MFP doesn't work.



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    Lol . Whaaaaat?
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    MFP does work in 69 and lost 49lb, a digital food scale is a must, log everything and be patient, if you have been losing 2 lb a week at WW you are not going to keep losing that always it slows down then stops and you have to chafe things u to get it moving again. Good luck
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    On WW I lost 1.5 to 2 lbs per week. Never stayed the same or gained.
    I am at 1200 calories per day
    57 year old woman
    180 lbs
    Slightly active. Walk on treadmill 4x a week.

    1200 calories is not enough calories, why are you eating so little???
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    I think this post was a troll for Weight Watchers. No other interaction and no response. WW is losing people right and left because they are starving them. Their Smart Points (new program) averages about 800-1000 calories a day. Not healthy, not sustainable, not a life-style choice. The "new" plan is a retro diet proven not to work at those low calories because it's not sustainable in the long run and they push things most thinking people know are bad for you: artificial sweeteners, pre-packaged/highly processed food (theirs), diet sodas, etc. They also assign extremely high points values to foods most of us would consider normal and healthy parts of a balanced, clean diet.

    There are a lot of ex-WW people on here who have smartened up about the new program. Likely, MFP is hurting WW because MFP is free and supportive (and even VERY inexpensive if you pay for the premium membership), it's interface and dashboard are a lot friendlier, they keep all your data forever so you can always look back (even with a membership WW's diary info goes away after a couple of months), and it isn't $50 a month plus special foods.

    Wish I hadn't bothered with a response to her. Oh well. Got to read all of YOUR interesting comments! :)

    That makes sense. Because I can't imagine even a sedentary 180lb person not loosing weight on 1200 calories. I started at just over 170 and can't imagine eating that little and I've still lost about 5 lbs since early January.
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    suruda wrote: »
    I am 52, eating 1200 calories a day, tracking beautifully....excercising regularly but pretty sedentary otherwise. For me, it's slow...10 lbs in 7 weeks. I also find that what I eat is very important...getting the majority of my calories from lean proteins, fruits and veggies is what makes the scale move the right way!

    That's not slow FYI. It's more than 1lb per week. What you eat doesn't matter either (for health is a different matter of course), it's just other foods may cause temporary water retention and you're viewing that as weight gain/stall.
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    What's going on here?!? This is madness! :o
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    The people who post these claims are always on their first time ever post.. its weird.. lol

    They posted the same thing on the Weight Watchers thread yesterday. Got some advice, no response.
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    MFP is a tool for weight loss. How we use it determines our results. Honesty and completeness in posting is vital. Also, our bodies have a lot to assimilate. I eat basically the same thing every day. I also weigh every day. I can show a 2lb loss for a couple of days then a 3lb gain followed by 3lb loss. Our bodies go through so much that is why or eight fluctuates.

    For me, using MFP is a tool to a life change not a diet or plan because life isn't either of those. It works as much as I do.
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    MEBaraszu wrote: »
    I am not going a calorie over. Extremely diligent. Not losing a pound in over 3 weeks. Angry I wasted time on a free program.

    It really does work if you use it properly.

    If you're struggling we can help you find where it is going wrong for you. Just open your diary to public view.