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    Say, I have been trying to follow everyone's post...this is a very active site. What is a tempo run? Fartlek? (Am I spelling this correctly) and taper. Thanks.

    Also curious about the Japanese training program. I have read that theie athletes run long, long distances for their training....150-200 miles per week. Also doing the same with their race horses. Lani (Japanese race horse) finished 3rd in the Belmont stakes (1.5 miles) this year. He was being trained by running 15 miles at a time, pretty unconventional.

    Fartlek is a Sweedish word that means "speed play". It means that you just speed up your pace for a random distance. Like I run hard to that telephone poll then go back to my normal pace till I catch my breath. Then speed back up again. It's very informal and up to you. Tempo runs are more formal and you can learn more in the group page. Just look up the main announcementsite that says Links and References then about 2/3rds down it talks about all about threshold runs.

    Oh, and a taper is when you take it easy for a little bit so your body recovers just before a race.
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    Clubs are now available on the Strava phone app!

    (On iOS, go to More.)

    Link to the MFP Monthly Challenge Club for those who haven't joined yet:


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    Finally went for a longer outdoor run (broken up by some laundry switching in the middle) as I did 10 miles following a rainstorm mid-afternoon today. Figured after a thunderstorm, the humidity would be lower (which lasted for all of 10 minutes), but at least the overcast helped shield some sun. Was drenched (as usual) after finishing the run, but I'll do another mid-distance run tomorrow night, then will be returning to the cooler and less humid northeast Monday for 10 days.

    7/2 - 9 miles
    7/4 - 1 mile
    7/5 - 7 miles
    7/6 - 5 miles
    7/7 - 1 mile (lift warmup)
    7/8 - 3 miles
    7/9 - 5 miles
    7/10 - 11.5 miles
    7/12 - 1 mile (lift warmup)
    7/13 - 8 miles
    7/14 - 2 miles
    7/15 - 5 miles
    7/16 - 10 miles

    Total: 68.5 miles
    Goal: 180 miles
    Remaining: 111.5 miles

    2016 Race Schedule:
    Disney Marathon - Jan 6 - 3:29:09
    Gasparilla 15K - Feb 20 - 1:01:59
    Ironman 70.3 Florida - Apr 10 - 5:07:51
    Pittsburgh Marathon - May 1 - 3:08:25

    Ironman 70.3 Augusta - Sep 25
    Chicago Marathon - Oct 9
    Ironman Florida - Nov 5

    @mobycarp - Congrads on the 1:31 and AG win despite not being a new PR. Always great when the weather cooperates for a summer race.
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    After a week of travelling and family stuff, I've returned to find that it's mid-July and I'm way behind on my running goal. I also felt crappy this morning and only managed half of the 5K I had planned to do. Maybe I won't make my goal this month. Oh well.

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    @AdrianChr92 I saw your off-road route on Strava and was waiting for an update here about the dog situation.

    You're much braver than me! So glad you are OK.

    Nice photos.
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    @Orphia Sometimes it feels like I can't do 10 steps without running into dogs. I need to move into a big city where dogs are used to people that run around without looking suspicious :)

    @ereck44 K here's the quick and dirty guide.
    Tempo run = run at a speed you can maintain for about an hour (if necesary). You should feel like you can run faster but you shouldn't be able to talk comfortably. It's tricky to find this pace at first but practice makes perfect
    Fartlek = unstructured speed workout. Just go for a run and start running hard and easy or whatever. Run 3 min hard, take 1 easy, run 5 hard, take 3 easy etc, the run is your oyster
    Taper = the time before a race (days, weeks) that you start slowing down in your training to become rested for a race so you can race good.

    Also about Japan. Japanese runners are all about Arthur Lydiard. It really influenced their running culture. Lydiard was one of the greatest coaches ever and he is the father of the "big miles". He made his runners run a minimum of 100 miles per week and he believed anyone could run that mileage. Look him up, it's hard to find concrete programs since Lydiard was as bad at conveying his training in words as he was a genius in coaching runners. But you can find the basic rules on google
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    July running challenge: goal is 60 miles.

    7/5...4 miles
    7/7...3.66 miles (rolling hills program on the treadmill)--11:06 pace.
    7/8...10 miles
    7/10...6 miles
    total of 23.66 miles for the month of Jul

    7/12....4.15 miles (rolling hills on the treadmill)--12:14 pace....exhausted after working all night and only 5 hours sleep. Still happy that I was able to run. Was distracted by getting a free phone in the mail...so too late to run outside.
    Total for July thus far...27.83.

    7/15....5.08 miles(rolling hills program on the treadmill) at 12:00 pace. I wanted to run a little faster, approximately 11:06 pace again, but "fried" after working 2 nights in a row and getting very little sleep. My plan is to run a long run today, probably 10 miles.
    I slept 10 hours last night and feel great and I lost almost a pound over night. I am in maintenance now (for a month) but still closely monitoring the weight gain/loss. One of my mfp friends lost the weight quickly ( he was ona 1200 calorie diet) and gained 40 pounds back the next year.

