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    Did 1 hr of Mari Windsor's Basic Pilates DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do one segment of yoga DVD, maybe I'll do bicycles, and then take the extremepump class.

    Kim - good for you wearing that outfit!

    Joyce - praying for Charlie. Be sure to take care of YOU thru all this. Tell him that this won't be forever, just until he finds what works for him. I'm sure he's getting frustrated.

    Cheri - gorgeous afghan

    Just came in from working on the weeds for about 4 hours. After I was out for an hour, Vince came out. He used the machine but mainly on the weeds that aren't stickers. That's really the easy part. After about 2 hours he came in the house and I worked some more for another hour. Don't ask me to explain this, but I had diarrhea and now my stomach feels distended. I didn't tell Vince because I know that his immediate reaction would be "you shouldn't be out here, go in the pool and take it easy". I want to get that done. So I just didn't tell him. It'll go away, as a matter of fact, the diarrhea has pretty muchly stopped. I remember when I was pg and I had a cold. We were living in the Poconos (lots of snow) at the time. I went out and shoveled. Vince's mom was just aghast. But I felt so much better. Really, I feel better now, just exhausted as is normal. I do think that the heat sometimes gets to me. Don't worry....I had 72 oz of water while I was out there and "another one bites the dust".

    Then came in and took a shower, trying to get things ready for tomorrow but I just need to sit down a bit.

    DJ - these aren't weeds that I'm pulling. They are wild raspberry bushes, some of them about 8 feet tall. We have this machine that cuts (supposedly) at the bottom but some of the branches are so thick that I need to use the clippers. then I use the hedge trimmer trying to cut thru the old sticks (remember, they still have thorns on them), then pull them out and take them over to the lot next to us and try to dump them all there. I can't take too many at a time, tho. I use a broom to try to push them back further into the lot

    Charleen - isn't it a wonderful feeling when you don't want the quantity you used to have? Yea for your neighbor

    Joyce - thanks for keeping us in the loop. We're all concerned

    So sorry to everyone for the rude remarks made to them

    astbauhan - welcome!

    Michele in NC
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    A quick hello before I pass out.the wedding was beautiful.had a good time but trying to take care of 2 elderly people at a wedding is tough.
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    Hi Gals,

    Re – thanks, – I take the high road so I cry alone when I need to, vent to y’all (is that the right usage??) when I need to and remember in my gratitude list to thank her and Dad for their DNA that makes me, me.

    Joyce – sending good thoughts!

    Katla – you asked if my mom has always had a mean streak, lets see if I can do this in a nut shell - My mom’s life is not easy, and she is co-dependent, and she is a victim. My Dad died in 1977 and he was the rudder of the family, he kept her on an even keel, but it was so basic in the family relationship that none of us kids got just how bad it would be when he was gone. So there is enough to write an entire series of books about the road from there to here. To keep it short 6+ years of therapy have gotten me to a place I can vent and move on…

    Cheri – that turned out lovely!!!!!

    Lenora – Old Maid is a card game too, Spinster is just yucky… Whats wrong with career gal, entrepreneur or just daughter.

    Heather – glad all went so well…. Love the aunt picture, she looks like a little spit fire! Yes my mom challenges have been a long ongoing thing, and I think I am doing better with it. Bea is so sweet!

    Marcelynh – I know what you mean I lost my Dad in 1977 and would love to hear his voice again, and have just one more hug… And while I have complained, I am 100% convinced that my Mom does the best she can, it is not always good, sometimes it is very bad, but she is trying to be a good mom. If I remember her role model (my grandmother) my mom even with her bad behavior is a saint.

    My heart breaks for the families of all the police officers who have been killed in the line of duty this month…

    July Goals:
    2 fun things a week, Lunch with Ben, visiting with mom, Cajun food with a friend, got the job!, watched the sunrise every morning,
    Log everyday to the best I can, over if need be.
    11,000 + steps everyday – like to hit 160 miles for the month.


    Kim from N. California
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    Heather, Bea is the most marvelous thing I've seen all day. Thank you <3
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    GLo too tired to post but loving the new pool on the North Shore of Ma.
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    Joyce Now Charlie will be draining bile like Becca's husband, right? Gosh! It will feel better to have the pressure relieved, glad he won't have to tough it out any more as that must have been unbearable. What a stoic he is!

    Dear Friends Today I am 62! I am grateful that I was born into loving arms and had a privileged upbringing.

    The third of four children, I was 2 weeks late in making my debut. Mom's due date was July 4th, and I have to say I am glad not to have been born on or around the 4th. It was a particularly hot July in Nebraska that year (1954), making an extra two weeks' pregnant a bit tough on my mom, especially with 2 other children, ages 5 and 3, underfoot. My granny came from Idaho to help, but finally left to go back home two days before I was born. It was a long trip, but she came back as soon as I was born.

    My dad was a doctor. His partner Dr. Smith delivered me. Since my heart rate had been on the slow normal side during the pregnancy, he was absolutely sure I was a boy, so no girls' names had been chosen LOL! Oops! I was supposed to be Gary Weston (my little brother). So they had to come up with a girl's name fast, and 'oh yeah, we need a middle name too', so I got a name that sounded kinda like Gary plus my mother's middle name: Karen Marie.

