Your first Tattoo's & the story behind it



  • KatieCarleski
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    My first one was a tree that has 9 birds flying skyward off it, up my right side of my upper back and shoulder bone. It represents my family tree, and the birds are children, husband and me, flying up as we hopefully reach our full potential as people.

    My most recent is a multi shade teal ball of yarn with metal knitting needles through it and a classic style teal bird flying just above it, because I'm a knitting fanatic. My next one I want is going to be a half sleeve of victorian botanical sketched by Beatrix Potter, and then when I graduate from my masters program in library and information sciences, I want to get another half sleeve I've designed with a bunch of my favorite literary references in it I have to wait several years to get those though, because right now I go to a Mormon school, and I had to sign their honour code saying I wouldn't get tattoos while a student there. :(
  • erockem
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    My wife and I were getting tats for our Wedding. She got my name in a banner, I got a scorpion walking across my shoulder blade as I'm a Scorpio.
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    So nice to see those wonderful tattoos & in some cases its really touching to see the background of the Tattoo , all you guys are just awesome !
  • KarlMarx2
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    "Made in USA" on my left cheek. I vaguely remember getting it, I will never know why but it's kinda grown on me.
  • Pterod
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    My first, and only tattoo is a very badly drawn, entirely unoriginal tiger on my left hip. It's terrible and I had it done on a whim when I was struggling aged 18. It's amusingly bad so I don't mind it but it reminds me of a difficult time.
  • Pterod
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  • olymp1a
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    This is my first tattoo, on my back. It was black and white in the beginning and filled it with color a couple of years after. As with all my tattoos it represents ideals of mine. The lotus is the flower that grows up through still and most of the time dirty water, but it is very beautiful. It represents the way to self improvement and personal growth. The saying written in Sanskrit below is one mantra used in meditation that says "may all beings be happy" and it is something I wish from the bottom of my heart. :)

  • Domino_75
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    I have a morning glory and a hummingbird. I lost both my parents and the design is for my Mom. The tattoo is for my Dad.
  • PowerMan40
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    No tatts, blank canvas, other than piercings...
  • JAllen32
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    Here is mine. I picked out my daughter's name when I was 13, Robin Hood was my favorite Disney movie. And when I was 13 I was dating my future ex husband. The song from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was our song. So I decided to name our future daughter Robyn Marrian. She is 20 now and we wanted matching tattoos. So we drove down to Santa Cruz to a tattoo place she got her first tattoo at during spring break, and we got these. It is Robin Hood's hat. And it hurt like a motherfecker.

    I can't wait to get more!!!! :p
  • sceleratis
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    This little tribal was my first tattoo. I was 16 years old (I'm now 32) and this design has zero significance attached to it other than the fact that when I asked my mom if I could get it she agreed. I grew up in Las Vegas where, as long as a parent signs for it, you can get tattooed prior to the age of 18. I have a tattoo appointment tomorrow to get my leg piece finished.
  • Tracyd262
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    My first one is a butterfly that looks like it is about to take flight, it is on left hip. Story behind it, I was 41, always wanted to get tattoos, but was/am needle phobic (and yes I know it is a different kind of needle...). Anyway, I had gotten sick and had been in and out of hospital and had experienced numerous needles, worst being a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) that took them 7, yes 7, attempts. After that, I figured if I could get through that, i could get through a tattoo, so when I left the hospital I booked in for my first on. The tattoo represents 2 things, my best friend who died in 2005, and the place i was in life back then, I was just starting to spread my wings.

    I now have 3, and am planning my 4th.
  • My first tattoo was a memorial tattoo for my grandfather. During the process, he struck a nerve and my leg jumped like a frog. Luckily, no repercussions.

    Now 7 years later, my arms are 60% covered, 2 leg tattoos, neck tattoo. it's my favorite addiction.

    I love reading/hearing people's first tattoo story.
  • pescetarian_love
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    I was 18 and totally obsessed with the nautical star and what it represented in sailing and direction, finding who you are, using a compass... I got one small (the size of a silver dollar) on my left hip and that was it. I got addicted and my best friend just so happens to be a tattoo artist so now i am heavily tattooed with a lot of travel, sea, mermaid themes on my body.

    I love my tattoos and its a huge motivator to loose weight and stay toned! :)
  • Am I the only one who loves the smell of a new tattoo?
  • sceleratis
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    Am I the only one who loves the smell of a new tattoo?

    Nope. That and the smell of the green soap most shops use. Love it.
  • allyjayne1698
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    I only have my first. It was a birthday gift and it's of a stitched moon on my back. It's representative of two of my favorite films: Pan's Labyrinth and The Nightmare Before Christmas. It tickled, oddly enough. I plan on getting a few more pretty soon.