What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Ladies only guys proceed to next person
    So my time of month had been 27 days after last time ended as I gained weight and i thought age it moved to 23 days after last stopped well as I am losing weight I noticed it is going back to less frequent last month was 25 and this one was 26.

    After a month of healthy eating mine swung from 28-29 days, to 35!!! My husband and I both freaked out a little although I figured it was the changes to my diet. The next month it was back to 28.
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    Things i have learned.
    1. Bras. Before i started losing weight i had an extender. Now I have no more hooks left to tighten them. I will have to buy new bras.
    2. My collarbone. I have one! Who knew! Haven't found out if i have hip bones yet!
    3. That the junk food i used to eat - like processed cheese singles- i cant eat any more. They taste awful.
    4. I am so happy watching the scales go down i dont want to waste calories on junk food.
    5. That when you do the right thing and lose in a healthy way with mfp it really is easy.
    6. That i thought i wasnt fat before. But i was. I honestly saw myself smaller the whole time.

    And this is after losing "only" 16 of the 40 kilos i have to lose.!

    Over 35 lbs - that's a whole lotta "only"! Wonderful!
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    Reading all the bra stuff a few pages back reminds me. I work near the local Brooks Brothers store. I already intended to go after work to check and see if it was time to move down into the Milano fit, but now I must add to this trip the purchase of some Regular sized neckties. The XL size of tie looks like a clown getup on me now.

    I never thought about ties being bigger. Interesting.

    I remember going to Torrid with my step-daughter and learning that there were special earrings with longer posts. Regular posts wouldn't be long enough to fit through thicker ears.

    I've never been able to wear post earrings because my lobes are too fleshy. Wouldn't matter how much weight I lose, my earlobe are what they are. I wear hoops. Never knew about longer posts being an option though. Might be worth looking into - thanks!