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    July running challenge: goal is 60 miles.

    7/5...4 miles
    7/7...3.66 miles (rolling hills program on the treadmill)--11:06 pace.
    7/8...10 miles
    7/10...6 miles
    total of 23.66 miles for the month of Jul

    7/12....4.15 miles (rolling hills on the treadmill)--12:14 pace....exhausted after working all night and only 5 hours sleep. Still happy that I was able to run. Was distracted by getting a free phone in the mail...so too late to run outside.
    Total for July thus far...27.83.

    7/15....5.08 miles(rolling hills program on the treadmill) at 12:00 pace. I wanted to run a little faster, approximately 11:06 pace again, but "fried" after working 2 nights in a row and getting very little sleep. My plan is to run a long run today, probably 10 miles.
    I slept 10 hours last night and feel great and I lost almost a pound over night. I am in maintenance now (for a month) but still closely monitoring the weight gain/loss. One of my mfp friends lost the weight quickly ( he was ona 1200 calorie diet) and gained 40 pounds back the next year.

    Total for the month of July...32.91.

    7/16 ....6 miles(fartleks)....that was a fun run! Cool weather...I started too late to run the 10 miles that I planned..so opted to run 6 today and then try for 10 tomorrow.I did almost get hit by a "smart" car at an intersection. It was funny...I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and sized up whether it would damage me more than I would damage it if we collided. On Monday, I plan to rest. New total is 38.91.

    Thanks to Elise4270, Stowshew71, and AdriaChr92 for answering my questions. I will google Authur Lydiard...always interested in unorthodox training methods.

    @MobyCarp: Very impressed with your race results, esp. being number 1 in your age bracket. If I race long enough, I may break into the top 100 finishers. Such an accomplishment to be number 1. I love the curved glass trophy...super cool.

    Just finished running 10 miles today...it was harder than last time, maybe because I ran 6 miles yesterday and 5 the previous day. I tried to stay at 85-87% max heart rate...after 5 miles, I could really feel the soreness kick in. I was expecting rubbery legs, not soreness. It was really hot today with occasional cool headwind. I wanted to quit but kept repeating, "stronger, fitter, faster" as a kind of mantra. I slowed significantly the last 3 miles, probably 14 minute and 15 min miles. Afterward, soaked with sweat. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

    Total for the month is 37.83.

    7/19....6 miles....last 3 tempo miles at 95% heart rate. Another hot day, 89 degrees with a heat index of 100. 1st 1/2 mile I felt like I had cement blocks on my shoes, but then felt better. By mile 4, I was in the "zone", then fatigued in the middle of mile 5. Just pushed on after that. Not really worried about how fast I am getting it done (except when I start late...don't want to be in the park after dark.) Lately I have been running in the afternoon...very few runners for obvious reasons, but I also want to "get a little tougher". Dripping with sweat afterwards...have to peel my clothes off and then "warm up".

    Many of my friends tell me that I am crazy for running...because I am going to "wreck" my joints. I never have joint pain or problems but sometimes my legs ache (mostly muscle) when I am trying to sleep. I have no problems when I walk. Anything that can help that? I know to stay away from Nsaids. I will take Tylenol just to help with sleep.

    Rest day today...my husband and I are going to a concert (Frampton and Allman). Long run tomorrow.

    Total for the month...43.83 miles.
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    @ereck44 I also don't have joint pain (even though I thought I would given my knee issues) but like you, I take Tylenol on occasion when the muscles are really sore and I need to get some rest.

    Most of my friends are runners, I'm the one who's late to the party. Maybe you'll be the trendsetter amongst yours. :smile:

    Good luck with your long run tomorrow!
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    I often wear some compression sock at night when I sleep after long training sessions. I rarely have upper leg pain, mostly lower, so use the CEP brand ones and they will help reduce swelling and aid in recovery by promoting better circulation. After evening runs it's important to get some protein, I use casein protein powder at night because it's a little slower digesting than the traditional whey powder. I haven't taken Nsaids for several years for running aches and pains. Some studies show it actually limits the performance gains of training and puts you at risk of even more serious injury since it masks the pain. I did start taking a turmeric supplement about 8-10 months ago that also reduces swelling and inflammation. It was about that time I started to ramp up mileage again to 40-50+ miles a week and I truly feel it helped that progress as my legs responded to the added miles very quickly. You can also try to ice your shins, Achilles, knees & calf muscles immediately after a run. If I feel like my legs are little more wrecked than I like after a run I'll ice them for 30 minutes then put on the compression socks.
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    7/01 5.6 miles
    7/02 4.8
    7/03 2.8
    7/04 Rest
    7/05 3.4
    7/06 9.9
    7/07 2.2
    7/08 5
    7/09 3.5
    7/10 Rest
    7/11 6.4
    7/12 11.3
    7/13 2.3
    7/14 6
    7/15 ~ 7/18 Visitors in town
    7/19 3.5
    7/20 6.4

