Weigh in Wednesday



  • trinidarkie1981
    trinidarkie1981 Posts: 10 Member
    First day LCHF since sticking to it for a month in May 2015 and losing 18lbs. Fell off the wagon and back at it again beginning today.
    SW: 340.4 lbs (highest recorded weight 351.8 lbs)
    CW: 340.4 lbs
    GW: 200 lbs
  • mominstands
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    I need to start this for accountability:

    SW - 212 heaviest
    CW - 209
    GW - 180

    Please feel free to add me as friend, I need motivation and support .

  • clblewis
    clblewis Posts: 34 Member
    I'm back! After getting to my GW, a hospitalization began my setback in May. So ready Now!
    Height 5'4"
    SW 205 July 4, 2015
    CW 152
    GW 135 or less
    My 25th wedding anniversary is May 2nd and I want to be my wedding weight. I did once and I'm going to do it again!
  • LEAS86
    LEAS86 Posts: 144 Member
    Having been woefully absent since October, I am back! Weighed in last night and it was as bad as I anticipated but hey, I earned it!
    SW 175
    CW 163
    GW 150

    Interim goal is to get under 160 by the end of Jan. Loving being back on the LC wagon so far, the horrible headaches have now gone and my hunger is wearing off.
  • MAB0218
    MAB0218 Posts: 39 Member
    I am on day #5.

    Sw 182.6
    Cw 177.2
    GW 135
  • Healthymom_5
    Healthymom_5 Posts: 244 Member
    Back to getting serious about getting down to goal for health reasons. I have been as high as 167 about 2 years ago (I am 5'4") but will count today's weight as "starting weight".

    SW - 147.6
    CW - 147.6
    GW - 130
  • Carnivorekat
    Carnivorekat Posts: 370 Member
    I am jumping back onboard

    SW - 282lbs
    GW - 140lbs

  • miamoore620
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    Getting back on the wagon!

    SW - 225.2
    CW - 221.1
    GW - 165
  • dvmmcw4015
    dvmmcw4015 Posts: 16 Member
    01/03/17- 161
    GW - 135

    01/06/17 - 157
  • bjwoodzy
    bjwoodzy Posts: 593 Member
    I am jumping back onboard

    Welcome back onto the wagon!
  • LEAS86
    LEAS86 Posts: 144 Member
    SW - 175

    5/1/17 - 163
    11/1/17 - 160

    GW - 150
    Looking good for my January goal!
    Happy Wednesday all :smile:
  • Gallowmere1984
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    Oh right, it is Wednesday. Well, since I've not posted this anywhere previously, I'll start here.

    6/22- 155.1
    6/29- 152.3

    Still dropping faster than I'd like, even after pushing the kcals up to 1700 per day, and having a couple of notably higher days during food prep.

    6/29 - 152.3
    7/6 - 151.2

    Going to let it ride for one more week and adjust to slow down as needed.

    7/6 - 151.2
    7/13 - 151.9

    About what I was hoping to see this week, though well within a margin of error either way. Going to see how the trend runs over the next two months, making slight adjustments every couple of weeks.

    7/13 - 151.9
    7/20 - 151.5

    Getting pretty static, and I'm seeing about what I would expect. Going to hold this caloric level (1700) for another couple of weeks and see how it runs.

    7/20 - 151.5
    7/27 - 151.2

    Still running well within the expected range, and seeing extremely low variance during daily weigh-ins.

    7/27 - 151.2
    8/3 - 150.1

    Welp, time to average and adjust upward.

    8/3 - 150.1
    8/10 - 154.0

    Going from completely sedentary to lifting six times per week, and being more active outside of that than I have ever been, is definitely having a clear impact on weight fluctuation. Feels good though. Looking forward to seeing how the upward trend actually runs, now that I am running a surplus.

    8/10 - 154.0
    8/17 - 155.4

    Seen all manner of weight fluctuation over this past week, from a high of 158.4 (yesterday), to a low of 152.9. It doesn't surprise me, given the change from doing nothing, to lifting (or some form of resistance training) every day for the last week and a half or so. Already starting to notice a lot of musculature being brought back to life, from it's previously unused state. Going to run for another couple of weeks before I bother photo updating my bulk thread though.

    8/17 - 155.4
    8/24 - 158.5

    Continuing with the pretty rapid fluctuations and swings, though I am seeing a defined upward trend. Going for a couple of more weeks before tinkering with anything. Lifts are up, measurements are acceptable, and calipers haven't changed much. I'll take it, for now.

    8/24 - 158.5
    8/31 - 158.1

    Weight has started to stabilize a bit. I should be able to get a better grasp on things from here forward. Still going to mostly be watching the tape, calipers, and my emerging abdominals.

    8/31 - 158.1
    9/7 - 162.5

    Weight has stabilized at this exact point for the last few days, after a pretty strong falloff following my last refeed. This is likely the set point where I can finally start judging how intake is affecting weight, while also watching composition via tape and calipers.

    9/7- 162.5
    9/14- 167.5

    You never realize just how much water you put away, until a gallon only makes your shakes and PWOs for the day, and you still have a half-gallon of Coke Zero involved.

