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    Going to bed now after a disastrous evening snacking, biscuits, peanut butter on toast. Not sure why as I had been good all day. Will need to think about why I did it, I did the same 2 days ago but that was after drinking wine.
    Tomorrow is another day and will try not let myself be derailed. I've been doing this for a year now and still have a couple of pounds to lose to get to goal, wondering how to get past this time of up and down pounds. Feel like I'm just tired of it but know I need to keep going otherwise I won't be able to maintain the loss. Anyone else had this feeling of I'm fed up with this, I want to eat anything I like and to h**ll with it

    Kate UK

    This happens to me all the time.especially when I eat sugar.it sets me off on a binge
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    Congrats Charleen. I have only known one other person who would be good enough to have a quilt at that level. She is the one who taught me how to quilt. My quilts always have faults!!!!

    That picture of Olivia says to me 'What, didn't you expect me to look this good?"

    Choir practice was wonderful tonight and my heart is still just so full. Matt's response to me when I told him that today was that day that made that impact in his life was ' God is such a show off'!!!!! Ladies, never forget the impact you may have on some one some day. You never know. You may not be alive when that impact is shown. But keep on being there for your family.

    Katiebug, I agree with you on what you said to the person about the choice of 'music'. That is offensive.

    Joyce, flying high in Indiana
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    Charleen - congratulations on the quilt. You are a many talented woman. You have every right to dance around. I'm familiar with Paducah KY, we drove thru there in November, its just across the river from my mother-in-law's in MO. Best of luck in the show.

    Chris in MA - wow you rock girl. I may have worn a size 4 when I was 3 years old :) That's absolutely terrific. I love that you had a goal and went for it with all you had and it has paid off. It's such an absolute thrill and motivation for the rest of us. Good job!!

    Janetr OKC
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    I hope all of you lovely ladies have had a great day !

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    :s so close and yet so far! Back tomorrow ~ love to all.
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    Kate UK <3
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    I would've turned around and walked out if that gym so fast! How dare some guy have the gall to speak to anyone like that...and I don't think too much of his Paleo diet either! Just my opinion, I don't want to offend anyone who is a follower.

    Lois North Shore, Ma
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    morning ladies~
    got about 6 1/2 hrs sleep.. woke up to a leaky toilet that leaked into the cellar ceiling... turned off the water to that toilet and Tom will look at it Saturday..we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow during the day tomorrow , but after I get out of work, have to go up and take care of Faith will stay I guess until Saturday night. woke up to Homer barking and running around with his toy..so have been awake since 2:15am..
    second load of laundry in the wash..
    Going out with Doris and taking her to lunch, will be very very cautious with money... I dont know what will happen over the next few months so will be socking some money away..
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    charleen congrats, so exciting for you to be a semi finalist!

    Chris you are in the zone, and an inspiration

    Karen I only have one kid and she isn't launched yet, but we are entering a new era where she doesn't want to talk to me! We will see where that goes. Olivia looks like she is thriving.

    Beth glad you didn't have any serious damage from the wind storm. Lots of aggravation during clean up I'm sure

    A bit of snow heading our way, hope to have a delayed school opening on Friday, we'll see. Also was hoping that winter was fading away, but no :(

    Have a positive day everyone NYKAREN
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    Just checking in. Have a great day!
    queene in PA
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    Good Thursday morn.
    Determined to say hello before April showers.
    Intentions are good,"just get it done" kind of lags☹️.

    Been thru another wk of the "miseries" as Grma called any sickness.
    Sure fits a bout of what I call yucky gut!

    The latest big eyed pic of Olivia is beautiful.She is looking good & healthy.....a fighter for sure.
    Good thoughts to all.

    BECCA,don't you dare wander away.You know we will be keeping an eye out for you.BTW.....DDNo1 .......has been into the nopoo for like 3 yrs.Will ask details to share.Mine is stick straight,thin & thinning....on the way to being bald,so hope she doesn't think I will be joining her

    KATLA.....all good thoughts for your DH,same to BETH & any I missed.

    Welcome.I know nothing about Paleo,but willing to listen.My eating plan consists of "
    cut back,cut down"....boring,but seems to be the only thing that works for me,
    from a "dieter"
    ....when younger who tried every diet & have the bad word to prove it.Always good to learn what works for other ppl.Trainer sounds like he knows his business.Good luck.

    So many pics this mo.I will share one of our just turned 3 Great Grson.He lives in another state,but has lots of family there sharing pics.With his Aunts dog

    ALIIE..boo on more snow!We're looking for several days of in the 30's temps....but 60* today ?

    Love the "progress not perfection"
    someone mentioned.Me to a T.

    Just heard from DD No2..... being down with what sounds exactly the same as I have.Only,she lives in NC & has been a couple mos since we saw them last.Life us a funny thing
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    I think I caught up to all of you haven't been spending much time on line as I'm planning my parents 60th wedding anniversary which is coming really soon! Trying to figure out a theme for the cake - I'm thinking blue, white and silver...diamond is a hard colour to replicate :) Now what to have put on it...decisions - decisions!

    Thinking of you,

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James