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    stats for the day:
    bike ride hm 2 gym- 13.29min, 13.2amph, 148mhr, 2.9mi = 134c
    apple watch- 114c
    SPIN CLASS- 20MIN, 88ar, 91aw, 127mhr, 10g, 8.6mi = 152c
    apple watch- 145c
    bike ride gym 2 dome train station- 6.51min, 143mhr, 13.3amph, 1.5mi = 82c
    apple watch- 62c
    bike ride puyallup train station to sumner train station- 16.18min, 11.4amph, 135ahr, 146mhr, 3mi = 164c
    apple watch- 117c
    jog station 2 wk- 5.21min, 10.27min mi, 143ahr, 155mhr, .5mi = 78c
    apple watch- 53c
    jog wk 2 sta- 4.40min, 9.52min mi, 146mhr, .4mi = 58c
    apple watch- 53c
    bike ride dome 2 hm up Mst- 19.26min, 7.7amph, 151mhr, 2.4mi = 198c
    apple watch- 159c

    total cal 866
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    Still in holding pattern in Houston.
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    Becca – Beautiful violet. I once had very good luck with them; but, for the past couple of years, they just ‘up and die on me’. I only water them once a week because I had been told they don’t like their ‘feet’ wet; but, then they dry out way too much. Until I get my porch ready to use, still have not gotten that door (that might change this weekend); I’ll probably have a space I can put them out, in there. Filtered light.

    Sarah (and others) – Our 10-year-old DYGD told her parents that she ‘did NOT want to be home schooled’. Yeah, Emilee!

    Karen – I guess that I will always talk to both my parents just before going to sleep. I think it is funny that your parrot pick up her laugh when she visited. Thanks, I am so pumped that I will do everything I have been doing these last 2 weeks. Just have to check my printouts.

    I know y’all are enjoying your time with your family and Olivia.

    God has a purpose for that little girl and her family.

    Re – Sorry for the workload, we’ll miss you; but come as often as you can.

    Sarah – I think Michele in NC (now in FL) and someone else here have talked about ‘trigger finger’. I am not sure what it means but, I do sort of remember them saying their thumb was numb. Maybe one of them can answer your question.

    DJ – When you use the Neti Pot … don’t be tempted to ‘suck in’ … it will not be pleasant. Just tilt you head over the sink (I used my tub) and let it ‘run’ in one side and out the other. It might take a couple of times to do it; but, it does work. Speaking from experience about ‘not sucking up’.

    Lanette – I had some Voltaren 1% but I am not so sure it worked; but, at least it did not ‘smell to high Heaven and back’.

    Margaret – “Sully” is a movie I want to watch; like I said earlier; I like movies that are made based on a ‘true story’.

    My boss was a pilot and when he landed he always set it down as soon as he could on the landing strip. One Christmas he took his partner and wife; and, my boss, his wife and son and flew them into one of the island in the Bahamas where he had a home. At the end of the landing strip was a stand of trees; and, when he did not set it down, his partner looked over and said something to him. He had lost control of one of the engines and was trying to stay up and fly around. The person in the tower kept telling him, ‘put it in the sea, mon, put it in the sea’. It pissed him off and he said, ‘let me try to “fly” the damn thing first. My boss had handed out life jackets and his son was listening to his Walkman and didn’t know what was going on when he handed it to him. They got up and made a round and then landed safely. When his partner’s wife got ‘out of it’ she knelt down and ‘kissed the grown’ and said she wasn’t going anywhere in the ‘damn thing’ again. They had to fly a mechanic to come fix it from the States. I could remember flying into Bimini in what had to be a ‘reject from the graveyard of old prop engine planes used for spraying fields’. The pilot would put his arm out the window and bump the top of the wing. When we were landing you could see a lot of planes that had ‘been put in the sea, mon’. We flew back on a sea plane with ‘real’ pilots and they said, ‘well one thing you won’t have to worry about, too much, is finding a landing strip … got one all the way back to Miami. Next time we flew over in a sea plane and back.

    Pip – Your knees look like they have been drilled like when they have to be in a ‘halo’ so the leg can be set during a really bad accident.

    Sometimes when I am not able to go to sleep it is because my brain is on ‘overdrive’. I can lay down and close my eyes and see my hands typing out my ‘thoughts’. That is getting seriously freaky.

    Just watched “Hacksaw Ridge” … really good if you don’t mind all the guts and gore. I like movies that are based on true events. I would have been digging a hole and staying in it until all the Japanese soldiers (maybe more like warriors) got killed or left. That was one brave soul!

    Welcome to all the “Newbies” … come often, tell us about yourselves.

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    Re: Sorry to hear about the layoffs and workload :( we'll be here when you have an opportunity. Congrats on the 208!!!!

    DJ: Maybe the itchy eyes are related to dry eye - it is one of the symptoms... have you tried moisturizing eye drops/artificial tears?

    Lanette: The least expensive place to buy topical Voltaren in Canada is Costco...maybe the US has good prices on it too? I've also gotten a prescription for diclofenac cream from my doc which is a slightly stronger version of voltaren - that might work if you have prescription coverage.

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Pip! - Thank goodness those knees are healing up. I hope they feel as much better as they look!

    *Waves at everybody*

    Night, Lovely Ladies!!

    Hugs for Everybody!!

    Re in TX
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    Pip - your knees are definitely improving but man, they still look sore. Are you putting Vitamin E or anything on them? And I LOVE those sleeping pupster photos you keep posting. When I see them, I think my BP goes down at least ten points.

    Marni, that's great about your One-drop! I've temporarily given up on the recliner search - my BFF got some from Costco I want to try out. I'm actually checking local estate auctions right now to see if someone has a gently used on made about 15-20 years ago. I think they were made better then (weren’t most things???)

    Barbie - sending extra pats and hugs to Sasha. Hoping it’ll be all better with a bit of R&R. Always a bit worrisome when they start acting a little differently, but often it’s just a “thing”.

    Carey, thanks for the info about Voltaren -Costco price. I emailed our regular doc’s office – they can often get prescription drugs at a very big discount so will see what their price would be. Be interesting to see if the samples do any good. I’m guessing it will take a week or more to get results?

    Chris in MA – I loved to do projections on the calendar too, even had a spreadsheet going. It was always fun to see when I was beating it! 6.2 lbs in 6 weeks is fantastic! Please send some of your weather to the other coast – we’re back in the mixed rain/snow pattern in WA. Just took the dog out and that rain is part ice.

    DrKatieBug, good job on that machine! What a great feeling and know you’re getting stronger. Sounds like you are in good hands with your ortho doc. And by the way, I forgot to tell you how cute those snazzy leggings were you posted a pic of a while back!

    Becca, that violet is awesome. Gives me spring fever. I also am one who has no luck with them. Our newest kitty eats all houseplants, or tries to, so I have given up for now. An elderly friend of ours had such a green thumb, she had dozens of violets all over her house and they were always happy and blooming. She passed several years ago but I wish I’d have gotten some tips from her. Your FB photo is adorable – my DH makes “interesting” compliments as well. I just presume he means well and change the subject, lol.

    RE – Congrats on your new low! Absolutely fantastic! Sorry to hear about the layoffs… always makes people a little nervous unless they knew they were coming (business down, budget tight, etc.) They know you are superwoman and can do the work of three people, right? “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” That would be you! Will miss your newsy posts, but once you get in stride I’m sure you’ll have a little more time for us ;-). Hope you are able to continue with your PT and exercising. Oh, and were you able to wangle a bit of a raise??

    Karen, sorry to hear Olivia had a little set-back. Crossing fingers that’s just part of the healing process that’s easily remedied.

    Yvonne, glad your Dad is able to go see your Uncle. It will do them both good to reconnect, I think, even for a short while. There’s some peace in that. And I’ll bet your cold impacted your weight gain – yes, weight fluctuates and sometimes very unpredictably -- at least in my world.

    Kelly and all, that cauliflower pizza crust sounds great and thanks for the recipe. I’ve put cauliflower on my shopping list. Not sure I can tempt DH, but I will plan to cut the recipe down a bit and make a small one for starters. Sounds like that would be the perfect low-carb snack.

    Lenora, enjoyed your story about the pilots and landing strips. “Put it in the sea, Mon”…. I think NOT! Anxious to watch the Sully movie!

    OK, time to close. Waving HI to the newbies and those of you I missed this go-around.

    SW WA State
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    Pip - I am so proud of how you turned your life around and humbled that you felt safe enough to share your story with us. You are truly an inspiration as to what a person can do with their life no matter where they start! <3
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    Barbie: Sending good thoughts for Sasha. I hope it is just a pulled muscle or something minor that can be solved with rest or medicine. You're wise to get it checked out. :heart:

    Pip: Good news! Your knees are looking quite a bit better. :bigsmile:

    Last night I could not get comfortable & spent some time soaking in a warm tub of water. Today I am about as energetic as a paper-weight. I did go to yoga and ran a few errands, but overall, I have been a ball of lethargy. I am hoping for a good night's sleep.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Hugs to all
    Paula Y
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    Long day at work. My feet hurt, my shoulders hurt, my hip hurts and I want chocolate. Guess I will go to bed.
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    Yvonne, my sister developed MRSA when she had her mastectomies with her breast cancer. At the time of surgery, she had her implant spacers placed. She developed MRSA in one of the implants and had to have the spacer removed. But they still had to slowly inflate the one implant spacer. So over time she gradually had one boob get bigger and the other boob was gone. She had a fat enough belly that it didn't look to bad.

    Norma was discharged yesterday. Her diagnosis were double pneumonia, sepsis and acute renal failure! After thinking about it all day, I decided that the confusion she had last Thursday was what saved her life. A cough and fever can be treated with a phone call and doctor calling in a prescription. But the confusion was why her husband took her to the ER. She is still running a low grade fever but is feeling much better.

    Sue, your horse is a hoot!!!!! Personality plus.

    Margaret, I would love to see Sully. I love those biographical movies especially about such a neat guy as he is. My husband does not share my feelings though. That kind of movie is boring, not enough action. I don't know how you can get any more action than landing a plane in the Hudson and not going IN the ocean and everyone walking off the place alive.

    Becca, I love the violet. It reminded me of Mom. She loved them and could grow pretty much any flower. But when she had their last house several were sitting in her kitchen window.

    Went for my follow up visit with my family doc today. My blood count has gone from 8.7 to 10.8!!!!!! My back feels good, well it was tired tonight after choir practice. My thyroid is low. I am on a thyroid replacement but it isn't low enough to go from 50mcg to 100 mcg so he said for me to take 8 pills a week. So on one day a week I will take 2 pills. Also my B/P is back up. It had been completely normal for the first time in I don't know how long. Hydralizine is the last B/P he put me on to get it down to normal. So I was really bummed out that it was back up. So I now will take it 4 times a day instead of 3. Also have a bladder infection. In order for me to be in the choir and practice with the choir on Sunday mornings, they practice in the basement and walk up 2 flights of stairs. There are 2 ladies who can't do that and just join the choir when they get into the sanctuary. I will do that for now. We live in a bi-level and the rise of our stairs and the amount of stairs is about the same as at church so I need to practice going up and down our stairs as often as I can. I will also let my physical therapist know. They have stairs in the PT room but there are only 3 steps.

    Did I mention how much I love the Cadbury mini eggs and it's Easter candy season right now. Lord give me strength.

    Joyce, sunny Indiana where it was 75 degrees today and daffodils and tulips are blooming.
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    Hello my fine ladies! You know I don't really have a green thumb, but that African Violet would tell you different! I rec'd this plant in October, from my neighbor next to me. You know the one that swears like a sailor?! She was driving down to California, to obtain a better car from a relative. I was amazed she made it there and back home! So anyway, she gave me that plant. It had old blooms on it and I promptly snipped all those off. Also snipped all the leaves that looked brown. I figure that's less energy she (yep my violet is a she), has to expend keeping brown things semi alive. So after a bit I noticed that loads of new leaves were growing. Yeah me! When all these blooms fade I am thinking I might need a bigger pot right? I'm kind of a new mommy at this..

    Had an OK meeting this morning. TOPS. For me it wasn't very motivating. A lot of business political stuff, and squabbling. I did weigh in and was 242 lbs. I was 243.6 last week. After the weigh in, I had brought mandarin oranges, toast with peanut butter and my coffee. It felt good to be a loser and be organized! Haha! Brought some clothes that are kind of hanging on me, to see if anyone wished them. Others had brought some too. That alone makes attending the meetings fun! We are all at different stages of weight loss so onre persons outgrowns is another ladies treasure!

    Sending nothing but my best thoughts to each and every one of you!

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    Becca Violet I think when repotting African Violets, choosing a pot that is just slightly larger than the last one ensures continued success. Also, I seem to recall that a short squatty pot is best because of the shallow root system. My mom had phenomenal success with African Violets, and I remember most of her pots were 4 or 5 inches diameter and short/squatty varieties. She was careful about watering them sparingly, and so that the leaves and surface soil stayed dry. I really love African Violets. You obviously have the touch!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Thanks everyone <3
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    Kate UK
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    made it to the end of pg 63.

    Marni - Congratulations on being down 34 lbs. That is a great accomplishment.
    I miss my Mom also. So many times I have reached for the phone to share something with her.

    Katla - I had a Roomba and a Scoobie. Sadly they both got ruined. "Someone" sucked up water with the Roomba and I'm not sure what happened to Scoobie. The one thing I didn't like is that they can't get into corners.

    Karen in Virginia - Keeping Olivia in my prayers. Thanks for sharing the photos of the little "Miracle" baby.

    Gloria in WA - My Ex? If he is trying to make amends, his isn't doing a good job of it.

    Janetr - I'm glad your grandson made it back to rehab. Praying that it "sticks".

    Mary - Victoria and Haylee are so pretty and precious.

    Heather - The photo showed us a lovely woman in a lovely red dress.
    Good news on the house. So happy for you.

    Lisa - Glad to hear your husband is on the recovery road.

    Pip - thanks for sharing your story. You are alwayss inspirational.

    Rori - Great NSV with the pant size.

    Lenora - A 5.5 lb. loss is terrific

    Joyce - I am happy to hear that your sister is at home.

    drkatiebug - Congratulations on your new size.

    Becca - That's the attitude. How could any photo do justice to your fabulousness?

    Barbie - It's great that you won a gift certificate.. You deserve to treat yourself.

    Margaret - I enjoyed "Sully"

    The weekend was nice. Well, Saturday started off a bit weird. It was crazy busy because of the play day and giving away most of the free stuff. We were also giving away free pink shirts. Some people got extreme when I announced that the 100 tshirts were gone. Anti bullying day and people berating the staff because their child didn't get one. Quite a message to send to the child. Oh well, there are always a few. Most of the crowd were happy and complimentary.

    My brother and DSIL came to Lethbridge. They picked DH and I up after I got off work. We went and looked at the STARS lottery home. Odd looking on the outside but laid out nicely inside. I could gladly live in that master suite with the espresso bar. We stopped for an afternoon coffee over my DS's objections. The evening ended at my DS house. We ordered chinese food for her since it was her anniversary. I fell off the No Sugar wagon because I am sure it was all the way through that food.

    Sunday, I had a leisurely coffee and breakfast then went for a short walk. Frank came and picked us up and we went to the farm to look over the trailer. Our friend invited us in for coffee. Finally we got to Coalhurst to see my DOB. He took one look at Frank and commanded him to lose the gut because he had enough health problems. Mel was looking very old. Apparently they had been having problems getting the dialysis right because someone had made a math error. He also had all his boosters last week. I feel terrified of losing my brother. He is very blunt right now.

    It has been busy at work with feed back sessions and surveys.
    I am missing some of my friends.

    -Sharon in Lethbridge ( snowy and cold once again)