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    @clicketykeys I love in person yoga classes too. I find them so much more fulfilling than just doing it at home

    @Evamutt 3 kids and 2 dogs in a small apartment?! Holy cow! It is hard to leave the fur babies behind, but they are in good hands and it's good that you are going to see your new grandbaby.

    I actually stayed on point food wise this weekend! Friday the weather ended up being nice so we did bike to a neighboring town to have dinner on the lake. Saturday my Mom came to town and we spent the whole day together. It was wonderful and just what I needed to refresh. Yesterday I had the whole day to myself. I should have done chores but instead I curled up and read an entire book in one sitting! Sadly this means today I'm a bit grumpy since I have a ton of work at the office and now chores at home.

    I also had a great NSV because at the derby fundraiser on Saturday someone took a photo of me onstage and I looked awesome if I do say so myself. I love seeing that my hard work is visible!
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    *crickets crickets* Where's everybody at?

    I tried the crossfit gym last night and had a great time! I signed up for the 2 week starter class and the best news is if I like it, they'll take the cost of that class and apply it to my membership so it ends up being ridiculously reasonable! I really hope it's a long term good fit. At the very least it will help me get to my goal of learning how to do a pull up :)
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    @Rachel0778 I'm glad you had a great time at crossfit! And even better that it ends up being reasonably priced! I hope you end up liking it for a long time. And I wish I could do a pull up... although it has been a while since I've tried.

    Today is my last day of work for the week, and then I'm off to go camping tomorrow through Sunday. Tent camping with no electricity. :open_mouth: I'm excited to go, but I still need to shop for food that's easy to store and prepare for the trip. I'm thinking chicken sausages or brats, granola bars, protein balls, string cheese, fruit. I'm not really sure what else. I am not too focused on breakfast food, since I'm still doing IF. I usually weigh every day, so it will be interesting to be away from the scale for 5 days. And I'll stock up on some lower cal alcoholic beverages. My family likes to drink, but I'm going to limit myself to only drinking a couple of nights while I'm there. Knowing how my tolerance is now, I doubt I could drink any more than that if I wanted to! :lol:
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    @rachelbachel32 I hope you have a great time camping! I absolutely love tent camping but I haven't had anyone to go with in years since my Dad moved states.

    Last night we went pontooning with my SO's coworkers. The pontoon was fun, the endless small talk was meh. The food was excellent. I went over calories but I don't think I did ridiculously bad. I hope everyone is doing well, I wonder why it's so quiet this week?????
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    Good afternoon!!!! It's been so long! Well not THAT long. It just feels like it. I feel like I have lost all motivation to do anything! I haven't been logging the last few days because I've been ashamed of all the crap I've been eating. I've managed to maintain at 169-170 the last week with all the terrible eating and complete lack of exercise. Plus I've been letting the house work go as well as cooking and things. I've just been a total slug the last week. I need to get my *kitten* in gear! I have a huge to do list for today. The DH is closing his store tonight so I should have plenty of time to get it all done. So keep those fingers crossed!

    Anyway, gonna get the afternoon started!
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    @HGSmith0920 - you and me both. I have lost my motivation so badly this week - I don't know what has got into me but I just can't be bothered! On the plus side, I have tomorrow and Monday off work - and I've signed up to a one off exercise class at our gym tomorrow morning - so that might kick me back into gear -something needs to!

    @Rachel0778 - sounds like fun overall, although I hate small talk. Give me a cup of tea and a good book for the evening any time over small talk with people that I don't know that well! It is very quiet on here - where is everybody?

    @rachelbachel32 - hope you have a fun weekend camping and good luck limiting the alcohol.

    Not much to report here - trying to finish some stuff off at work before my couple of days off - so looking forward to time to myself and to get some things done around the house and the garden.
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    @janetay01 A cup of tea and a good book sounds like heaven! I hope you enjoy the extra long weekend

    @HGSmith0920 It's so hard when energy and motivation fall by the wayside. I also notice that it tends to go in streaks where either I'm getting everything done or nothing at all. Luckily today is a new day!

    Day 2 of crossfit went extremely well. We worked on form with kettlebell lifts and swings. Today is going to be barbell work. I love that they are taking me through a two week training course so that they can work with and adjust my form before I hop into the main class. I also finally moved back into my office after it flooded/had cockroaches. It's been a rough week at work so I'm glad to just be back to normal. Happy Thursday everyone!
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    Morning everyone! It's been kind of busy because we've had dress rehearsals for Hairspray. Didn't sleep well - last night was final dress and I think I'm just kind of wired. I'm up and dressed but boy was it hard to get out for my walk this morning.

