Ladies - How many pounds for YOU to lose a pants size?



  • Ammey68
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    Even though I've lost over 15 pounds, I haven't gone down in pants size yet. I AM down a cup size, though. It's an unfair combination!
  • Mapalicious
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    No idea. I'm 5'3.5. I started at 170 lbs in size 16 jeans and because I knew I wanted to at least lose 40 lbs, didn't want to invest in jeans until I was closer to goal. At about 130 lbs I was a size 6 and now at 120 lbs I'm around 0-2 depending on the brand

    Wow...this so puts height into perspective! I'm 5'10" and 170 lbs right now, and I'm an 8/10.

    Also...great job!
  • neldabg
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    I don't have just one size listed because at each weight, I tried on different pants from different brands and the ones that fit all had different sizes.
    Stats: 5'2" on a good day and maintaining a 108-114 lb range with 110 being the UGW.
    Start: 168 lbs, US size 14-16
    During: 130-ish lbs, US size 7-9
    Current: 110lbs, US size 0-5. Yes. All pants I own right now are in this range of sizes. Shopping for bottoms takes forever. I never know what's going to fit. Maybe it's because I don't go shopping enough?
  • evesmom2
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    I read this whole thread tonight and it made me want to go try on old clothes in my closet. 45 lbs down and I have gone from a 24 to a 20. That made me very very happy!
  • Zenwenner
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    I've gone from size 22 and 236 lbs to size 12 (well - I'm in between 10 & 12 so we'll call it 12 still) and 171 lbs. 65 lbs gone, and 5 pants sizes...I'd say about 12 - 15 lbs per size! :)
  • jgnatca
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    Clothing sizes changes on a curve the higher you weigh. When I was 280 I needed to lose thirty to change a size. Clothing size changes accelerated the more I lost.

    Compound that with clothing sizes will fit differently, and different designer labels will size differently.
  • TracyY824
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    10lbs for me to go from 12 to 10
  • mgobluetx12
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    20lbs for me, but I'm 6'3.
  • B4Rachael
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    I was 190 lb, size 12 pants
    I lost 32 lb and I am now size 8
    So 8 lbs per size?
    It has a lot to do with height, body shape, etc.
    I am 5 ft 6 in.
  • azulvioleta6
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    I read threads like these and realize that I am such an outlier on these things...there are people here who weight 100 pounds less than me who are wearing the same size pants that I do.

    My experience in going from a 22 to an 8 is that the average is about 15 pounds/size. Really though, clothing sizes are all over the place, so you just have to try stuff on.
  • Alarae21
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    I have lost 40 pounds as of today, and I am currently a size 10 UK/ 6 US.

    I can fit into a snug UK 8/ US 4 for tops but not bottoms.
  • macchiatto
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    I've ranged from a size 8 to a 14 as an adult and for me it's usually right around 10 lbs between pants sizes.
    Right now I'm 5'7", low/mid 130's and in an 8 for bottoms; small or sometimes medium for tops and dresses. High 130s is when I start fitting better in size 10 bottoms, ~150 is size 12, and ~160 is size 14.
  • BeYouTiful94
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    I'm not exactly sure. I started off at 169 pounds and a size 11 in most things, 13 in a couple (I'm 5'5.5"). Definitely could NOT get even a 9 past my thighs. Tops in juniors were large, dresses in misses (never bought Juniors dresses) were 10. I now range 146 to 149 and easily fit into a size 3 for most things, and Juniors size small tops. I haven't bought a dress recently, so idk.

    So to answer the question, I didn't really go shopping until the 11s absolutely would not do for me anymore, as in falling even with a belt, but 4 sizes over roughly 20 pounds is 5 pounds a size???? That seems really weird from the general consensus of 10-15 pounds per size though. I will say that when trying on pants, I'll get a 3 and a 5. I often have to pull them on and off to see which I like best because they are so similar. The distinguishing factor is that the 5 is slightly too big in the waist, that's it. When I was in an 11, a 9 wouldnt come past my thighs and a 13 would usually hang off of me. I think what someone said early about bigger sizes having bigger differences is very true. If I'd kept a log, it would probably look more like: 1st 10 pounds, size 9. Next 5 pounds, size 7. Next 3 pounds, size 5. Next 2 pounds, size 3.
  • havalynd
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    Depends on the store branding but I lost 35-40 lbs (down to 185-190 lbs now at 5'4") and went from a 16-18 to a 12-14.

    Some stores size small though which scrambles the brain a bit when I'm back in a 16. I know Forever 21 sizes larger so I fit 12s there and at Torrid where as Old Navy still has me guessing. Especially when it's there of all places I can wear large tops vs XL everywhere else.
  • kelliepschroeder
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    I never paid attention to how many pounds I lost before going down a size. I have lost 70 pounds in just over a year. I started in a size 18(probably should have been wearing a 20). I now wear a 10/12. It all depends on who makes the pants and the cut.
  • ItsyBitsy246
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    About twenty, I carry weight in my lower half.
  • nikitagiselle
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    About 20 pounds for me. I lose most of my weight in my upper body.
  • 321BooM
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    Losing 14lbs took me from a UK 12 to 10
  • fitgirldc
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    Any weight I gain goes to my bottom half. I wear a Junior's size 6 now. If I lose 4 more pounds I can wear my size 5's.
  • emjam99
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    Not sure, I lost 45 and went from around 8-2 in women's. In young women's like 10-6/7 not really sure.