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No diet or exercise



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    I started taking a multivitamin every morning in college with my thyroid medication and inexplicably lost 9lbs that month. I don't know if it made my medication more effective, or if it subconsciously made me feel (and act) healthier. It encouraged me to start exercising a little the next month (just jazzercise style) and watching what I ate (still ate tons of pasta and pizza tho, just less overall) and I lost 60lbs in 4 months. I kind of wonder if that stupid vitamin may have made me go hyperthyroid somehow.
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    Tapeworms are not an urban legend for weight loss (as in, they were definitely marketed for a long time as a weight loss product). And while a person can be infected without symptoms (including no weight loss), they can also cause serious potentially side effects (upset stomach, abdominal pain, even physical obstruction of ducts) which contributes to weight loss at that stage. Keep in mind, buying tapeworms is ILLEGAL in the US for weight loss for these reasons, plus public health and food safety reasons (those tapeworms infect cows/pigs and cause the meat to be rejected for consumption and financially impact farmers and detrimentally affect the health of their herds/stock).

    Here is a semi-recent article about a woman in Iowa who bought one online: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/08/16/tapeworm-weight-loss-scam/2666005/

    Here is a CDC article about the disease for those biology/parasitology nerds out there:

    Fun fact: it is SUPER common for dogs and cats to get tapeworms, which they get from fleas (also mentioned in the CDC article), but that type doesn't really affect humans, and they barely affect dogs/cats (mostly because people freak out when they see the "rice" segments (aka the tapeworm segments) in their pet's feces).

    ETA: sorry if this is TMI for some folks!
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    Cold showers, something about converting white fat to brown fat. Brown fat is what the body burns for energy.

    And drugs, do alot of heroin you'll slim right up. Lol jk don't.
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    I want to market a new fad diet. It's called the "Smack Your Hand Diet." It works every time for everyone. All you do is hire someone to follow you around and smack your hand whenever you reach for a food that exceeds your calorie limit.

    I've been advocating this for years. You could employ 4 people in a rotating shift full-time / person (or have set shifts for a greater number). It'd still be cheaper than weight loss surgery.
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    I read a comment here who said something like: if it's legal it doesn't works, if it's illegal it will harm you.

    There's also appetite suppressants. But they're not magical, you've to eat at a deficit and keep your energy balance after losing weight wich is hard for someone who hasn't learned to regulate his nutrition and control his appetite himself.
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    My mother once told me that when she was young some doctors gave tape worms in a capsule. You swallowed it, lost weight over time, then they treated the tape worm. I'm not desperate enough to infect myself with a parasite - yet.

    I've heard of tape worms but I didn't know doctors are the ones who were behind it. That's insane and extremely dangerous.
    Not modern doctors, at any rate. We're talking late 1800s to early 1900s here, really.

    Exactly! If you want to be horrified and entertained at the same time, check out the ads in reproductions of Victorian magazines and newspapers - arsenic was another popular item.
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    There is a "smack yourself" technique. It's called a rubber band. Snap it every time you are overwhelmed by a compulsion. It can "snap" you out of it.
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    Bariatric surgery along with diet and exercise. Highly successful.

    Doesn't bariatric surgery literally work by enforcing CICO?
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    The crohn's malabsorption diet
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    The crohn's malabsorption diet

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    Have any of you tried to lose weight without diet or exercise, such as taking diet pills, using body wraps, or even as crazy as freezing your body to get thin. If you have tried a different method what was it and did it help?

    Phentermine plus fenfluramine (phen/fen) worked marvelously for me, but fenfluramine was of course withdrawn from the market due to damaging hearts, and that soured me on the whole diet pill thing.

    I didn't learn healthy eating habits when my appetite was artificially suppressed by taking a legal amphetamine-like drug and I gained the weight back when I stopped taking it.
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    I want to market a new fad diet. It's called the "Smack Your Hand Diet." It works every time for everyone. All you do is hire someone to follow you around and smack your hand whenever you reach for a food that exceeds your calorie limit.

    Nuns that have retired from Catholic school teaching?

    Perfect! They could also have a bell and follow you yelling "shame" if you exceed your calorie target for the day.

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    I look at like if you're hungry eat, not to feel full, just satisfied, be conscious about what you're taking into your body, stay away from trigger foods or alcohol that will forget how much calories you're taking in and if you are going to be physically active feed yourself to maintain strength so you do lose energy or risk injury. Simple guidelines to follow
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    I tried body wrap, didn't work. Tried diet pills didn't work.
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    LVNF04 wrote: »
    I tried body wrap, didn't work. Tried diet pills didn't work.

    because those things dont work.
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    Is this question for realsies?