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    Heather- Happy birthday to you, dear friend! Your dh is so thoughtful with his gift giving! You are an amazingly intuitive person when it comes to him. For a couple of days now, you have been waiting for all of this to catch up to him. And here it is. I am sure he knows how lucky he is to have you, and vice versa. The two of you seem very well suited to each other!
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    Morning Ladies~
    got 7 1/2 hrs sleep last night, didn't sleep well, not in my own bed, and I think they might have a mouse in this room? heard noises of something rustleing around.. didn't sleep well after that.. Faith not up yet, spitty rain out, wont leave here until Sean and Jean get home... and then stop at home and off grocery shopping,, I have a bit of anxiety when I have to shop mid day on weekends with all the crowds.. freaks me out a bit..
    Barbie~ glad you are home and please don't try to overdue
    Heather~ sorry for DH meltdown... hope it was quick in passing and he will enjoy the trip and the move...
    I am going to make a contious (sp) effort to but low carb fruits and veggies and try and get as low sugar as I can.. I have to admit I am powerless over sugar and , as they say in most 12 step programs take it easy, and one day at a time..I love my tea in the morning and I use a packet of truvia in it which makes it sweet, and have cut down to 1/2 a pack, wondering if organic honey just a touch would work..
    They do say sugar is like crack cocaine and I am truly sure it is..
    Heather~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY xoxoxo sending you lots of love from across the pond...
    Joyce~ so sorry to hear about your DD puppy.. It is like losing a child you never ever truly get over it, but she gave that furbaby lots of love.. and I am sure she will see him again..
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    Happy birthday, Heather. Have a terrific day. My birthday is November 5th when I will also turn 67. Tomorrow is my older sister's 68 birthday. I hope your DH is able to recuperate today. What day do you leave for Spain, I've forgotten.

    Janetr okc
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    Janetr you have a good attitude. Whatever it is keeping stress levels down helps too! Once you know the cause you'll have a better idea for your next step.


    Marcelyn glad surgery is behind you. Speedy recovery.

    Traci good to see you back. Come when you can.

    We are having some top ten weather days then the high 30 in the morning then 50's in the afternoon are coming. Enjoying just sitting in the backyard. Gave myself a yogurt facial while listening to my relaxation CD. Wonderful!

    :heart: Margaret
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    Happy Sunday to Everyone!

    Continuing healing thoughts to all who have had surgery, putting up with crud or just feeling under the weather. Pip those knees look like they hurt. Take care!

    Joyce so sorry for your daughter's loss. It hurts so bad to lose a beloved pet family member.

    Janet hope you get actual help with the rash soon.

    Happy Birthday to Heather!

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    Charleen ~ Great job on the tiling! I would love to put that wood looking tile on our floors.
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    Peach - The tile is for floors. I liked the look so much and that I could have a 'wood' look but not the problems wood planks would give me in a moist bathroom. Just wipe them down and go, no waxing these bad boys. :D The grout is the type I mentioned once before that is a poly blend so it repels water, mold, mildew and never needs to be sealed.

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    Margaret thank you for your kind words. You hit the nail on the head, I'm going to have to research some stress relieving exercises and put them into practice daily. <3

    Carol, thanks, I certainly hope so.
    Janetr okc
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    Charleen. Gorgeous tile, you are talented! NYKAREN
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    Kathleen, Dana - Welcome from another Canuck :)

    Toni: Great to see you back! Happy Birthday! I love your goals.

    Pip: Ouch... hope the swelling goes down soon..

    Barbie, Marcelyn, Janetr: Wishing you all speedy recoveries!

    Heather: Birthday wishes to you as well. Have a great trip to Spain. Sorry to hear that your DH had such a difficult night.

    September has been a crazy month. I spent most of it on vacation and started a low carb life style. I had been on Atkins many years ago and and some success with it. The results for Sept have been pretty positive.

    * Loss of 4.5 lbs
    * Loss of 2.5 inches on bust
    * Loss of 1.5 inches on waist
    * Loss of 1.25 inches on hips

    I'm so grateful to finally see some success as I havent' been successful in losing weight for the last 18 months or so.

