What is a particular "health" food that you can't stand?



  • lemurcat12
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    Health food, I guess it depends on what you define as health food. Most of the things that I don't like I also don't really think are health foods. So far I haven't found a vegan protein powder I enjoy, but I'm not convinced those are health foods. Low fat cheese and turkey bacon, ugh, but again not health foods IMO. I like nearly all vegetables. Don't really think of cottage cheese as a health food, but I love it.

    Thinking. Maybe kombucha, but I haven't really tried it. Rice cakes or some kind of high fiber cold cereal, but again I wouldn't consider them a health food.
  • Sunna_W
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    Protein bars... they all have way too much sugar and other unhealthy stuff in them.
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    Tuna. I've tried. I just hate it, and always will.

    I like tuna steak and tuna sashimi, but hate canned tuna so much. It just reminds me of canned cat food. Just looking at it is unpleasant for me, but I know this is weird and irrational so I don't let on, as most people seem to enjoy it.

    Snap! I ate canned tuna once at a friends house, only out of politeness - it was in a pasta dish. Other than that, it doesn't go past my lips. Bleurgh.
  • pwrlipstick
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    LOL all the kale comments!!
    I can't stand avocado! I don't know if it's the texture, or the taste, or the whatever...but it's so icky and overrated to me!

    Okay, I lowkey don't like avocados! It's definitely a texture thing for me.
  • brittyn3
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    Kale. Kale can whither and die a slow painful death under the sun, for all I care.
  • EllaLeahB
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    Beets and seaweed
  • hesn92
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    Raw kale..... Ick. I do make a soup with kale in it that's delicious but the kale is cooked.
  • yancystreet
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    kale seems to win. its like eating a spider.

    I have never been able to eat a single anchovy.
  • Theo166
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    Cauliflower is good, with CHEESE
  • taylormoooon
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    Raw Avocado by itself and beets.