What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • KareninLux wrote: »
    That your glasses would fit different. I had not taken any new pics of myself in my glasses because I only wear them for driving and shopping. I caught myself in a security video while at the store and noticed how different my glasses looked. I had to come home and do a comparison pic. Another 50 pounds and I'll need some tiny glasses to go with my tiny head.

    amazing transformation!!! you like like your own daughter!!!

    You have wonderful cheekbones!!

    And a Reese Witherspoon chin! ❤
  • BeGrandLike
    BeGrandLike Posts: 184 Member
    ladyreva78 wrote: »

    I've always done that with money and my ID when going out. :tongue: Leads to some funny situations when you want to pay and have to start digging around your boobs because you can't remember which side you stuck that cash in...

    Ha, I used to do that too! Small denominations in leftie, bigger ones in rightie, and ID/lipstick got tucked into my boots. Who needs pockets anyway? ;)
  • youdoyou2016
    youdoyou2016 Posts: 393 Member
    Theo166 wrote: »

    I just couldn't resist the opportunity to say "ignore Tacklewasher" :p
    Normally I have to agree with everything you say!

    I was actually wondering about this and was thinking, "Poor Tacklewasher," especially as I successfully use the hammer and nail method myself. :smiley:
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