    I had a blessedly small head so didn't make my mother suffer too much, though she was miffed at my dad because he left her to go admit a patient to the hospital just about the time I was born...he did make it to the delivery room on time, though.

    It was a Sunday afternoon, around 3 or 4, on a hot, sunny, lazy July day on the plains of southwest Nebraska.

    One of the most cherished pictures I have of my sister was taken by my dad the day I was born. Mom and I chose that picture for the back of my sister's funeral bulletin when she died 46 years later.

    Waking this morning to see that delicious picture of Bea has started my birthday off with a teary smile. Jolly good timing, Heather! What a charmer!

    Thank you, my friends, for providing an audience for my sentimental ramblings! Hope your day is lovely!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Karen ~ Hope you had a wonderful birthday and thanks for sharing the story of your birth!

    Woke up around 5:30 this AM. Worrying about what to do with the stuff we are storing in my parking spot. When DH does his monthly antique show, he always parks his van in that spot (thinks someone might break in if he leaves the loaded van outside). We have a huge bonus room in the top of our house that is loaded down with junk (just like our basement). I would love to dejunk everything! Sadly, DH is not motivated to get rid of anything. I just try to ignore it all.

    Sorry for the rant!
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    morning all~
    I am so tired.. but the day was lovely . I will try and post a few pictures when I figure out how to do it.. My granddaughter was the bell of the ball after the bride and groom .. between all the pictures they had there, my granddaughter looking like a princess and my DB getting married I was a blubbering idiot. I left at 6 this morning to come back to the house, Faith will be out like a rock until the caregiver gets there.. we put the dog in Faiths room while we were gone.. goodness how one small dog can make such a mess is crazy.. so had to clean that up after we got back...my dad passed out in the car on the way home he was just pooped out.. It was HOT at the beach, and the reception was in the carosel (sp) room , no air conditioning.. but I rode the merry go round a couple of times..
    Sean and Jean will be home around noon today and will be picking up the RV tomorrow and leaving either tomorrow or weds for maine for a week and I will stay with Faith at night for that week
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    peach I do love to purge! Sorry that the junk is piling up. I was cleaning out things this past week and joking with my OS about "sparking joy" whenever I let go of something.

    Karen happy birthday, enjoy!

    Looking forward to a day of gardening despite the heat, cleaning out the fridge cause there at a few science experiments going on in there and taking DD to the dentist late this afternoon.

    Had a great phone catch up with my BFF and a good nights rest, exactly what my body and soul was craving, I can face the week ahead.
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    :) I did a little research on the word "spinster" and found that it refers to an unmarried woman who has passed the usual age for marrying and is unlikely to marry. Surprisingly, I heard the term used in the book I'm listening to ("Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert) when she referred to the heroine of a book she had started writing. It sounds like an antiquated term, but I found a poem and book with "spinster" in the title that were written in the last few years.

    :) I have a long list of errands to do today and Jake wants to come along and try going into the grocery store and drug store with me to see how long he can handle the walking. He also wants to stop at the drive through fudge place on the way home.

    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif But first there will be an hour or two of dog walking.

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    Kim you are certainly "together" as the phrase goes to handle such hurtful words so well!

    Melanie in Baton Rouge thinking of you, your city and wondering how/why. I've really stopped watching, reading the Globe is enough news for me right now.

    Rosie in So. Cal you made me smile "picked the guy perfect for someone else" think we all have our moments!

    Cheri look at you still time to crochet with all you're life changes...means I have no excuse.

    Miriam you always share such great info re: water consumption. I checked with my PC & my 97 y o Dad's urologist, the last time I took him for a check, about just how much fluid one needs with the same result...4-6 glasses. That was good news for me because most days that's my limit.

    Doing well on my journey consistently losing 5-6 #s a month 4.5 more and my BMI will be under 30...then I'll be over weight but no longer described by that awful word obese in my doctor's notes. I'm also exactly half way to my final goal. Hoping changing exercises with lots of pool work, again thank you Miriam, will keep that dreaded plateau at bay...time will tell.

    Going thru my closets getting some of my jJill "fat clothes" as I call them ready to go to the consignment store which also has a shop free section. I've got lots of summer linen big shirts and slacks to finally donate. They're only a few years old since 36 of the pounds I'm getting rid of came on quickly when my husband was going thru very grueling cancer treatment and recovery...we were told at the time that head/neck treatment is some of the worst but has some of the best outcomes...so far so good.

    DrKatie I post from my iPad using the app mostly; there is a difference when posting including not being able to use emojis. I have the MFP premium to help with the food diary. I use Under Armour Record and Fitbit that automatically sync my exercises etc.

    Ok sorry I'm rambling off to get things done...good thoughts to all

    GLo on the North Shore of Ma 41.5 #s lighter than when I started in February...hooray :)
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    ljdw99 wrote: »
    Cheri look at you still time to crochet with all you're life changes...means I have no excuse.
    GLo on the North Shore of Ma 41.5 #s lighter than when I started in February...hooray :)

    It's my sanity. The hubs wanted me to tape up all my crafting supplies. I revolted and packed my yarn but left them untaped for the moment. He doesn't know yet that a small plastic bin of yarn is going with us on our ride down to TX.


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    Glo ~ Congrats on your loss!
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