What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • spiritedmis
    spiritedmis Posts: 11 Member
    My mini goal is to reach my 140s again. :) and to be the same weight I was last year in august or less!
  • AprilStatia
    AprilStatia Posts: 4 Member
    I curently weight 183 and my mini goal is to make it to 173 which is what i was back in April :/ ....so far so good just need to keep motivated and keep my eyes on the prize:)...
  • CaSsCuTeRz
    CaSsCuTeRz Posts: 9 Member
    Getting to 150Lbs and 30% bmi and getting jiggle-free abs. Im almost there already lost 46lbs!
  • leahonthemove
    leahonthemove Posts: 1 Member
    MARCH 2017, a trip back home to Oz!!!
  • jlj9287
    jlj9287 Posts: 51 Member
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    My biggest goal is to lose 5 more pounds by mid august. I want to be in the healthy bmi range for a destination race/anniversary trip with my fiancé. I'm so close!

    After that, I'm shooting for another 10 on top of that by late September in time for my first wedding dress alteration appointment! Originally I hoped to be at 130 by then when I started losing in March, but 140 will make me just as happy (and it's a much more realistic goal at this point
  • MzKrystle
    MzKrystle Posts: 74 Member
    Lose 5lbs. For the first time in along time that would put me under 135lbs. 130 is my ultimate goal.
  • samchez0
    samchez0 Posts: 364 Member
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    samchez0 wrote: »
    Get under 200. This is a mini goal because I'm really only 3ish lbs away give or take. I just think it'll be a good motivator for me since I'm just starting out.

    Next mini goal is 155. Currently at 170. I also want yo get into the normal range of my BMI which is around 159 i think. Really cool to look back at where I started to where I am now.
  • lilmichigander86
    lilmichigander86 Posts: 3 Member
    My mini goal is to get back to the 150 range. Currently at 176 but I've been eating like a pig (eat more than my hubby) so I'm hoping that won't be too hard with good eating habits and enough exercise. My big goal is to get to a place where seeing pics of myself won't make me cringe :) the ultimate goal is to fit back into my little black dress... Last time I wore it 4 years ago I tipped the scale at 132 lbs... So "only" 44 lbs to go
  • robot_potato
    robot_potato Posts: 1,535 Member
    To get to 155 by end of august. I'm at 157 now, 155 would make 60 pounds lost since september, and i'd only have 10 left to goal.
  • lilysmama08
    lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
    To get to 146....still. Been 148-150 for weeks. But my food hasn't been on point. Was 149 this morning. 3 pounds to go!!
  • xWondertje
    xWondertje Posts: 65 Member
    I just reached my first weight mini-goal of being under 105 (kilos) today, felt super good! Now my next goal is to be under 100 :)