good some of the time, worse at others. Had a ‘sleep study’ done and now sleep with a C-pap machine and sleep 7 or more hours each night. I think a lot of people who don’t sleep well have ‘sleep apnea’ and don’t know it. Ask someone to listen out to see if you are snoring any. When you stop, you are usually ‘not breathing’ during that time. It can make you have health issues if you don’t get one, if you need one. Also helped me lose weight as well.

    Charleen – Bugs Bunny, Jr., would never survive at our house; cat would get him and bring home the ears for us to know he is doing his job. Cracker likes to catch the lizards.

    Joyce – I have a problem finding the strength of readers my eye MD told me to get: 2.25; and they jump for 2.00 to 2.50. I have to have the 2.50’s.

    Beth near Buffalo – MFP can reinstate your days you lost; I’ve lost mine twice. You’d just need to know about how many you lost. I can’t remember how I got to the place; but, surely somebody knows.

    Good on your NSV of being able to buckle the air plane belt.

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    I heard from DS that they got the flowers I sent to their new house. Pic coming up.
    Then a minute later there was a phone call. He sounded exhausted! Said they still had loads to do.
    The nanny they hired, who was due to start on Monday, has let them down, so he was asking for help next week. We are going down on Wednesday evening and staying through till Thursday evening. DS is taking Wednesday and Friday off work.They are now interviewing for another nanny/housekeeper. We can't really do more because of prior commitments, but they seemed grateful for what we could do. DGS won't be at school till next September and DGD used to go to a childminder 3 days a week.
    It will all work out in the long run I'm sure and we can have them to stay.

    Love to all, Heather
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    Happy Burthday Chris!

    Beth {{{hugs}}} Sent my oldest daughter off to college for the first time last year. I cried many times over the summer, and I teared up every time she came home for a visit and had to leave again. She leaves for sophomore year in a month and it will be hard again. I have gotten used to having her around this summer. <3

    Linda /IA
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    Those of you who are not getting enough sleep need to know that you are sabotaging your weight loss. Lack of sleep causes weight gain. It slows metabolism and it decreases the "feeling full" hormone so you eat too much!
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    janetr7476 wrote: »
    I averaged 4-4.5 hours of sleep for years. I started trying some of the suggestions you all shared here and have got up to around 5.5, if I get 6 I consider it a win. That doesn't happen often tho.

    Janetr okc

    Wow you are made of sterner stuff than I. I *require* 7 hours...I like 8.
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    Beth- Hugs to you! So hard/scary/fun/proud to see them try their wings; no wonder the tears leak out with all of those emotions going through us at the same time!
    SLEEP- I don't want to jinx myself by saying it; but I have never had any ongoing sleep problems. I am your basic, head-hits-the-pillow-and-I'm-out kind of girl. That said, what I have done, is gotten my body on a schedule that if I stray too far off schedule I get a kind of weird hangover feeling all the next day. I CAN function on 6-7 hours, but I try for and get 8 hours nearly every night. MUCH easier to be nice to small children with a full eight hours sleep under my belt. Without it; I am like Miss Hannigan from Annie or Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. It's not pretty. >:)o:)
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    Chris- Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful!
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    Spent the morning digging out a new flower bed and putting in edging. The clay soil makes it miserable. A homeless guy was sitting in the shade behind an office across the street from me just watching me and drinking from his paper sack. For an hour just staring. A bit unnerving. He got up and headed across the street toward me and I grabbed a hammer and the sharp weed tool and faced him and said, don't even think of coming closer. He stopped and mumbled something about a free world and I said I'd be happy to call the cops and have that freedom revoked. He left. He was well on his way to dead drunk. Not one of the regular homeless in the neighborhood. Will have to keep an eye out for him.

    I think the adrenaline of the moment means extra calorie burn.

    In Houston
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    Marcelyn, oh goodness, that's just not a fun way to burn calories. Glad you are all right, I'd probably just have turned and ran in the house. (((Hugs)))

    Janetr OKC
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    Chris Happy Birthday to you! :flowerforyou: