LOSE 55 POUNDS BY CHRISTMAS!! June - December!! Who's with me??



  • momnproud24
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    I'm in
  • laurac2605
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    Me!!! I'm in!!
  • hsparksjr1980
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    I am in. Arizona
  • junodog1
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    About 2 pounds a week for 6 months? Too much for me. I'll stay at 1 pound.

    Good luck with this.
  • joanlubin
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    Im in
  • mama_shakes
    mama_shakes Posts: 32 Member
    I'm in Durham UK and have exactly 55 lbs left to lose to my target so I'm in

    AWESOME!!!! You got this!!!!!! What's your current workout routine look like???? I'm a gym girl 5-6 days a week!!
  • mama_shakes
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    kal900 wrote: »
    yeah, go on then! I've lost 65 and plateauing... I need to refocus for the next 60!

    YOUGOT THIS!!!!!!!
  • rockne
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    I'm in
  • orochiwarrior
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    I have lost 18 pounds so far, 100 to go. Looking to lose 55 by Christmas
  • SammaBread
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    I want to loose about 50 lbss total, I'm not giving myself a time but I need allthe support I can get :D if I can do it by then that would be [email protected]!
  • SouthernMamaUnderConsruction
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    How's everyone doing?
  • I'm from Arkansas and I have 33 more lbs to lose.
  • sdavmor
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    I'm Steven in California. Originally from London, England. I've taken off 17 lbs by myself and would like that to be 20 lbs by the end of the month. A little bit of public accountability would help in my long-term goal of getting off the rest of the weight. Which is abut 100 lbs to be honest. I'm at 288 lbs right now. I'd like to get back to the weight at which I played rugby for many years -- 185 lbs. I think 55 lbs in the 2nd half of the year is a good goal, and one that with some effort and discipline is doable. Even if I don't take off 2 lbs a week in this challenge whatever I do take off will be a plus. So count me in to try to lose 55 lbs by Christmas.
  • Doresoontobehealthy
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    I would love to lose 55 lbs and if it happened by Christmas that would be the best gift ever.
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    I'd like to join this callenge.

    Returning to MFP after dealing with the death of my mom. I've gained about 35 lbs. I'd like to lose it again plus more. I have 49.2 lbs to lose in total to reach my goal of 140 lbs.

    I'm in British Columbia, Canada. Female, 48 yrs old, 5'3".