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    OMG! I just ate the ears of of a Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Bunny!! 220 calories and I didn't wear my vivofit so I don't know how far I walked today. Dang!
    I'm not going to sweat the small stuff!! Just 40 calories over. :)
    Have a good evening!
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    Marcelyn: Congrats on your new grandbabies, Nelly and Killian. They are adorable.

    Kelly: Boy time flies - Joaquin looks so bright-eyed and busy tailed :) I can't believe he is a month old already! Thanks for the owl meme...just how I feel

    DJ: I love charities that pass things on free of charge. Most charities here now put items up for sale and their prices are ridiculous.

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Margaret – Because it gets so ‘hot’ so ‘quickly’ down here, pansies usually do a lot better as fall flowers. We have daffodils, tulips (but they don’t last long), hydrangeas, azaleas, and I have 2 bushes that the starts with an “S” (long name); that has pink star-shaped flowers on it; and in the fall and winter the leaves turn burgundy. We also have redbuds, Bradford pears, and several different kinds of fruit trees. I would not suggest Bradford pears because their odor is not all that pleasant; but, a lot of people use them because they grow fast; but, don’t tolerate a high wind. We have just about any kind of flower other than tropical. I have violets and orchids on my glassed-in porch. Some years I have success with my violets and other years, they are just so temperamental I don’t even try. We have irises and daylilies. I have some Shasta daisies, Confederate Jasmine (on a trellis) … it got blown over. These have yellow flowers; but, the ones with the ‘white’ flowers smell a lot better. I have the white ones, growing over a deer frame (old Christmas decorations); but, you can’t tell it is a ‘deer’ because it grows too fast to keep it trained. Wisteria grows like crazy here; but, is so invasive because of the shoots it has. Most people try to keep it contained. We’re in Zone 8 and pretty much can grow anything as long as it gets the right amount of sun/shade/water.

    Katla – Did DD put her phone into a bowl of ‘rice’? I hear that pulls out the water from the phone and then maybe a ‘new’ SIM card back into it.

    I thought that April the giraffe had her baby a few weeks ago; maybe it was just another one that did.

    Julia – I usually pre-log my meals to make sure of the caloric intake for the day; and, now much exercise I need to off-set it; but, I don’t ‘eat back my calories’; I just show if I am over and move on; I will print out the CI/CO and my Nutritionists can look at what I am doing; go back to when I was losing if I am on a plateau and see what I was doing the last time I fell off the last plateau.

    The carrot strawberries are a cute idea!

    Becca – Several years ago we visited with my sister down in Miami and Haulover is the nude beach down there. South Beach is the 'freaky folks' of all types. There was one guy who sort of was the ‘police’ on the beach. If he saw someone doing something inappropriate; he would make them leave. On his right butt cheek he has a USDA Meat Inspection tattoo. For someone his age; he had a pretty tone bod. He’d run people off the boardwalk from taking pictures as well. The cops would keep them moving, too. Bushes blocking most views and it was a pretty good distance away (if I remember correctly). You are correct that ‘once’ you get ‘over feeling a bit self-conscious you saw and talked to the person, not the body. You find out so much more about someone when you are looking them eye-to-eye. Not eye-to-boob or eye-to-pecker.

    Talking about giraffe babies … I understand the folded up legs in the mommy; but, how about the neck?

    Carey in Northern Alberta – You can keep the ‘snow’ in April. I don’t even like it every 7 – 10 years! Not even 3” worth.

    Marcelyn – It been years since we’ve gone diving. Sure do miss it; but, it is an expensive hobby to have, especially on a ‘set income’.

    Love the baby pictures. I keep telling myself to scan in some sibling pixs and post them; just been too lazy to do so.