    9/14 - 167.5
    9/21 - 168.7

    Had to make some adjustments, and temper the intake. Putting in way more fat than I am comfortable with, given the rate of muscular accumulation.

    9/21 - 168.7
    9/28 - 170.6

    9/28 - 170.6
    10/5 - 170.0

    10/5 - 170.0
    10/12 - 171.1

    I'm honestly shocked that it's only that much higher, given that I pushed my refeed back by two days this week. Usually takes at least five days for all of the pickup from that to go away.

    10/12 - 171.1
    10/19 - 170.9

    10/19 - 170.9
    10/26 - 166.2

    Well, that escalated quickly.

    10/26 - 166.2
    11/2 - 163.4

    Dat dere RFL. Think I'll end the cut as soon as I break back into the 150s, and the waist hits 32. That's clearly going to happen before my planned six week run is up, at this rate (I'm only halfway through week three).

    11/2 - 163.2
    11/9 - 164.5

    Still trending downward overall, though there was some obvious pullback after switching off RFL for a two week break. Following Lyle's macro recommendations of 100g c/208g p/46g fat for the duration of the break.

    I do find it amusing though, that this still qualifies as low-carb, but I am feeling waaaaay over on them. Used to that keto still.

    11/9 - 164.5
    11/16 - 163.8

    Not bad for a week at maintenance -10% followed up with a few days of standard maintenance. Going to ride this train until after Thanksgiving then get back on dat dere RFL before starting another bulk...a leaner one this time. *kitten* fulking; I hate getting squishy.

    11/16 - 163.8
    11/23 - 162.9

    Back on dat RFL after a 600+g carb refeed this past weekend.

    11/23 - 162.9
    11/30 - 172.0

    1000g carb refeed on Monday. Feels good at the moment, but I know I'll be back to sub-170 within a couple of days. Glycogen supercomps don't last long.

    11/30 - 172.0
    12/8 - 168.7

    After ending up with a bout of deydration/sodium overdose/potassium deficiency induced water retention that saw me climb to 177, and look like Damon Wayans in The Great White Hype, it looks like I've finally got everything purged and starting to settle back in line.

    12/8 - 168.7
    12/14 - 168.6

    Doing some maintenance seeking, then easing my way into a winter bulk. I've drastically increased my conditioning work for this bulk, so I'm hoping to end up in the 3500 kcal/day range to lean bulk. Nothing prevents seasonal affective disorder quite like lifting heavy *kitten*, hill sprints, and eating all the things.

    12/14- 168.6
    12/21- 169.1

    Dead on in line with what I am aiming for. Since recalibrating my intake, I'm eating an average of 3100 kcal/day to gain 0.5-1 lbs./week. For those of you who may remember my keto bulk thread, I gained 2.5 lbs./week on a 2800/day average and got fat as *kitten*. Therefore, this current setup amuses me.

    12/21- 169.1
    12/28- 170.4

    It took a 6000 kcal day on Christmas just to get my average gain up closer to where it should be.

    12/28- 170.4
    1/4- 169.3

    Starting to get mildly annoyed at how slow this bulk is running. Up to 3450 per day, and only averaging 0.4 lbs. per week. Gotta step my game up, or I won't be anywhere near my goal at winter's end.

    1/4- 169.3
    1/11- 172.2

    My moving average is still bleh, but things are creeping up slowly as I increase the kcals. Up to nearly 4000/day, and still only at 0.6 lbs./week gain.
  • LindaRN83
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    Jan 11- 168.8 lbs
    VSGJOE Posts: 19 Member
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    New to the Group/Thread, but I'll play along.

    SW: 266.4 (Jan 1, 2017)
    CW: 259.0
    GW: 195(ish)

  • tcunbeliever
    tcunbeliever Posts: 8,219 Member
    CW: 146.4
    2017 GW: 135

    My weight has been bouncing up and down day to day by several pounds - sucks to be so inconsistent, but the view in the mirror is still looking good, and based on how my jeans fit my booty appears to be growing but my waist is definitely slimmer, so I can live with that...I have been eating good, so I'll stick with the theory that the booty is growing from the Jan weight routine, I could totally feel it in my glutes last night, so seems a safe assumption for now. I'm very happy to be back to weights post-injury!!!
  • peacelover6111
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    New to the group, but not the low carb game! Diagnosed with diabetes (type 2) at the age of 33 ten years ago. By losing weight through LC and exercise, I got A1c down to 5.3 for years! But then, had a child and since then, have not been very good at the exercise. I still LC but have been putting in lots of extras and way too much almond flour and dark chocolate =( Last year had a broken foot and that really seemed to pack on the extra weight. Ready to get back in shape now.

    Height: 5'3''
    SW 2007: 163 (hw)
    GW 2008: 120 and actually hit 117
    pregnant 2010: gained 25 lbs (HW: 145)
    after giving birth 2011: weight - 135-140 (for the last six years)

    NSW 2017: 139
    GW: 120
  • Cadori
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    SW - 270
    CW - 237
    GW - 170

    -1 this week
    -33 since 9/6/16

  • Lillith32
    Lillith32 Posts: 483 Member
    SW: 169
    CW: 168
    GW: 153

    - 1 lb this week (and the last week too).
    This is going very slow. If it keeps like that to the end of the month, time to cut calories.