    Goals for Oct:
    - Increase walking now that the hamstring has healed
    - Get to Tai Chi at least once a week

    Have a lovely Sunday friends!

    Carey - Northern Alberta
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    Ninety days left in the year! I still work all the time, but think of you ladies often. :flowerforyou:
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    mamatiger: Great success for the month of September. Congratulations! :flowerforyou:

    Dance4fun, believefs & Michele from TX: Welcome to a great group! :smiley:

    Pip: Your poor swollen knees look painful. I hope you'll find a gentle way to exercise them. :flowerforyou:

    Gloria: I love your new look! :heart:

    Sue in WA: Good luck building your electric fence. I hope you'll share the process with us. :smiley:

    Toni in TN: Welcome back! :smiley:

    Joyce: I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter's dog. :cry:

    Heather: Happy Birthday, Heather!!!!! I'm sorry to hear that your DH had a tough night. I hope that he feels better soon. :heart:

    DH wants to try out the mattress we have in the guest room but he isn't willing to sleep in there so we have to switch mattresses. He can be very rigid in his thinking. What if he doesn't like it after all? Will we have to move it again? Yikes! It is very heavy.

    Katla, grumbling about her unreasonable husband in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison
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    I'm more or less packed! :bigsmile: I've managed to put most of my rolled up clothes in my hand baggage, so the shared suitcase can have shoes and bottles of toiletries that aren't allowed inside the cabin. I think we will manage with the one 20 kg suitcase between us. :)
    Got a great book from DH about Spain's past and identity to get me in the mood on the plane. :D Just been reading up on sherry (yum) in another book he gave me.
    Tonight I wanted to have things I love, as it's my birthday, but not to give myself work before we go away. I couldn't be bothered to go out for a meal as we'll have to be up at 5.30.am. We have some very nice rosé wine, some blinis, creme fraiche and lumpfish caviar to start, then some (bought) delicious lamb koftas which I am serving with my tahini sauce. I chopped up a salad. DH has made a fruit salad with our left over berries. All delicious and NO trouble! And I'm under calories. :D

    Hope we both get some sleep tonight, but if we don't it doesn't really matter. A taxi is coming for us at 6.30 am, so we haven't even got to drive ourselves to the airport. We will be at the hotel in Malaga by 1.30 pm at the very latest. Plenty of time for siesta after lunch! :laugh:

    Love to all the surgical recoverers and the grazed and inflamed. Love to all who are caring for someone dear to them, or not so dear.
    I think I have wifi at the hotels, so I will be checking in whenever possible and telling you of my doings.
    Bye for now.
    Heather UK
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    Charleen love the bath. Yard ornament LOL.

    Janetr thought of you on the way to church. Wondering if where you are staying there might be a chemical in the air that is causing your body to react. One never knows when one will develop a chemical sensitivity. When that happens your body goes into inflammation mode. There again the steroids would clear it up.

    I did some decorating for Halloween yesterday. Lenora I found some Zombie Flamingos. I'll post a picture. When I saw them in the store it made me laugh. When something gives me a good laugh it is hard for me to resist.

    :heart: Margaret
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    morning peeps -
    banged up knees or not, going to the gym. kirby brought out the winter bike for me. good thing, no more backpack on my back but i'll miss having all the separate compartments where i put things that i don't get when using the pannier. oh well.
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    Charleen, loved that bathroom. I have seen more and more floors in that shade. I don't know if it is just a trend but I love the look. I have seen it in the vinyl tiles also. I know that they aren't wood on the floor but it sure looks good and I am tuff enough that if I had it on my floor and some one tried to put it down since it isn't woord, I can take it. We have laminate right now in the living room and hallway and I don't know how many people have brought it up and put it down. I was wondering what kind of lawn ornament that was. glad you cleared that up. Weird.

    Where is Penny??????? I love it that we have new members but I don't love losing our old ones.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Knees turning colors after the fall yesterday. Will do a slow 5k and other stuff