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    evening ladies~
    just sat for 2 hours outside in 95 degree weather with a dear friend having a glass of white wine and catching up.. was lovely but HOT.. now home with the boys.... gonna take a shower cause im a big ball of sweat (I know TMI)
    But will feel better afterwards..
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    I don't think I could ever live in a apartment or condo where you have shared walls. I saw an episode on on House Hunters where they saw a house that had a shared wall but it was just a bathroom. That wouldn't be to bad unless they liked to sing in the shower and were bad at it. But I do wonder how much longer we can stay in this 2200 square foot bi-level. I wonder if the stair lift needs to come before any of our other remodeling. Our staircase isn't very wide so I hope it can be done.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    beth sending you strength. Loved the article, hit every emotion I am feeling. We are at that tense 2 weeks to go point and I can't even suggest she clean her room. Will she magically pack without my intervention???
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow , sorry you will have to drive two cars home. Musicians and their baggage!!! Best of luck to your son as he starts his grand adventure. NYKAREN
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    Evening everybody...... It is time for football..... Raymond is in heaven watching the Dallas Cowboys. Not my favorite team. Houston plays tomorrow.

    Re....so sorry about the AC... I know it is not fun in that kind of heat.

    Marcelyn......sorry about the rain. I am sure not missing all of that.

    Anne.....love the haircut.

    I didn't check in last night. I made a peach cobbler and we took it to my dads for dinner last night. Good thing we don't eat there all the time. Spaghetti, 2 large meatballs, 1 piece of chicken and home made sauce. Dessert was1 serving of cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

    Today was clean house day, then exercise, then pizza and football. Had baseball on Roku this morning. We are thinking that when our lease is up next year we will buy a house. We don't want a new one because been there and done that 2 times.

    Well time to relax...

    Roxanne in ABQ
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    Ilikegardens – I might check the next time we go out to a Mexican Restaurant. I’ll just have to see what I feel like.

    After seeing what damage a regular pressure cooker can do, when I got one for a wedding present, I gave it to my Mother. I did not want to have that kind of mess in my kitchen (or possibly all over me and my children who stayed under foot whenever I was in the kitchen. I’ll take my slow cooker any day. I’ve got 3 to choose from. The 2 I like best (my big one and my little one) have crock pots that are removable. Makes for easier cleaning and storage in refrigerator.

    Tracey in PA – Received call from DYS today they live in Louisiana (across the Mississippi from Natchez, MS) and said they’ve had some rain; but, nothing like in Baton Rouge (where one of his former bosses live full-time).

    Isn’t it strange that things that you’ve been asking for DHs to look at; finally get fixed when they break. I’m just glad that it did not break the tiles or you get hurt. My DH would have come straight up out of the bed and rushed in to find out if I am ok or not. We have one of those pre-fab showers (hate it) and if I drop my razor on the floor, he comes in to make sure I am ‘ok’. A few years ago, we went out to our son’s place (before he got married) and were staying in the trailer at the lake. I went to step out of the shower; and the floor was another 9” or so further done. Lost my balance and tried to hang on to the shower to break my fall. All l did was end up getting all tangled up in the curtain and the rail came down on me. When DH tried to come in, the door opened into the bathroom and I was blocking it. Shower still going full blast; I’m totally naked but covered with the curtain. I hit my back on the toilet. I needed him, but, he could not get to me until I was able to move away from the door.

    NYKAREN – I would be climbing the walls on a ‘diet’ that told me to cut out coffee! I’m basically a ‘junkie’ for the coffee caffeine that I get. It doesn’t even bother me to drink it at night. Which we do.

    Marcelynh – For a while we had 2 of us with March birthdays; two with April birthdays; then Mothers was in October and quite often we’d ‘forget’. When oldest sister married her DH had an October birthday … so that was easy to remember. Then when my middle sister and I married both our DHs had November birthday. So then it got easier.

    By Christmas – Those daggers will be ‘in her hands’ … not just ‘in her eyes’. But, babies any time are great (especially for grandparents … who love to ‘spoil’ them).