    Upcoming Race: 8/21 AFC Half Marathon

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    So now our posts can be Insightful?

    Have they met this group? We need a "ah man that sucks" button.

    you just made my day, and lol loud enough to almost wake my little guy
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    Coolest day this week in the low 80's today, then heating up to high 90's low 100's for the rest of the week. SO glad we are finally getting our air conditioning replaced! Decent run today, lower back and hips were tight so not as good as I wanted but got in a slow 2.6 miles. Back to building milage on Saturday.

    7/1 - 0 mi - 0 mi
    7/2 - 0 mi - 0 mi
    7/3 - 5 mi - 5 mi
    7/6 - 0 mi - 5 mi
    7/7 - 0 mi - 5 mi
    7/6 - 6.2 mi - 11.2 mi
    7/9 - 4.5 mi - 15.7 mi
    7/10 - 2.5 mi - 18.2 mi
    7/11 - 0.5 mi - 18.7 mi
    7/13 - 7.6 mi - 26.3 mi
    7/16 - 2.6 mi - 28.9 mi
    7/18 - 3.1 mi - 32.0 mi
    7/20 - 2.6 mi - 34.6 mi
    Goal : 50 miles - 15.4 miles to go.

    Races :
    6/11 Run and Ride 5K Cedar Point - Done
    10/8 Outdoor Trail Series 5 mile #1
    11/5 Outdoor Trail Series 5 mile #2
    12/3 Outdoor Trail Series 5 mile #3
    12/11 Santa Hustle Half Marathon Cedar Point[/quote]
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    @RespectTheKitty - I do a few Virtual runs a year and I try to make sure some of the money goes to support a charity. I am doing a US Road Running 5k called the Officer Down Memorial Page Virtual 5k. $5 of every entry goes to the charity and I believe you can donate more if you want. As a LEO wife it is something very near and dear to my heart. They have the option of 5k, 5 mile or half marathon for anyone interested. I think the other one that @skippygirlsmom mentioned is the Trooper Nickolas Dees Run the Badge Number Memorial Race. You could run his badge number (7.13 miles) or do a 5k. All the money went to scholarships for children of law enforcement officers who are getting a degree in Criminal Justice.
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    @ereck44 - I take a magnesium supplement before bed (magnesium citrate, to be exact). It's an electrolyte and can help with muscle cramps. Plus it has the added bonus of helping me sleep better (if I take the supplement, I sleep like I do when I take benedryl, but am not groggy after waking up).

    If you decide to do a magnesium supplement, be careful. Different formulas have different effects and some are notorious for causing diarrhea... The mag citrate has been kind to me, though. I think it has a lower absorption rate than some of the others, but I'll gladly take that if it allows me to avoid the nasty side effects.
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    @RespectTheKitty - I do a few Virtual runs a year and I try to make sure some of the money goes to support a charity. I am doing a US Road Running 5k called the Officer Down Memorial Page Virtual 5k. $5 of every entry goes to the charity and I believe you can donate more if you want. As a LEO wife it is something very near and dear to my heart. They have the option of 5k, 5 mile or half marathon for anyone interested. I think the other one that @skippygirlsmom mentioned is the Trooper Nickolas Dees Run the Badge Number Memorial Race. You could run his badge number (7.13 miles) or do a 5k. All the money went to scholarships for children of law enforcement officers who are getting a degree in Criminal Justice.

    @kimlight2 you are exactly right that is the one I did. The medals, bib and bracelets are awesome.


