What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    I have 4 weeks of 'single living' - gf is off to Argentina for volunteer stuff. She went yesterday and although I miss her like mad, it is already nice to only have my food to think about/prep.

    So no moping, no sitting. Using the time to:

    start stronglifts - which means learning how to use the stuff on the 'scary' side of the gym!
    swim 2km every morning, no excuses
    get back to my 3 runs a week on C25K (on week 8, day 2, so not much left)
    when I complete C25K, start park runs on Saturdays and have a similar run on Tues/Weds

    and not weight-related, but I have a load of stuff that I was going to ebay over a year ago. That is all coming downstairs to the table so that I get it done!!

    done 1 routine of stronglifts - need to plan better as socialising kinda keeps getting in the way
    swam 2km all week - this morning failed due to back pain and stupidly hot pool, was annoyed
    done one run - second tomorrow and done nothing regarding selling stuff - baby steps!