    Charleen – Sounds like you and I have the same problem with our hair. Mine is fine, fairly thin; and several cowlicks to boot! I don’t trust too many people with my hair. The man that I get to ‘perm’ it, when I do … is getting a bit older … I’d say he might be my sister’s age (70) and this last year has been so very hard for him. His wife was following him home one night; and, a deer ran out in front of her. Unfortunately, she did what most people would do, slammed on brakes and tried to miss it.

    My husband has always told that I’d be better off most of the time to just take my foot off the gas and hit it.

    You need to be really, really careful painting that deck, especially when you get to the part that slopes. I know DH ties his ladders a lot of time when the ground slopes a lot.

    Joyce – I agree that the Olympics seem to be ‘all about Michael Phelps’. I get tired of swimming, don’t like track and field, and definitely don’t care for ‘golf’. I love the gymnastics part; but, they are always at a time during the day or late at night and I only find them ‘if I surf the channels’ … I think Sunday is supposed to have more gymnastics; but, I don’t know what time.

    I know it costs ‘money’; but if you are doing some remodeling on a (more than one floor) place; it might be worth having someone with some architectural knowledge come look at the place and also to ‘talk’ to the chairlift people. The ones I have see on TV; ‘say’ they can make them ‘wrap’ about a landing. I don’t know how much room it actually takes up; but, it seems like the seat can be folded up when not in use. Also don't know how someone who might be in a wheelchair would get in and out of one; then, there'd have to be a 2nd wheelchair on the other floor. One reason DH has not ever wanted another house on 2 or 3 levels. OK, when we were younger, just inconvenient with small children. But, I really like the 2-story house we lived in when we first moved back to Albany ... it had a lot of charm. I would have liked to have done a few changes to the layout and built it out here. My parents owned a large 2-story house; they made their den into a bedroom; so, after we left, they really had no use for the upstairs except when we all came home to visit. But, they also put a door at the bottom of the back stairwell; and then had a wall and door put up at the top of the 'open' stairwell up front.

    Becca – Apartment living can be a real B****; I know if I ever need to live in another apartment; I will look for one on the ground floor with a brick fire wall between us … sound-proofing. Nobody above me. They’re probably all condos; but, I like the idea of having your own little place, with a carport and patio that is ‘private’.

    Carol (Peach1948) – Maybe you could check with a place like “Stanley Sweeper/Cleaner” whatever, and find out what to do about the smoky smell. They do all sorts of things to clean up after fires and floods. I hope that you also replaced the padding under the carpet; if not, that is probably your source. I remember going into a house where both people chain—smoked. I mean, light one cigarette off the one they had just finished … for 40+ years. It hit you like an oven door blasting heat, when you walked in. Everything was ‘yellow’. Got a couple of things. One was a mattress and box springs; and, even though we put them both in zipper covers (waterproof) the smell was still awful! Had them a week and threw them out. We finally bought the boys a set of twin beds and then I bought a bed and mattresses for the other room. I don’t think you can get smoke out of a place. Getting all furniture out of the house as well. Since DH stopped smoking, going into a house that reeks of smoke gives him a headache.

    Did you also paint the ceilings? DH says about the only thing to do is wash the walls real good in a strong solution of bleach and then put “KILZ” on the wall and ceiling and paint over them. Replace carpets. If you have flooring or counter tops … it get absorbed into it … hard to get rid of it. Wish I had some other suggestions.

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    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gifStats for today:
    16,000 steps
    204 minutes of dog walking
    80 minutes riding the exercise bike while watching the Olympics

    :)campfirequeen, welcome...if you come back to this thread every day and join in the conversation you'll get encouragement on your journey and also find useful suggestions about eating and exercise and how to cope with chronic illness...you are fortunate to have a roommate who wants to share the journey. where do you live? is the weather cooperative for you to walk outdoors?

    :)utDiane, welcome to you....I started on MFP at age 62 believing that I had failed to lose weight so many times that probably this time would be the same and instead I lost the weight I wanted to lose and learned how to keep it off thanks to these wonderful women.

    :) Barbie

    Strategy is stronger than will power.
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    Did an hour of Upper Body Bikini Blast and Sweaty Fusion DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Sculpt Mom Walking and Stott Pilates Walk to Total Fitness DVD

    katla - I like to put frozen fruit (blueberries or strawberries) on my cottage cheese/oatmeal/steel cut oats because as they defrost, a "juice" forms.