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    Hi all!
    Off to cricket today with DH. Hope I won't be too bored! As it's my first time at a big ground I expect I will find something interesting. I'm not going to stay all day. I need to wrap up warm and wear my big, black, sun hat and lots of sun cream. Take a book. At the moment it's warm in the sun and cool in the shade.
    I'm going to give him his present in a moment. A detective book, set in France, and a box of cherries, soaked in Kirsch and dipped in chocolate. :D I know he has got me something and I hope it isn't fattening. I think he knows better. :laugh:

    Love all the baby grandchildren! <3 Gorgeous! Marcelyn, how you manage with 13, I don't know. My brother has 10.

    I had a thought yesterday as I was walking along the sea front with my friend. I do have quite painful hips when I walk. After about an hour, or earlier sometimes, they become really quite uncomfortable and spoil any pleasure I have in the walk. I am told it is just wear and tear and usually I take a painkiller, before I set off, if I remember. Yesterday my hips were far less painful than usual and only mildly complained towards the end of the three miles. I am wondering if the turmeric capsules I have been taking twice a day for a couple of weeks are actually doing something. (I am very sceptical, but I thought I would give it a try) If so, I am delighted!
    I went to bed really early for me, as I was exhausted after my bad night previously and I slept for eight hours! :drinker: I am pleased with myself for not giving in to the strong temptation to have a drink when I got in (having had a lunch time drink the temptation is stronger) All I had was a low alcohol cider with my meal and came in under calories for the day. o:)
    I like myself so much better when my self control is in control and drinking definitely does not do me any favours. I am getting a lot of AF days in these days, but I'm not ready to give it up altogether.

    Love you ladies. Now to take the Easter Bunny up his cup of tea.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

    PS - In the UK, Easter Sunday is the only day in the year when big supermarkets are obliged by law to stay closed.
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    Thanks all for your kind words. I am 100 per cent better today.

    Leah - It is such a special time when our chicks come home to roost. Enjoy your son.

    Lisa - Spur- of - the - moment vacations are the best. Keep enjoying.

    Chris - This journey seems a little easier if you have at least one like-minded friend.
    Looks like your "carrots" turned out well and I love your bunny dishes.

    Carey - Sorry you got that dump of snow so far we only have a dusting. I am hoping for a lot of sunshine tomorrow.

    Purl62 - Riding on the beach sounds like fun. I love all the smiles in this photo.

    Marcelyn - The babies are so cute! You really are blessed to have the grandchildren so close to you.

    Kelly - Listening to birds in the morning is a real joy.
    I love to blast Pat Benatar when I need energized.

    Ginger - I love your music list. Hoarders or 600 lb. life both inspire me but in such different ways. DH doesn't get why I sometimes watch those shows. We cleaned out our old trailer and there is so much stuff. DH thinks that if 1 is good then 3 or 4 is better. Trying to pare down as I move stuff into the new trailer.

    Slept in until 8:30 this morning. Larry was , of course, busy right away. It is almost like he considers coffee and conversation a waste of time.

    Our accountant called and wants me to find some more expenses. We can't do anything about the income but maybe we can offset with more expenses. (not sure how I can do this). Taxes are complete but he doesn't want to submit until we see if we can do this. I hate taxes but then who doesn't. Larry's CPP contribution this year was $4500. We will be able to get rid of that once he is 65.

    Made pot roast in the slow cooker for supper because I knew we would be most of the afternoon out at the trailers. I am so grateful that Jason came out to help us. We certainly wouldn't have got as much done. The old trailer is cleared out. We'll give it a little TLC, make the bed up pretty and take some photos. We need to get it up for sale before the long weekend in May. I hope it sells quickly. A lot of stuff in a trailer for two people. I am really hoping that Larry will be willing to part with a few things.

    Invited my sister for supper with us. She didn't come because that would require putting on clothes. I am not sure how she is going to do on the way back from Texas. She flies to Amarillo on Monday, they will stay over night in the apartment that Les has been living in. He wants to see so much on the way back and thought 10 - 14 days. She wants to be back in 5-7. I'm sure he will find a casino to keep her happy for a day.

