Other people's reactions to your weight loss or diet



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    My weight loss has been so slow and gradual that nobody has really noticed. But every once in a while, people will offer me food and question me when I turn it down. I'm trying to watch my intake, I say. "Shut up, you weigh 110," they say. Um, no? Not even close???
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    A few years ago I lost about 65 lbs -ok, I gained a bunch back, but...

    My fave question was something like, "HOW did you do it"? And my response was, "I can tell you all but you will NOT like my answer!" (As in it's WORK: watch what you eat, get some exercise... I never went into specifics of calories/MFP, macros, HRM, strength training, C25K, etc, UNLESS the person took the convo to a deeper level.)

    Haters gonna hate.

    Also: People who never mentioned it (ok, bc I work in a conservative company), and others were definitely supportive & gushing :-)
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    Most people have been really supportive and I have this one man at a club I belong to make such a big deal the other day it was actually embarrassing as he would not stop, He is not a close friend and he continued to make a big deal after I had thanked him for noticing. Anyone else have anything like this happen and how can you handle it as I felt he was actually making a bit of a scene at the club.
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    My two favorite comments came while at church from older women. One said to me as I walked in the door..."Where's your other half?" I said, "He's parking the car. He'll be right in." She said, "No, I mean the other half of you!" Last week a woman who I know by sight only said I looked amazing and a 'shadow of my former self'. Lol.

    One thing I have noticed...I have been complimented a lot, but it's always women. Other than my husband and father, no men have said a word.

    Any 40+ married men care to comment on that--I'd love to know what's happening from your perspective on this.

    42 year old married man here. First off, I don't think I know any ladies that have had a major weight loss. If I did, though, I'd probably have to know them pretty well to say something about it. I'd be worried a bit about coming off like a creep that was hitting on her. I also feel that pointing out that I notice how much they've lost is also pointing out that I noticed how huge they used to be...lol. It's a weird dynamic, as I'm down almost 60lbs myself, and appreciate the comments when I get them. I worry that by pointing out weight loss to a woman, I'm also pointing out how much heavier she used to be in an insulting way. Hopefully that makes sense.

    Pretty much what he said (In bold)
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    I like for men to notice. Usually, they hold off until they know for sure it's not a temporary sickness. But the ones that comment use a "factual" approach. "Hey, have you lost some weight?" No creepiness, no weirdness. Then, I offer yes, I've been cutting calories and trying to get healthier. The conversation is simple and over quickly, and there is positive affirmation from the opposite sex.
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    So, I saw my mother for the first time in 6 months last weekend. Since I saw her previously, I had lost 30 lbs. (I am 5'8" and weigh 190 now). I had told my brother I had lost weight before I saw them (and how much). He had gotten weight loss surgery last year (He had numerous health problems) and is down to a mid-low normal weight (and looks fabulous).

    Any way, he told mom, I was losing weight before I got there. I see her and her response "I hear you have lost 40 lbs." "No only 30" "Oh well". It kind of pissed me off. Here I am working my butt off (I am now down 36.6 lbs since the end of October - 3 months - I think this is great progress). I'm not losing it as fast as my brother did. But I am losing. (Not mad at my brother - he is quite supportive and I am quite happy for him).

    Oh BTW, mom is morbidly obese and cant get in and out of a chair or walk across the room without help (She's 5'3" and wears a size 4X - My top weight was 226 - size 16).