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    We went for a walk to go to Pokestops last night and both the boy and I got sidetracked playing in a park.
    We need to do a serious hunt today.
  • michelleepotter
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    Anybody having trouble with incense since the latest update? This morning I went for my daily walk. I usually put down a lucky egg and an incense and just walk around, and I catch lots of Pokemon just on my regular route. Today I thought I'd walk big laps around the church by my house that has a Pokestop. I used incense rather than a lure, because I wasn't staying near the stop. The ONLY thing I caught was one Pidgy per lap, always in the same spot! Didn't see anything else the whole time! And yesterday I put down an incense while waiting for my daughter at the doctor's office, and didn't see one single Pokemon the whole time! :'(
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    i had the same thing happen to me with my last incense.

    also they changed the nests so where i used to get magicarp, i'm getting polywags. i want my magicarp. i was catching 3-4 a day
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    So happy to find a thread where people are not bashing it. The first week I must have logged 20 miles. Last Friday my husband and I took the kids into historic Concord town center, and wandered around, catching stuff, and hitting the (huge) quantity of Pokestops. My kids now know about the families who lost soldiers in both the revolutionary and civil wars. We got ice cream (another Pokestop), and soon realized that 3 out of 4 families we saw walking around were ALSO playing. Charming, well-heeled couples with their Vineyard Vines offspring, wandering around Concord, and chatting with/waving to us....completely nerding out. :D
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    My two nieces (7 and 9) and my SIL are now pokemon go devotees as well. Spending a day with auntie showing off her Pokemon Go swayed the nieces. They wanted it and SIL gave in. We even went for a walk with the little ones holding our phones. It was too funny. They did not catch anything too meaningful for me, but managed to get to level 3 for my SIL in just half an hour.
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    @Villae81 lucky, my magicarp disappeared. I was on pace to evolve one by the end of the month by previous capture rates alone.
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    I finally caught a Dratini today! Little bugger took my entire lunch break to find.
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    Have ya'all heard about the law suit against the parent company? Apparently some folks are upset because Pokemon Go is placing high level Pokemon on private property (back yards) and the owners the upset by the continuous door knocking and privacy invasions.

    who would actually go onto someone's property???? Are they crazy? I would not go anywhere on private property, maybe if the person was out in the yard gardening or what not I may ask them but to knock on their door and disrupt whatever they are doing?
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    What you catch is quite dependen on where you live. I live in a very water rich area. So the Magicarps are abundant here. But I have yet to meet a Persian, Flareon, Snorlax. Eevee's are quite rare here. Going to be ages before I can evolve those. Even longer now as the server here is down again!

    o man, when they start letting us trade send me a message I get TONS of Eevee and will probably be able to trade you one of each (Eevee, Pyro, Rainer, and Sparky) for some water types.
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    LOL, went to a party for our homeschool group today and saw a friend I haven't seen all summer and she says, "Hey, wanna go Pokemon hunting with me tonight?" Yes! :)
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    Villae81 wrote: »
    Got my first drowzee

    i nick named my drowzee "bill cosby."