    But I did it!
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    Happy Meme Friday!!! So excited to get away this weekend for my and my SOs mini vacation (we're going to a waterpark and riverboat cruise). I hope you all have fantastic weekends as well
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    I would love to join this group, it is so important to vent the good parts but also the bad days to help keep on track!
    I am currently doing a 21 alcohol free challenge with my husband and I am not weighing myself until the end, we have also replaced soda with water. Weight isn't flying off and we have been living in Mexico for the past 3.5 years so food is readily available, after my son was born I lost a bit of weight but over the last year it has just piled on and I feel more like a beached whale than ever, pasta pizza and booze are my weakness. Anyways enough with my excuses I am half way through my challenge and very motivated to get back into shape and a happier healthier lifestyle
    My goal is to log everyday , I am 34 years old mother to a toddler, lose 45 pounds, get more active ditch more carbs eat more veggies and pretty much stay away from alcohol and ... and pastries chocolate!

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    Friday Meme
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    Welcome acwills3067. This is a really good group. I left on greyhound bus to visit my dtr & new baby last Monday am. It's a 3hrs trip. We had a really nice time. Kids (7&9) always want me to make my chicken & rice so I made them a big pot. I love being around my dtr because she loves,accepts me for who I am, I am very blessed to have her, she's straight forward so will tell you if anything is bothering her & is fun. Monday, I took the baby in the stroller & his big brother on his scooter to a park about 4 blocks away. I jogged most of the time. He was very popular with the moms there. Then we jogged around the park trail & home. Tuesday we went swimming & made my dtr her favorite meal....breaded & fried pork chops. The weather was SO great there, highs in the low 80's, here the summer is 100+ & hot at night, seat all day long, zaps my energy ugh. I ate pretty well there. Had 1 cup of rice. Got some chicken italian sausage, had 2 pork chops. We went to Costco & I did have 2 cookies but barley went over my calorie allotment.Got home Tuesday night. Wednesday I was so tired I just cat napped most of the day. I know what you all mean about losing motivation. I always do in this heat. Not much food wise buy activity wise. Yesterday morning I stubbed my little toe on edge of my bed. I think it's broken, so couldn't go to gym class. I'm not going to attempt to go till next Monday. I really miss the gym. It's been almost 2 weeks. Week one was due to getting a foster dog, getting her spayed, having a meet & greet & this past week due to my trip & broken toe! And I was so busy last week with the puppy I forgot to keep my free monthly personal trainer appointment & they're charging me $26! It's really hard to get ready & go do anything yet I don't like staying home all day either. Of course I still take my dogs out every morning, but I don't count that. It's part of the routine. I just ate brunch & It's SO hard to get up & go volunteer at the animal rescue, tho I want to so much. My toe is "ok" in my comfy shoes as long as I don't walk too much. I'm just SO sleepy, I feel groggy all day. I'm sure it's from this heat
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    @janetay01 I think I'm starting to get a bit more motivation back. I think I might hit the gym tomorrow on my way home from work. I haven't been in months because I enjoy walking outside more but the weather has been terrible this summer so I've barely been out. I hope you have a great few days off!

    @rachelbachel32 I hope you are having an awesome time! I LOVE camping. My bachelorette party was actually a night out camping and drinking at a state park near us(the drinking wasn't allowed but we snuck it in anyway Lol). I really want to go out again!

    @Rachel0778 I'm so glad you are enjoying CrossFit! I'm a little afraid to try something like that because I am so out of shape and am kind of afraid of just how out of shape I am. Maybe you'll give me the courage to go out and try it one day

    @clicketykeys Good luck with the musical! I wish I could go and watch it! I'm sure it will be stupendous!

    @acwills3067 Welcome! This is an amazing group! I'm so lucky I found it! We support each other in all of our SV, NSV and just lives in general.

    @JenHul Love the meme!

    The last 24 hours have just been great! Last night I stayed up waaay too late hanging out with the DH and his friends. My new gaming headset finally came so we were able to pair the headset and controller to the system so I could listen in on the conversation that the DH was having with his friends. It was so much fun! Didn't even think about bed until 1:30 at the earliest. Paid for it this morning though. Didn't pull myself out of bed until 22 minutes before I had to leave for work. Lol. Took a super quick shower, threw on clothes, kissed the DH and ran out the door. Lol. Work was super easy. They finally hired permanent tellers for the branch so I will be splitting my time between the two branches more. I can't wait. But it was pretty dead today. Well, I can't really say that. There was just a lot of workers there today. Lol. Had a quick and uneventful drive home which is rare. Lol. The DH is closing his store tonight so I'm home alone. About to start getting ready for bed.