    Total for the month of July...32.91.

    7/16 ....6 miles(fartleks)....that was a fun run! Cool weather...I started too late to run the 10 miles that I planned..so opted to run 6 today and then try for 10 tomorrow.I did almost get hit by a "smart" car at an intersection. It was funny...I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and sized up whether it would damage me more than I would damage it if we collided. On Monday, I plan to rest. New total is 38.91.

    Thanks to Elise4270, Stowshew71, and AdriaChr92 for answering my questions. I will google Authur Lydiard...always interested in unorthodox training methods.

    @MobyCarp: Very impressed with your race results, esp. being number 1 in your age bracket. If I race long enough, I may break into the top 100 finishers. Such an accomplishment to be number 1. I love the curved glass trophy...super cool.
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    1/7: 4.5 Miles
    3/7: 8.1 Miles
    5/7: 6.5 Miles
    7/7: 6.3 Miles
    9/7: 9.0 Miles
    11/7: 5.1 Miles
    13/7: 6.3 Miles
    15/7: 5.1 Miles
    17/5: 5.1 Miles

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    @MobyCarp Way to go!!! The 4 piece medal looks awesome!
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    2Jul - 8k
    3Jul - 6k
    5Jul - 6k
    7Jul - 7k
    9Jul - 10k
    10Jul - 8k
    12Jul - 5k
    14Jul - 6k
    16Jul - 10k
    17Jul - 8k


    I do about 3 paces per km, 7:30-40 (easy) which I do as recovery or after not running for weeks, 7:00-7.10 which I do on my longer run (10k) and 6:40-50 which I would do for 4-6km runs and was my 10k race pace. Is the 6.40 my threshold do you think or the 7? Do the differences in speed seem about right or should I adjust them?

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    1st. 5
    2nd. 5
    3rd. 5 ( Local Hospice Colour Run)
    5th. 7
    6th. 4
    8th. 5
    9th. 5 (Parkrun)
    9th. 10 (Treadmill)
    11th. 4
    13th. 5
    15th. 6
    15th. 4
    17th. 10

    Total 75km out of 112km

    Up coming races:
    3rd Colour Run Done!
    31st Helena Tipping Wrexham 10km

    Doubled up on Friday as I volunteered at Parkrun yesterday, then after doing both runs on Friday got an email saying was needed as they had enough! So took a rest day instead!
    Happy running
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    7/1 - 2 miles
    7/2 - 5 miles
    7/3 - 3 miles
    7/4- hiking day with Skip
    7/5 - 5 miles
    7/6 - 5 miles
    7/7 - rest day
    7/8 - 5 miles
    7/9 - 8 miles
    7/10 - 4 miles
    7/11 - 5 miles
    7/12 - rest day - took Skip to airport
    7/13 - 6 miles
    7/14 - 6 miles
    7/15 - 6 miles
    7/16 - 4 miles
    7/17 - 9 miles

    73 of 110 miles


    Got to the greenway a little late, but most of it was still in the shade, hot but beautiful. Decided not to run the 5K last night. I started doing things around the house and knew I'd be too tired. Weird thing today, my black toe nail hurt for the first time in weeks, it hurt so bad on the way to the greenway I thought for sure I'd never be able to run. It hurt for the first 1/8 of a mile and never hurt again, yeah for me, but very weird.

    Off to read all the posts I missed!
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    @_nikkiwolf_ I got excited just reading your post on your "mountain" I can only imagine what it felt like for you Congrats that is an awesome accomplishment!!! Love to see those pictures!
    @elise4270 I've been on crutches more than once, walking miles on them is beyond impressive
    @pthyay don't get down on not making your goal, we all have times life gets in the way
    @adrianchr92 it's scary even when the dogs are domestic, I can't imagine running in packs of "wild" dogs....or birds! Quite the run you had. So sad about the little bird. Super pictures
    @kristinegift super weekly mileage!
    @MNlittlefinn yeah for a full.

    My injury from Macy on my foot doesn't hurt at all, thanks everyone.
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    @_nikkiwolf_ awesome job conquering that mountain!
    @skippygirlsmom nice run today. Glad to hear the foot and toe are doing better!
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    @MNLittleFinn - exciting to have your first marathon to work towards. Your wife does rock. :)

    @_nikkiwolf_ Loved reading your account of making it up your mountain. Fantastic! Rest those sore legs.

    I went for a run late this morning. The weather was surprisingly pleasant so it wasn't bad at all even though I went so late. I took it easy and purposely didn't look at my pace along the way. My legs were a bit stiff starting out but loosened up pretty well. I did 3.38 miles and then walked a bit to a coffee place. Had a nice iced latte and walked home.

    That finishes off the week with 24 miles, which exceeded my goal of 23.
    Miles for July