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Parents- HPV vaccine for girls......yes or no?



  • Char231023
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    SMKing75 wrote: »
    I have 3 children. None of them are the age for this vaccine. While I am not anti-vax at all, I did not vaccinate on the schedule recommended. However, my kids are fully vaccinated at 8,7 and 4. Some other parents and I were just discussing this vaccine the other day. We are all kind of on the fence about it. I am not sure I want to subject my daughter to this at 11-12 years old. Maybe at 15-16 when my kids can make a decision about this also. I am not naive, nor am I religious or prudish. I just don't believe my daughter NEEDS this vaccine at 11. As parents, we all set out to do our best by our children. We read the literature and pour over the documentation. Not everything you read is conclusive one way or the other so you kind of have to make a decision and hope it doesn't bite you in the *kitten*. Just as I would feel awful if my child got HPV, I would feel just as equally bad if my child suffered an adverse reaction to the shot. It just hasn't been around long enough for me. And I WOULD NOT get the vaccine myself at age 40 if it was offered.

    One of my friends in high school, his girlfriend lost her virginity at 11. So it can and does happen. I feel I would rather protect my son long before the subject of sex comes up.
  • girl_inflames
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    I never got it because at the time it was new and there were all these scares about getting sick from it or dying.
  • hoyalawya2003
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    Both my boys will get it at the recommended age.
  • paperpudding
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    Yes my daughter had it. My sons would of too but was not offered to boys at that time.

    Is now offered free to boys and girls in high school here ( in Australia)
    As part of my job I do school vaccinations. Have given literally thousands over the years.
    We have never had any adverse effects other than the usual minor ones you get with any vaccination.
  • MissTattoo
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    I didn't get it in my early 20's because it was too new. My doctor was against it. Now that my daughter will be 10, the questions will start to pop up at visits. I feel like better sex education would be better in the long run. I'll probably delay it, but I plan on talking to her about sex, the pressure she may get from boys, sex myths spread around by teenagers, and the impact sex has. I feel that too many parents make sex/*kitten* too taboo and it has bad results. I'm sure I'll get the vaccine for her later. I feel 10-11 is too young.
  • LauraCoth
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    10-11 may not be too young. Kids have sex. Cancer kills.
  • 1004srs
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    My 13 year old son got the first of the series at his yearly appointment last week. No side effects.

    Daughter will start her series when she turns 12. Whatever I can do to help my kids grow up healthy, I will do.

    I am not condoning sexual contact outside of marriage. However, everyone ends up having unprotected sex at some point in their lives or there'd be no more people......
  • leahkathleen13
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    Absolutely. Nobody deserves cervical cancer.
  • elleelle03
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    My daughter was vaccinated in her teens and she's now 29. When she was in her early 20's she developed Guillian Barre syndrome has been linked to vaccinations. Is it theory or fact, I can't say. This vaccination was just in a long line of what she received through out her childhood. I have no regrets giving her the HPV. She pulled through GBS and no link could be made to the vaccinations. Damned if you do, damned if you don't
  • iluvnufoods
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    Both of my boys will get it. I think it's important to do our part in maintaining public health. It would be irresponsible not to.
  • iManifestGoals
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    nahmm83 wrote: »
    Just a couple, although, my friend works for a pharmaceutical company that no longer endorses the vaccine.....received a lot of complaints. Many were dismissed but the ones that were actually following through were those where the girls were having problems with their reproductive systems. She only has boys but has told me if she had girls.....she obviously wouldn't recommend it.

    I would listen to your doctor over a friend at a pharmaceutical company. No offense to your friend but she isn't a doctor. While I know about the reports of complications (maybe seem to be related to lyme that I've seen), as somebody who was too old for the vaccine who then had rounds of procedures, surgeries - if my parents had not had me vaccinated, I would never forgive them. People make it sound like cervical cancer is simple to test for and treat because it is SO slow - and yes, compared to other cancers that's very true. But let me assure you, the process of paps every 3 month, colposcopies, LEEPS, and hysterectomies in your 20's are no joke and you really shouldn't do that to your kid. I was lucky and didn't need radiation or chemo. But there's always that possibility. And to be very clear, I never missed an annual exam - if you are one of the unlucky ones, you have to wait out for these cells to change. They don't treat you until the cells change - which can take years. So you have to consider the mental anguish. Mine was over a 6 year process. They are are far more likely, given the prevalence of HPV to develop cervical cancer than experience a complication from the vaccine.

    I would strongly encourage you talk to you doctor about your medical concerns. Not the internet and not a friend.

    No doctor tells you not to get it. Males carry the virus. There are different strains in different countries worse than the US. So if someone comes from abroad and she meets them, has sex. Boom. She's got a worse kind. The bubble effect didn't work.

    Gen X we all have it. We all have seen friends get cancer in our 20s/30s. You have to be diligent in going to the doctor. You just aren't when you're young. And even as an adult? Insurance? What if she doesn't have good insurance. Things get put off. You're relying on your immune system to fight it off.

    Cancer? Or the shot. Pick.

  • Vladimirnapkin
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    Both of my daughters got the vaccine. They are still very annoying, but no ill effects from that or any other vaccine they've received.
  • Chrisjuvers
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    HPV is a required vaccine in the state of Illinois. Since I work in education, I would (&have) get my child vaccinated.