    I'll have to check out the other you mentioned.
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    edited July 2016
    07/01 - 3 miles
    07/03 - 6 miles
    07/04 - 1 mile
    07/06 - 5 miles
    07/07 - 3 miles
    07/09 - 8 miles
    07/11 - 4 lunch miles + 2.5 evening miles
    07/13 - 5.5 miles
    07/15 - 4 miles
    07/17 - 10 miles
    07/20 - 4.5 miles

    I took two days off between runs and my knees felt great today. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so will hopefully get into PT asap! Thanks again for everyone's input.


    Upcoming races:
    08/13: Magnuson Park 10k
    08/20: Reykjavik 10k (what better way to explore a new city than by running it?)
    09/10: Lake Chelan HM
    09/17: Destination Woodinville HM
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    Ran with a faster buddy than usual today, but it was good catching up with him as he ended up doing 5 marathons in 5 days (all under 4 hours) a few weeks back, and we'll be running Chicago together in the fall.

    Headed out early enough for some mid 70s weather which was a nice treat.

    7/2 - 9 miles
    7/4 - 1 mile
    7/5 - 7 miles
    7/6 - 5 miles
    7/7 - 1 mile (lift warmup)
    7/8 - 3 miles
    7/9 - 5 miles
    7/10 - 11.5 miles
    7/12 - 1 mile (lift warmup)
    7/13 - 8 miles
    7/14 - 2 miles
    7/15 - 5 miles
    7/16 - 10 miles
    7/18 - 10 miles
    7/19 - 3.5 miles
    7/20 - 14.5 miles

    Total: 96.5 miles
    Goal: 180 miles
    Remaining: 83.5 miles

    2016 Race Schedule:
    Disney Marathon - Jan 6 - 3:29:09
    Gasparilla 15K - Feb 20 - 1:01:59
    Ironman 70.3 Florida - Apr 10 - 5:07:51
    Pittsburgh Marathon - May 1 - 3:08:25
    Ironman 70.3 Augusta - Sep 25
    Chicago Marathon - Oct 9
    Ironman Florida - Nov 5
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    @RespectTheKitty Great job on your run! Woo hoo!

    @skippygirlsmom and everyone talking about pacing - I'm finding out that I'm terrible at knowing my pace. Tonight I tried setting the Garmin pace alert after it was brought up here and man, that was annoying. I stupidly set the "slow" pace alert too fast for my tired legs tonight. I about ripped the thing off my arm and threw it into the woods. And then I also got a too fast alert once or twice and I didn't even realize it was for too fast and not too slow. Self awareness, I have none.

    Also, did I mention I lost my new headband immediately. My head just doesn't hold those things.

    I did a virtual 5k for Boston Terrier dog rescue once. Very cute medal. :)

    @Ohhim - 5 marathons in 5 days :o Good lord.

    OK so tonight was a base run and it was not pretty. I did 2.1 miles and my legs were pretty tired from last night's workout I guess. And then there was the above-mentioned mistake of setting the pace alerts. Ugh, I felt very cranky about it. Turning that sucker off.

    Miles for July, closing in on goal

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    @katharmonic Headbands and I also don't mix hence why I wear bandanas all the time.
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    7/20: 9.5 miles (6 mile jog, .5 mile walk, 3 mile high incline treadmill)

    Monthly total: 129.75/140 miles
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    July Running Totals (miles)
    7/1 – rest day
    7/2 – 13.14 paced run
    7/3 – 10.06 easy with fast finish
    7/4 – rest day
    7/5 – 6.74 easy with hills and a fast finish
    7/6 – 7.26 group run
    7/7 – 6.85 warmup, group run speed work
    7/8 – rest day
    7/9 – 12.33 paced run
    7/10 – time for run squeezed out by Life Happens
    7/11 – rest day 7.41 easy + 4 strides
    7/12 – 8.07 warmup + fartlek
    7/13 – unplanned rest day – time crunch
    7/14 – 7.63 easy
    7/15 – rest day
    7/16 – 14.86 warmup + Shoreline Half Marathon
    7/17 – 5.71 easy 45 minutes
    7/18 – rest day 4.16 almost easy
    7/19 – 6.34 warmup + speed work
    7/20 – 6.90 group run

    July total to date – 117.46

    Nominal Challenge Goal – 150 miles
    Real Goals: Become comfortable running 5 days a week. Finish Shoreline in good shape, managing the expected heat and humidity better than last year. Build base toward Rochester Marathon.