    SugarDarling - did you teach fitness classes or were you a personal trainer?

    SO FAR the weather.com is predicting a 50% chance of rain the day of the pool social. Well, if it rains, then we'll just be inside watching the pool...lol

    Exercised, made these "No Pudge Brownies" from scratch, but they came out awful, very very gooey, used the hedge trimmer on the weeds that are growing back that Vince can't get with the tractor. I declare the weeds DONE. Then went in the pool. Now getting ready to go to dinner with friends. Am going to have the black bean burger at buffalo Wild Wings. Boy, is that high in sodium! I didn't realize until just now. Am baking different brownies right now. Went in the pool. Had to do my part to keep the pool clean, eh????

    Anne - the haircut looks wonderful

    Vince said Denise called while I was in the pool. Said something about "save the date" cards. We never did that when we got married. To me, that's an expense you really don't need, having the cards printed up, the postage. then there's the invitation. Then the "thank you" cards

    Barb - welcome!

    Lenora - we have this thing that you attach to a hose and the force of the water lifts the leaves up into this bag. It's really quite handy

    Marcelyn - what a schedule you have of birthdays! So sorry about your drainage problem. But at least you know what to do, the only thing is when you can do it

    UtDiane - welcome! You are so right, counting calories and not following a certain diet is the only way to lose.

    campfire - welcome. So sorry about your diagnosis. You CAN lose

    Lenora - can you tell me how you dh ties his ladders when the ground slopes? We have a bush at the corner of our house that is quite large. when Vince goes to use the hedge trimmer on it, he has to stand on a ladder and I have to hold it. That REALLY scares the heck out of. So what exactly is it that your dh does?

    Michele in NC
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    Happy Saturday Ladies! :flowerforyou:
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    Good Saturday Night. I am feeling really old tonight- in comfys and sitting in bed reading posts to catch up at 830 in the evening! Was a time you would be lucky if I was even home at 830 or midnight for that matter! LOL! So the weather front that had all this rain in it and looked awful, never came!!!! It rained just long enough to make the dirt from the farmers fields turn to mud on the road. Not the conditions for taking a car to a car show, so change of plans. Went to visit a friend for a short while at his car dealership. His first comment was our truck was filthy! He called one of his prep guys and had it all cleaned up while we chatted. <3 The young man asked me what kind of dogs we had (which I found strange). Then when we were leaving I realized he had vacuumed it out and done the windows too! :) I took both the girls to the vet last week and hadn't vacuumed out yet. Really nice to have a clean truck again. Afterwards went to dinner with husband. Finally got short rain again on way home. This time we took the back way and avoided the mud for the most part. Got tired of listening to husband on his phone so came inside from man cave for some quiet. Still hoping for rain tomorrow.

    Michele- Restaurant food is ridiculous in calories and sodium! I don't know why I am shocked when I log. I had a salad with 4 oz sirloin steak, black beans, corn, pico de gallo, dressing on side. 1020 calories! Oh darn, forgot to log drink. :/ Forgot that! That explains why I am tired and not wanting to do anything tonight. Over calories. SMH. Was good though.

    Lillian- I don't believe in all the "fake" powders and stuff either. The only way to lose weight is a life style change. I want real food most of the time.

    Anne- Hair cut is wonderful! I love the short bob! I wear mine up so much, but short just doesn't look good on me. You rock it!!!!

    KJLaMore- The yogurt cones sound great! I may have to try those. My grands love drumsticks, so maybe I can get them to enjoy yours. ;) Lots of conversation on pressure cookers. I had one when I was just married the first time. It exploded. Luckily no one was near including the two young children I had running around. Have been afraid of them since then. Love my crock pot, but really does require prior thought. I am always looking for quick meals since we don't get home from work until 630, then cooking is like, ugh, what is fast. May have to rethink pressure cooker.

    Barb- Glad to help with support especially now that I know what BS 139 means! :D;) What is normal?

