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    Weird but I now have really noticeable pre-Shark Week cravings. Like a couple days ago I was willing to commit murder if I couldn't find chocolate. I never used to have them or at least notice it. I wonder if it's because I no longer really crave sweets or junk on regular days so the only cravings left are hormonal and so they stand out more? All I know is I'm gonna invest in a couple of high quality choclate bars to store for next month.
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    Ladies only guys proceed to next person
    So my time of month had been 27 days after last time ended as I gained weight and i thought age it moved to 23 days after last stopped well as I am losing weight I noticed it is going back to less frequent last month was 25 and this one was 26.

    After a month of healthy eating mine swung from 28-29 days, to 35!!! My husband and I both freaked out a little although I figured it was the changes to my diet. The next month it was back to 28.

    How interesting! These two comments kind of go together for me. I've been doing this two months now, and in those two months my cravings—which were not so much for chocolate but for as much salt and fat as I could possibly find—have disappeared. And since the cravings were how I knew my period was on its way I had no idea when it struck these past two months. Unfortunately, unlike @Seattleovercast my cycle has actually gotten SHORTER! You may have stolen my extra week of peace. I might be willing to give it up not to have the cravings though ...

    Now that you mention it, I can always tell when it's time because all the sugar, fat, and salt cravings I dealt with on a daily basis all but disappear until right before Shark Week. My awareness to it has developed!
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    That my butt would lose some shape. ☹ I'm down 60 some lbs, with 40 lbs to go and noticed today that my butt isn't as shapely as it used to be. Currently searching Pinterest for butt building workouts. Haha

    Lunges Lunges Lunges

    I had no butt when I was overweight and even less now. But what I do have is much perkier (and therefore looks much more shapely) because I have strengthened those muscles back there. That and certain yoga poses can help. But try to do private classes (don't do them at home) because you may be doing the poses wrong and seriously do some long term damage. Private courses give you great one on one attention.

    I had no but before and nothing after. Lunges are good, squats are good, but what helped me the most has been weighted hip thrusters!

    That just sounds dangerous!!

    nah they're pretty awesome. You can do them laying on the floor too.


    Heck yeah! Hip thrusts gave me my booty back after losing 75 pounds. Of course, I was in a surplus to facilitate building muscle. I can now hip thrust 270#+ (haven't tested my max in a while).

    The book Strong Curves has several different programs for building a booty and nice legs. You do some variation of a hip thrust with every workout. It starts with easier bodyweight exercises to ease into the weighted hip thrust in the beginner program.
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    Love everything.

    My hip thrust weight is a measly 20lbs at the moment. Got to get myself some weights!
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    I've been asked if I have cancer and also if I had a serious illness... some people just have too much imagination. I wouldn't take it seriously.

    That's crazy, people are just so gossipy
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    I'll just put this here, as I'm baffled by this.

    Rumours are crazy. I was told last night that several people have asked a close work colleague of mine if I had stopped drinking!! So in order to lose weight it only takes the ommitance of alcohol, do they assume all I do in drink in my spare time??? WTH?? Weirdly as really I hardly drink at all, maybe a glass of wine or 2 at a nice restaurant, like once a month or more!! Plus they said she must have stopped drinking beer!! I'm almost positive that nobody from work has ever seen me drink a beer and I've worked here for over 25 years!!! .... Rumours are crazy and I can only imagine what else is being said!!! I am truly baffled!!

    I've been asked if I have cancer and also if I had a serious illness... some people just have too much imagination. I wouldn't take it seriously.

    No one asked me personally if I was sick, but a couple of concerned friends asked him.