IT'S CHRISSTMAASS!!! What are your diet plans?



  • federicafezza4271
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    I am already having a "mantainance" December actually, because of stressful situations with my family, so I eat "diet style" for all the meals that I can control and plan by myself.
    Starting from tomorrow I'll have almost a big meal per day (my BF's graduation, my friend's birthday dinner, christmas eve and christmas day) so I plan to have healthy, low cal meals for all the other meals of the day and don't worry too much about it.
    I mostly hope that food I'm not used to won't give me a hard time digesting it or cause tummy issues, also I hope my mum doesn't make too many leftovers, I think that a steady overeating for 2 weeks is way worse than having a couple big meals and go back to normal!
    Luckily I'll be in Florence for New Year's Eve and skip the feasts for New Year's Eve and January 1st that my mum will prepare, when I come home from that I will go back to full weightloss mode ;)
  • Dannigreen31
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    Xmas day there are no rules! Eat and drink all day!
  • jdhcm2006
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    I'm gonna eat. And eat well. I'll gain a few pounds, but I can lose it by tightening things up once January hits. Right now, I'm enjoying myself, and come January 2nd, things will get back to normal.
  • tlflag1620
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    apullum wrote: »
    I do exactly the same thing I do every night, Pinky. (Extra cranberry sauce to anyone who gets the reference!) I log my food, and eat whatever I want within my budget and try to take over the world!


    My kids are big fans, now that it's on Netflix ;)

  • LenGray
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    I'm bumping my calories up to maintenance, taking my dogs for a long walk (if it isn't snowy/super cold. They're little and freeze quicker than biscuits) and then enjoying some time with my dad.

    Dinner will probably be marvelous, dessert even more so, and snacks will be of the chips and salsa variety lol
  • Shana67
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    Christmas is one day out of 365. I just plan to enjoy it :)
  • mrsmammahunter
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    I don't ever "diet" moderation is my lifestyle choice I enjoy all kinds of yummy food and I still have lost 50 pounds I will eat at maintenance on Christmas eve to New years. Then pull back to my low cals .

    That pretty much describes my past year. It's so much easier to manage than trying to restrict myself like I did in the past.

    AAnd now all I can think about is Christmas dinner and deserts and my mouth is watering :D [/quote]

    I have lost all my weight 3 times in the last 6 yrs. This last year i have kept it off by reprogramming my brain. Food isnt the enemy have a good relationship with food etc. I dont log calories everyday because i mentally estimate. And if i go over and only loose 1 pound every 2 weeks thats fine by me there is no hurry i am still loosing. Im going to enjoy my life not restrict it.
  • tinamarie6624
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    My Christmas plans are to lose weight. :) I lost on Thanksgiving and that's the plan for Christmas! That is exciting to me!
  • Gisel2015
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    [quote="cwolfman13;38389570"]I'm not really one for stuffing myself with food until I feel ill...I don't really get that. I'm making a cranberry glazed ham, brown butter roasted green beans with bacon, mushrooms, and roasted potatoes...I'll have a plate of food and desert and call it a day. [/quote]

    I agree with this! Holidays or special occasions don't affect me much. I may eat different things and maybe a little bit more but that's all. I don't drink much or at all and deserts are not a weakness so I don't make fuzz or worry about the holidays.

  • TimothyFish
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    I'm weighing in about three pounds below my target weight every week. I'm not going to worry about Christmas.
  • _dixiana_
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    Eat as much *kitten* as possible. Then feel bad about it.

    Sort of.

    I know french toast casserole is on my agenda for sure tho. It's our Christmas morning go-to.
  • Catherinekiss
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    We (Hubby, me and 2 yo) are driving from Texas to Michigan to spend time with family, so gonna try and sample everything but make no promises on my intake.
  • barni71
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    I'm gonna eat and drink whatever I want this weekend and New Year weekend (and try to be good in between) and then back to the diet Jan 2nd!
  • DietVanillaCoke
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    Reduced calories mon-fri. Work out sat and sunday early morning, pig out sat and sunday night. Return to normal on the following monday. Don't care if i gain to be honest. I'm spending all friday and saturday cooking, so i'm going to pig out on tasty greek food ;D
  • SiegfriedXXL
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    Christmas lunch is:

    Welcome Christmas cocktail or fruit juice
    poured and ready half an hour before your arrival, from 1:00pm

    Garlic and stilton mushroom bouche (v)
    with black truffle foam

    Pea, apple and hazelnut (v)
    with apple crisps, hazelnut oil

    Trio of smoked salmon
    rolls of smoked salmon filled with prawn Marie Rose, crayfish, cream cheese and chives served alongside dressed mixed leaves, a wedge of lemon and pan-fried tiger prawns

    Blood orange sorbet

    Roasted Kentish turkey and roasted goose, roast potatoes, sausagemeat stuffing, pig in blanket, and all the festive trimmings

    Trio of festive desserts
    homemade Christmas pudding with a brandy cream, dark chocolate and Grand Marnier mousse, warmed cherry and almond tart

    Cheese and Biscuits
    A selection of British cheeses served with homemade chutney, grapes, celery, biscuits and bread

    Tea and coffee
    with a homemade Christmas shortbread

    Boxing Day lunch is a carvery.

    I don't think I'll be eating again until New Year :-/

    I do hope you take reservations. What a menu that is!
  • SiegfriedXXL
    SiegfriedXXL Posts: 219 Member
    I have been banking calories but I don't plan to indulge too hedonistically.

    Christmas Eve - lunch with best friends at Korean BBQ(a tradition). Should be easy to stay behaved with lean meats, sauces, and veggies. Then I sing at church for 9 hours and they cater food for us so i'll be able to eat some carved meats and salads.

    Christmas Day - Sing at church again in the morning then drive 2 hours to my family for Christmas Brunch which will be lasagna, garlic bread, salad, assorted pies, assorted canapes, and always deviled eggs for some reason. Then laze about and for dinner we eat tamales. After that, back to the routine!
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I'll eat more than usual I'm sure, but I won't stuff myself silly. I like to over indulge a little on special occasions. I don't like to overeat to the point of discomfort ever.
  • kami3006
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    I'm making baklava to eat on Christmas day and letting the calories fall where they may. The rest of the day will be just normal eating as we're not big celebrators.
  • tiffanylparke
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    Too early in the game for me to be indulging. This is a great opportunity for me to practice self control. I will modify some of the foods available, for example a few pieces of holiday ham with an extra serving of veggies instead of mac n cheese.This worked great for me at thanksgiving :wink: I'll also have some yummy roasted veggies prepared just in case lol and then only taste everything else. o:)