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    Well didn't really feel like making a salad, so I just ate everything separately!


    Wrapped the lettuce around my turkey, with the cranberries and pumpkin seeds tucked inside with a dot of dressing. It was a fun meal!
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    Pip, You Rock!

    Allie, Hugs friend. Know you are stronger than you can even imagine. Know that this process will leave you feeling empowered. Some things I have noticed since you and I became friends: You sound stronger within your self when your life isn't inter mingled with Tom. He limits your potential. You, my friend are stronger than him. Throughout this process, you will prevail, and he will become more disillusioned. These are just observations but know we all care bout' YOU!!
    Luv ya!

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    A pic of our old RV, that was parked across the street, ( before the bank took it). Found this on my manager's Facebook page so I saved it! Elk seem to like the RV!
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    Played second dAy of tournament today. Completely wiped me out. Will be back tomorrow.
    SueBDew in TX
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    LizAnna: We always make room for a new friend. Welcome to a great group. Tell us a bit about yourself. :flowerforyou:

    It has been a good day. I have my car back, we got DH's car washed but it still needs some attention, and we had a lovely evening on the deck. I had a conversation with DD on the phone and she'd like us to visit her in Illinois in September. That might be just right for us. I hope we can make it work. We're planning on a road trip. We want to visit friends in Montana and see natonal parks along our way. Mount Rushmore is on our list.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    Tibetan proverb: "The secret to living well and long is: Eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure..."

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    Kate UK <3
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    Morning everyone!

    We were planning to go to Brussels at the end of the month to meet up with friends from Oregon, but they cancelled this morning because of family medical problems. Fortunately, we had not yet booked our transportation, so will only be out the hotel deposit. My DH asked if I wanted to go anyway, but I told him that high tourist season is not the time I really want to go. Plus, this way, my weight loss progress will not be thrown off again. I really want to lose another 30 or 40 pounds by the end of November, which is when I need to apply for my supplemental health insurance.

    Kate: You DH is definitely a pearl.

    Mary: Having a deductible that high is terrible! I really don't understand health care in the USA.

    Chris: Congratulations on the weight loss!

    Lanette: The garden tour sounds like fun! I love rhododendrons!

    Karenontario: Welcome to the group!

    Louise in Vegas: The smoked salt on the watermelon sounds tasty! I like to serve goat cheese on watermelon, but had not thought of salt! Congratulations on the loss!

    Lenora: Your elephant comment made me laugh!

    Becca: The salad looks lovely! What an amazing strawberry!

    Vicki: Don't be discouraged! Weight really does bounce around. If you have an Iphone or ipad, you could try using HappyScale. It calculates your moving average, so the bounces up and down don't seem quite so important. Something similar must exist for android and the PC.

    Allie: Sending you virtual hugs! His downfall will be the fact that he underestimates you!

    Liz-Anna: Welcome to the group! What a pretty name!

    Ginger: Your zone system for cleaning is encouraging me to do the same!

    Cheri in TX: Thanks for the book recommendation!

    Leigh in France
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    Margaret three more days.......you will get there........... <3
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    Mary - epson salt didn't really take the itching away from me for long. It was only a temporary fix. Maybe it was the amount? I admit that I didn't put a lot of salt in the water. How much do you usually use? I soaked for an hour in baking soda. I put a lot in since we have a lot from the pool. I'm happy for you that it worked.

    katla - I find it ever so helpful to be here, even tho I am on maintenance. It's so easy to overestimate or have a lot of good-for-you foods that are high in calories (like avocado). Like I'm surprised how many calories there are in bananas and sweet potatoes!

    Heather - here's hoping your dh gets better fast

    karen - welcome! You sound so upbeat, and that's so good

    Dana - here's hoping you get better real fast. There's the plaster of paris handprint of Vince's from when he was real young hanging in the bathroom at the condo. I usually donate stuff to the Salvation Army mainly because I can't be bothered pricing things and then having a garage sale. Your pic about "behind every successful woman" is so appropriate for here.

    Louise - what are otter pops? I have made (I need to make more) "pops". I take a 32oz container of greek yogurt, a 12 oz can of OJ concentrate, thaw the concentrate (do not reconstitute it), mix the two together and pour into pop molds. Each pop is about 90 calories.

    Lenora - our first cat got skunked. He would lay somewhere and then move because he couldn't stand the smell. He didn't realize that the smell was coming from him.....lol We tried the tomato juice, it didn't really work. The vet did give us this stuff to pour on him and it took the skunk smell away. I think that was the only time he ever willingly let us soak him down....lol

    Jessica was looking for a car around here. She took a few for road tests. I think she scared the c*** out of some of the car salesmen. she wanted to see the pickup on the car so she'd really rev it up. I have a GPS in my car and honestly, I wish I didn't, only because it would be pretty expensive to constantly update it. I have a GPS on my phone for newer locations.

    Did an hour of Transform Your Body by Brooke Burke DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Jillian Michael's Shed and Shred DVD

    Sarah - you know what they say about cooking with wine: "never cook with something that you wouldn't drink". And how would you know if you'd drink it or not if you didn't try it????

    Gained some weight at the bowling party, but have gotten it off. Was pleased to see that this morning. Hope it continues

    barbie - I'm starting to take a cue from you, I'm trying posting in the morning.

    Yesterday I soaked, then made Vince a chocolate cake which I'll keep in the freezer for when I need it. I'd forgotten that I wanted to make him jello to see if what I want to do for the pool party will work. Wish I had some sort of cookie so I could see if that crumbled.Then we went to Lowe's Hardware to get more straw but cut the lawn. I, as usual, ran the walk behind and weed wacker. Had dinner. I'm going to make the tie blankets for the kids for christmas (I'll just send the one I have to Bryan), so got one of them ready. I only have to make 3 this year and I know they go fast. Hopefully, if we go to FL in July I can do it down there.

    Allie - I think your suspicions are spot on. Why don't you try confronting Tom with the fact that he has the concert tickets for the same weekend. See what he says. You can even offer to go to the concert with him. <Like that's going to happen> You go girl taking those pictures! Boy, when this is all over, are you ever going to make out!

    Liz-Ann - we ALWAYS have room for another...or two....or three......

    Felicia - when I read in Hints from Heloise today "Oregon can safely say that 99 percent of all hazelnuts in the US are grown in the Willamette Valley", I immediately thought of you

    Decided on our meals for next week and my exercise for next week. Now to log the foods here.

    I'm thinking that I want to get a box of teddy grahams (I'm sure Vince won't have a problem finishing them) and candy (I'll donate the rest to the soup kitchen...or maybe keep them for the pool party if they'll stay) just to see if the teddy grahams will get soft and sink

    Becca - doesn't Allie sound stronger? I'm so glad she's taking steps forward. Love, love, love your food pics. You do so much

    katla - I need to wash my car. I did a few months ago, but it's starting to get dirty. I do want to wait for a cool day, tho.

    Carey - great loss!

    Michele in NC