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    going to wash my hair, and having a cup of tea..will go down and see Mary and then come up to see my DFIL, then take the boys for a walk..
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    Happy Friday, tidying up, saying goodbye to my sweet students, and planning to hit the road tomorrow-despite rain in the forecast.

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    DH and I are up looking out at the rain. :/ I suppose we will get ready to get out of here and on the way to Norfolk VA for the Cajun Boogaloo Festival. We love festivals because of the music and variety of food. This one typically features great seafood, crawfish, alligator, and other Louisiana dishes. The music is fantastic. DH was a little down because it’s raining but I was able to find the weather in Norfolk. It is cloudy there today with temperatures expected to reach 93! Whew! Our hotel is on the waterfront with a balcony. I expect we will be able to sit on the balcony and enjoy the music from the festival if the heat gets to be too much for us.

    Our first anniversary is Monday. Hard to believe it’s been a whole year. <3

    KJ: I laughed at your remark about complimenting your husband whenever he got near the grill or stove. My DH’s family believed that men do not belong in the kitchen so he ever learned how to cook. He knew how to put together a couple of things to eat if he was on his own but that was it. One day he decided that he was going to fry some chicken wings. I told him they were the best fried chicken wings I ever had, much better than when I fried them. So once every 2 weeks I would tell him that I had a taste for some of his chicken wings and he would have them ready when I got home for work. After a while he decided that if he could fry chicken wings he could fry fish. Today he would happily tell you that I said he is the best fish fryer in the world. I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I fried either. I intend to keep telling him that nobody can fry either better than he can.

    Pip: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You and Kirby are so wonderful. <3<3

    Allie: Sending comforting hugs! Glad you had a good time at the aquarium. Remember that you can’t move forward if you keep looking back. Feel bad for the girlfriend you know, by experience, what the end result will be. I am thinking about the wonderful times you have ahead of you to do whatever you desire.

    Tere in RVA

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    Good morning! Happy Friday!
    Allie- Sending hugs to you! Take deep breaths, stand tall and stay the course! Seeing his texts on his phone; you now know exactly where his mind/heart are and you have things in motion to take care of you. Stay strong and know that we are all with you! <3
    Heather- I love your Symptoms list! I think most days I find inner peace. I would love to have this all day, every day. I tend to feel most at peace in the early morning.
    Pip- Happy belated anniversary to you and Kirby! You are both just as beautiful now as you were then! Wonderful pic!

    This is my last weekend before my DD and baby Joaquin arrive! I have a bit more outside house work to do. Screens and windows need to be done, powerwash the exterior of the house and powerwash and stain the back stairwell and swing.
    If I can get the powerwashing done on Saturday, that will allow me to stain on Sunday. I also have to mow the lawn. DH and DYS will be cutting down the dead tree in the back yard. Oooo...I have to buy my flowers, too. Fuschia hanging pots and some Sunpatiens for the planter.

    Sending good energy, prayers, and love to you all! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    thanks for all the love xoxoxo
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    Good Morning Ladies!
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    Good morning :)

    Managed to get a few minutes on the computer this morning -

    Heather I had to let you know that they have a new model of the instant pot out that now does everything but sing to you. 9 functions instead of 7 so you might find that the 7 will shortly go down in price. Here's a link to the new list of features. instantpot.com/benefits/specifications-and-manuals/instant-pot-ip-duo-series-specifications

    Whoever has their instant pot in the box (sorry I was reading quickly) - I did the same thing because I was scared of the high pressure. Mine stayed in the box for almost a year and I decided this was silly so I watched a couple of youtube videos on how to use it and got over the fear. My first attempt was a beef roast and I was hooked! Frozen roast in 50 minutes it was delicious and my pork ribs are awesome! I especially appreciate being able to brown/saute prior to pressure cooking or slow cooking in the same pot - fewer dishes. What a plus!

