5`2/5`3 women success stories?



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    @2013allen I hear you about wanting to get a new set of numbers. I dipped briefly into the 40s before my weight bounced back into the 50s. I'm very active too and consistent weight loss comes down to being very focused for a very long period of time. I took part of in a six week challenge where I committed to not eating out, sticking to my calorie goal, and journaling everyday. The challenge gave me the extra strength to say no to food pushers and myself when I felt out of sorts. I lost 14 pounds during that time and I have managed to keep it off. So don't give up hope. I think I will join another challenge in October. That should help me avoid Halloween candy madness. Good luck!
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    5"2. I started out 170 lb postpartum and now am 131 lb. moving house to my parents helped as I eat salads for lunch here. Also having a more active lifestyle since I'm not working now (I naturally got a lot of steps at work). If I fill up on fruit, eggs, tuna and veggies and walk 10000 steps a day, the weight comes off. Happy with all of my body now except my tummy. Partly I think coz I stress a lot and have cortisol buildup there. So far losing weight and exercise (mostly walking) has helped my stomach to decrease. My aim is to bee 125-128 lb.
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    @spikeyhair - Go you! I like that you set small goals.

    @grain91 Are you taking pics? Not necessarily to show on here but in sports bra/undies? I started my journey in April and didn't take any pics until July. I WISH so much that I had. They are good to put side by side on the days you want to give up so you can see the change! Good luck!

    @hithisisili you look like you've lost way more than 17 pounds! Nice work!
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    HaleCry wrote: »
    SW: 181lbs (also my highest weight)
    CW: 161lbs
    GW: 135lbs (for now).

    I'm 5'3 and this is the most I've ever lost after years of fad diets. I'm hoping to be at 150 for the new year but we'll see. Please add me fellow short people! I'm on every day☺️

    Hi girl,

    We are on same page...I started at 175, now 155..goal weight 130ish... Good luck :)