    Katla- It is always interesting to go out to eat with others. I have a friend that lost a massive amount of weight, but she was seriously only eating about 500 calories a day! She started having health issues. :( She has since gained a little back, but when we eat out her choices make me shake my head. Then she complains that her husband is gaining back weight, but they don't leave leftovers, so she gives him what she doesn't eat so he can finish. I just shake my head. I hope your trail ride goes well tomorrow. I use to ride, but then life got in the way. Okay, and getting thrown from a horse resulting in 3 broken ribs might have something to do with it. ;)

    Lenora- My local grands are Papaw's girl 13 and her brother (mommy's boy) 8. My Kentucky grands are my baseball boy 8 and the princess almost 6. They are an interesting mix. Papaw's girl will play for hours still by herself with cars, littlest pet shops, squinkies, and monster high. She is the pre-electronics child and was an only for a long time. Her brother loves Nerf guns. Baseball boy wants nothing to do with anything that isn't baseball. It is insane! Princess once told me she wasn't a spoiled brat, she was a spoiled princess! She likes dance and American girl dolls. The Kentucky ones have always been higher maintenance. They require entertainment! The local 2 have wonderful imaginations. They have built entire towns out of lawnmower boxes when they had to spend time at work with me. I am thinking some Wii dance and maybe some baking. They have cars, balls, legos, crayons, books, and even pool table to play, so shouldn't be too hard to entertain them. ;)
    I too breastfed both my girls. I couldn't afford not to so bottles weren't an option. Not much assistance for that available in the Philippines. I believe it was harder on me than them when weaning time came around.

    Tracy- I am just west of Dayton in a small town of Bellbrook. Grove city is north east of me. I go through it on my way to Columbus or MD. Small world!

    Marcelyn- Your birthdays are like mine. Birthdays range from January-May then good until August and September. It is hard to remember them all sometimes! :blush:

    Charleen- Please be careful on deck project. Ladders make me nervous. Our deck needs to be redone. We put Restore on it 7 years ago, but it is peeling up! Need to take to bare wood and start over. Another project for another day. Home owning is so much upkeep. Before husband and I got married, we took a good look at our place and realized it looked tired. We hadn't noticed but with the wedding at our home, we had a lot of fix/cleanup that got done.

    Becca- I so don't miss apartment living. Now that I live in the country, I wonder how I ever managed the city. I do miss neighbors though. It use to be you went next door or down the street, knocked, went in, and visited. Nowadays it feels like you have to have an appointment to visit people.

    Liz- What is a Certified Family Home? Just curious..... I love Drive Ins! Not too many left around here. Husband can't see screen, so haven't been in a long time.

    Carol- Kilz is the only thing I ever found to get rid of cigarette smoke. Husband and I have quit smoking several times, but haven't smoked in our home since we redid the kitchen and bedroom in 1997. Always went to garage (man cave) or outside. We vape now. No smell. Feel better for it! And haven't had a cig in over a year.

    Beth- My oldest was upset when I got her to college and didn't cry when I left. It took a couple of weeks for it to sink in for me. I always figured I had raised a responsible adult to move on with her life. Didn't mean for it to sound cold, but that is what she thought. She did me proud though! Good luck with your son's move in. Our children always need their moms!

    UTDiane and Campfire- Welcome. Stop in often. We are all here to help or just listen.

    Well ladies, three pages of notes typed. It is almost 11 pm. Time for some shut eye. Sleep well!

    Kylia (still waiting for rain in OH)
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    Hello everyone, I am pretty new to MFP but would love to join your group. I am 53 and am always mindful of my weight and exercise. I work out pretty much every day. I usually do at least an hour of cardio plus a body works weights class or pilates. I really want to get into lifting and strength training, I just am not sure how to get started. The weight room can be very intimidating. I am the mom of three - 25,23, and 14 and I work full time as a medical assistant right now. My job is very demanding but I usually find time to work out either before work at 5am and after work I take a class. My goals for August are:
    Log everything I eat into MFP- even the small bites
    STop sugar and all the junk food
    Start lifting some weights in addition to my cardio
    Get enough sleep and eat more protein

    Also I have had 11 ankle surgeries so a lot of the heavy weights I cant do, its hard to find the right exercises that wont inflame my ankle. I can tell my body is not the same as It used to be and definitely feel my age somedays.
    I am now going to bed, 11 pm on Saturday and I am so tired.
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