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Barbie: I'm glad to hear that you went inside to rest when you had the sinking spell. I'm curious about how it felt and am glad the rest helped. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: I love the symptoms of inner peace. I need to work on one or two items. :embarassed:

    I am currently trying to figure out how to protect my blueberries from deer. They've been visiting our yards this year & are known to love blueberries. I have an idea or two. Evidently I also have a bit of time. I'm looking at the idea of netting and trying to figure out how to use it effectively. The information on the internet says they'll wait for the berries to ripen so I have a little time. I'd love to hear about effective solutions.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" -Audrey Hepburn
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    Stronglift Workout B
    Squats-1X5X 55/65, 5X5X 80
    OHP- 1X5X 45, 5X5X 50
    DL- 15X 125

    Kettlebell Swing
    GobletSquats- 3X5X35
    Russian Kettlebell Swing- 14X7X35

    June move your @$$ Challenge
    I am going to be walking around most of the day today at Country Jam concert!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Thank you DJ! I appreciate your comment!!
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    Wow Dana, I have never seen a blueberry bush like that! I always thought they were close to the ground. ;)

    The half naked hunks have been back and raked the bare patches and seeded them. Then they watered them! Bless! The company I used is on Checkatrade and is obviously looking for a good review. :D Happy to do that. Don't think I'll mention the view! :o

    Delicious squid stew tonight. <3 I had 2 units of white wine with it and feel rather woozy. Now that I don't drink regularly I'm a real lightweight! ;) Last of the gooseberries for tonight. We have a freezer full of fruit and more blackcurrants to come.

    On Sunday we are off to DH's sister 64 for her birthday party. She always has it in her garden. The 91 year old aunt will be there. Today his sister has taken that aunt (maternal) right across the whole country to see the other aunt (paternal) 86. Amazing energy! I could not do that a couple of days before a big garden party. :noway: I am very fond of DSIL. <3 We will be staying in her new spare room in her new extension. :D My intention is not to drink too much. I am taking some low alcohol cider with me. :*

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    DJ – Do you use Outlook on your computer? Have you checked for updates (not upgrades, that cost $$$); if it is giving you problems, maybe it is because an update did not update. You can put it on ‘auto update’. Also do you clear you cookies, history, and that on your Internet, such as Google or IE? I can’t remember where it is; upper right-hand corner and on a drop down screen?

    I’m had a mild headache every evening for at least a week to 10 days. This morning, about an hour ago, I got nauseous and now my headache is back. I thought I could take my wrought iron chair to have the ‘curly que’ on the arm to the muffler place and have it welded again; but, Louis tells me ‘it isn’t road worthy’. He tells me he’ll get it fixed – like the porch; I will believe it when I see it. It’s not like it is going to break the bank. Six hundred dollars including materials. I just had one of my protein bars. I can’t even remember if I have eaten much else today.

    Barbie – I know what you feel like with the ‘sinking spells’. If I get up or down or move my head quickly or get too hot, I’m going to have one. Been sitting on my porch and enjoying everything. What a refuse.

    Gee, I am not sure how you get them out of the cloud; but, I know it can be done. I get my Tech to Us technicians help me with stuff like that.

    Allie – It sounds like you have stayed close to some of Tom’s family. FnL and now SnL.

    Chris and Mahka – I’ll be thrilled and at my goal when I hit 145lbs. I’ve really watched what I have eat; except for Friday when we had ‘date night’ and Father’s Day. Both, I went way over, and only exercised on Friday. I take Sundays off an don’t do anything.

    Heather – That reminds me of the cartouche that a friend brought home for Egypt when she was there. Mine is silver and hers is gold. The only symbol I recognize is the ‘bird’ which is an ‘O’ according to the hieroglyphic I have found; and, it does spell out my name. But, it may mean something totally different when added to the 2 feathers.

    Tere – Happy 1st anniversary on Monday. That first year and a good bit of the 2nd are learning how each does things, what they expect, etc. One of the first things that Will did at Tami’s was redo her kitchen throwing out about 50 plastic butter dishes she saved to send with Mallory to school for her lunch. Will told her they had plenty enough ‘gift cards’ to buy Tupperware and that was what they’d be doing later that day. Will is a ‘strange’ young man insofar as what he does and expects. It is “Will’s way or the highway!” in a lot of what he does. She is a good cook but he did not like her chicken and dumplings at all and talked about it all during the meal, it upset her so that she went into the bedroom and cried, then she did not cook anything for 2 days.

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    Well I am definitely getting my walking in! One hours worth of walking Annabelle, then son, husband and I are walking the river path for 30 minutes. I have been jogging off and on with son on that. Yeah me!

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