    Today's notes – Took the day off work for a routine podiatrist visit in the morning and an investment appointment in the afternoon. My broker was sick and canceled, so it felt like a preview of retired life. No pressure getting to the group run on the other side of town on time. I was shown a new-to-me trail segment that hooked up to a bridge over the Erie Canal and got to a locally famous hill with less street running; I may use that in the future when running in that area.

    79º F (26º C) and deceptive humidity, but the leaders kept it mostly in my easy range so that was okay. It looks like I will run 6 days this week, probably getting to 48 miles on the week. That's a bit of a jump from last week's 38 miles, but not too far over the week before's 43. Probably shouldn't push it for any more miles than 48 next week, though. I'm feeling pretty good right now, and I'd like to keep it that way. Just need to remind myself that you don't go from unable to run to 50 miles a week quickly.

    2016 races:
    January 1, 2016 Resolution Run 7.5 mile (Mendon, NY) finished in 53:58
    January 9, 2016 Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Gates, NY) finished in 1:30:59
    March 12, 2016 Johnny's Runnin' of the Green 5 mile (Rochester, NY) finished in 32:32
    March 26, 2016 Spring Forward Distance Run 15K (Mendon, NY) finished in 1:05:24
    April 18, 2016 Boston Marathon (Hopkinton, MA) finished in 3:23:01
    April 24, 2016 Flower City Challenge Half Marathon (Rochester, NY) finished in 1:36:50, targeting MP
    May 15, 2016 Highland Hospital Lilac Run 10K (Rochester, NY) DNS - injury
    June 19, 2016 Medved 5K to Cure ALS (Rochester, NY) DNS - recovering from face plant
    July 16, 2016 Shoreline Half Marathon (Hamlin, NY) finished in 1:31:11
    September 18, 2016 Rochester Marathon (Rochester, NY)
    November 24, 2016 Race with Grace 10K (Hilton, NY)
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    @kristinegift - loved the pants and sports bra today! I figured I got really lucky finding a place with them on sale. Congrats on the 90%-sure job! Hope it comes through.

    Today was perfect weather. I got up earlier to avoid the heat but I probably didn't need to. It was one of those days where you say I could go forever. Well, forever today was 7 miles for me. Haven't had any long runs for months so it felt great. Tomorrow rest day and headed up to NYC to stay with my daughter through the weekend. It is supposed to be really hot. Like Orlando hot. Sigh. She's training for a fall marathon so has lots of runs planned. So I will be running too! But not as many miles as she is going.

    7/1 - 5.23 miles in Washington
    7/2 - 3.7 miles in Washington
    7/3 - flying home all day - no running.
    7/4 - :disappointed: couldn’t ride today.
    7/5 - 4.5 miles in the Florida heat and humidity.
    7/6 - 5 miles!
    7/7 - 4.2 miles + 1 hour spinning class
    7/8 - strength training - cancelled — rest day
    7/9 - 34 mile bike ride
    7/10 -35 miles biking
    7/11 - 5 mile run + strength training
    7/12 - 5 mile run
    7/13 - 4 miles
    7/14 - 4.3 miles
    7/15 - 4.5 miles
    7/16 - 41 miles biking
    7/17 - rest day and driving 12 hours
    7/18 - 5 miles
    7/19 - 5.3 miles - intervals
    7/20 - 7 miles
    7/21 - rest day/travel


    Upcoming races
    2/5/17 - Daytona Beach HM
    2/26/17 - Disney Princess HM Orlando
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    Finally catching up on posts as I'm computerless this week and next.

    @Stoshew71 - glad you survived the car fire. Very insightful to notice the odor.

    @katharmonic - Yes - that buddy is nuts (he did the New England challenge). He's likely going to try the race across Nebraska solo next year (550 miles - 12 days) if he can sucker me into driving his support vehicle.

    @kristinegift - Nice pictures. Good luck on the employment front.

    @MobyCarp - great pics - always nice when races provide them free. I'll occasionally score them from my triathlon team which helps

    @honunui - congrads on the virtual half. About to buy my flight for vegas and will try to sync up then. Just doing the 10k, as my ironman is the weekend beforehand.

    @RespectTheKitty - congrads on your 38 min 5k. Ran my first one in that time about 3.5 years ago, and finally cut it in half after taking off another 80 lb and slowly increasing my mileage.