    Looking forward to dinner tomorrow. I will probably be over but will log to see which are the biggest dangers. I suspect it might be the vegetables that Jheri is making for her uncle (aka carrot cake with cream cheese icing) or the brown butter cake with buttercream icing and salted caramel. The photo she sent me had me drooling.

    Have a Happy Easter
    -Sharon in Southern Alberta
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    Morning, all,

    Glad to be back in our little corner of the world. Elsewhere is nice, but home is best.

    Really enjoyed our time away, and we got a chance to do some talking. We both feel as if we've been unfocused and just in reactive mode for a few years now, instead of working toward something together. Corey shattering that wrist made it plain that we don't have all the time in the world--it could have been so much worse. I'm so grateful he didn't crack his skull when he hit that concrete floor.

    So, I'll be putting together a spreadsheet this morning, and Cor has planned some sort of graphic representation of our progress--probably like one of those charity thermometers--to show how far we've come and how far we've got to go. I've got to come up with a realistic number that we can save each month, and the plan is to put away enough money to buy land outright in Arkansas, without having to dink around with banks, etc. And to do it within one year. April 3 is the target date--late enough in the spring to get the snow off the ground up there, and early enough to still get plants in the ground, one hopes.

    We did something similar when we were trying to get out of the debt we both brought to the marriage--we threw everything at it, under the snowball theory of debt reduction, and paid off more than $120,000 in debt in a bit over two years. We know we're capable of it--and it's time.

    Plus, considering that I can work from anywhere with the new job starting May 1, we should be able to do it and still allow me to keep my job. I just have to get the expectations set in this next year that I will schedule all in-person meetings for one week each month--the same week that I'll be in the monthly organizational meeting up in New Mexico. That would mean that, even living in Arkansas, I can come back into the area down here for one week, stay here at the warehouse (if it hasn't sold by then) go to all meetings for the month, then head back to Arkansas and be there for the rest of the month. All other meetings would need to be Skype, or other networked virtual meetings. I think it's very doable--if I'm doing a lot of emergency donor meetings, I'm not doing my job right.

    Plus, I have a niece halfway in between who would love to see me, and I can stay there on the way to keep the drive from being too awfully long on travel weekends.

    If the warehouse has sold, I can simply rent a weekly hotel room in a nice part of town in Midland or Odessa for my in-town stuff. But we'll just cross that bridge at that time.

    Off to go put rational figures together and get our butts back on a money diet!

    I might just do something similar for weight goals. Hmmm.... :blush:

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in West Texas
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    Hello everybody,
    Most of us have some problems and hardships in our life. But we should be happy all the time, because it could be worse than now.
    Have a beautiful day you all.
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    Hello all, took advantage of the long weekend to go visit my parents today, two hour drive each way, so making 10000 steps is good considering. Mum said I was looking trimmer and moving better. Helped dad figure out how to use message bank on their landline and helped both adjust their facebook notifications.
    My non stick pan stopped being non stick so I went looking for a cast iron pan to replace it, ended up getting one at Aldi, part of their camping range. Kite festival to go to tomorrow, hope to get some good photos.
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    Kate UK <3
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    Very beautiful. <3
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    Happy Easter for those who celebrate. As part of her Maundy Thursday message our pastor encouraged us as we meet people that we tell them we will pray for them. At the Y I met a school bus driver who rides motorcycles as we parted I said I will pray over you as you drive the bus and ride your motorcycle. The next day I met a mother and her gifted daughter. The daughter already was recognized as gifted before Kindergarten. Again I said I will pray over them as they find their way with the daughter's gift. Both encounters were an uplifting experience for me to the start of Easter weekend. I prefer to say pray over rather than for you. I had a bad experience once when someone I did not know well said I am praying for you because she thought their was something wrong with me. I found it very condescending thus I prefer over and makes sure I am doing it from a place of love. Now I am thinking I like may my prayers surround you as you go about your day.

    So to all my wonderful friends here on this site. May my prayers surround you as you go about your day.

    :heart: Margaret