    I just have to make it until 1:30 tomorrow and then I am off for 2.5 days! I can't wait! Got lots to do. Lol

    Have a great night everyone!
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    Hello everyone. My name is Armantas (23 years old), at MFP only for its community. At the moment focusing to maintain my current weight.
    Everyone who seeks motivation is free to add me. I am very active person, travelling a lot. It is important for me to meet different people, because it makes me more interesting to talk to. ✌
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    I'm taking a day off so thought Id share. Hope everyone is having a good week end. I volunteered at animal rescue yesterday 9-1 then went swimming with a friend & went on the rowing machine for 15min. I really like that machine. I'm really tired today so am trying to catch up on some cleaning. Taking it slow today. Yesterday Hubby made some pork ribs & I had a few. Big mistake. Reflux woke me up at 2:30am. I'm just not used to eating like that anymore. We're giving the rest to our neighbor lol. I'm a little discouraged because I'm not losing any more weight. I started to when I was going to the HIIT class 3 days a week, but haven't been able to cuz of my toe.Maybe I'll try on Monday. It's too hard for me right now to eat less than about 1550-1600 cal/day. I have it set to 1/2 lb/loss/wk which gives me 1490 so it's close. Hopefully I'll be refreshed & able to get started on a lower calorie again. The good part is that I feel good eating this many cal/day so hopefully it's an indication of my being able to maintain once I get there. Even if I lose 10 more lbs I'll be satisfied. I haven't weighed this for 20+yrs so I shouldn't be complaining, I just still feel a little fat, mostly it's below my waist
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    Hey , im new here! Id love to join a core group, sometimes some support is well needed. I just had my second child 6 weeks ago and i really need to focus on getting myself fit and healthy. Ive lost 22 pounds in the last 6 weeks, so getting there slowly. Its starting to get difficult now, temptation everywhere! We can do this! ;)
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    @aidaj0609 22lbs in the last 6 weeks?! That is actually quite fast! Way to go! And welcome!

    @Evamutt It sounds like you're doing a great job! I'd have a hard time eating below 1500 too. Sorry to hear about your toe, hopefully it heals up quick so you can get back to your classes!

    Welcome @rArmantas!

    @HGSmith0920 I hope you have a great couple of days off! The great part about the gym that I just started at is that there are people at all different levels and they scale it to where you are at. They also bring you through a several week training class before they even let you into the main classes to make sure you know the moves and the proper form. It is very beginner friendly.

    Welcome @acwills3067 !

    We had a fabulous staycation away. The water park was open until midnight and we closed it down both nights hanging out in the hot tubs and splashing around the lazy river. The riverboat cruise was also beautiful and exploring the local town was so much fun. Sadly I ended it on a sour note since there was a bachelorette party next door to our hotel room so I didn't get any sleep and I woke up suuuuuper crabby. I didn't want to do anything our last day and I kept snapping at my SO. I feel terrible about how I acted and made him dinner once we got home to make up for it. Luckily he's a very easygoing person so he forgave me :) I also ate my feelings big time yesterday. Ugh. Tired, crabby, and bingeing all in one day! Luckily today is a new day and I've got my workout class tonight to look forward to.
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    Hi My name is David. I'm 51 years old. been working out for little over month lost 10 pounds.
    i found great app that free call walking for weight loss. it was hard at first now it great. its
    like coach in you ear talking to you. you can use it indoors or out side. i love it.
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    Hey all, since January this year I have never been so determined and motivated in all my life, I think hitting 30 was a huge wake up call, growing up I was an active kid I was thin with maybe a little "puppy fat" as they call it hitting puberty I was then chubby then into my late teens - 20s I was just getting more and more obese you could say so when I hit my biggest being 308 lbs and being in denial about my laziness and poor eating habits, my anxiety was so high I rarely left my house, I had aching joints and I was unable to stand for very long without being in pain so I knew I had to change, I started logging my food on the 16th January, it was a big eye opener for me at first, a month later I dusted off my exercise bike my mum had given me 2 years ago, I started exercising intentionally for the first time in years, it was hard but I got through it, slowly increasing the days and time I used it, I ended up doing 60 mins per day 5 times a week, the weight was falling off of me, I would still have my little cheat day on Saturday and sometimes Sunday but all week I was good, I would even go out on Saturdays into town which is a huge step for me, I was able to walk to town, around town and back without much effort between January and now I have lost over 70 lbs, which I know is alot in that short space of time, I started getting pain around where my gallbladder is, after many many google searches I was 90% sure it was gallstones, I had an ultrasound recently which confirmed gallstones now this is where my frustrations come into play.... I am having to reduce my fat intake dramatically which I am doing but I am struggling as its also lowering my calories so I am struggling finding things to eat and fill me up which are low in fat, I have come across porridge, quark, tinned tuna in spring water, ryvita, danish bread, low fat soup, chicken, tofu, fruit and vegetables, I have a low financial budget so there is that, I am frustrated as for nearly 2 weeks I kept having attacks, I felt so weak and in pain, I just wanted to stop dieting all together, for the first time in 6 months I had lost my motivation, I continued to fight and it has paid off I am motivated once more, I AM GOING TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT! I can keep fighting all I need to do is keep googling for low fat/fat free foods and I will be fine, I just need to try a different strategy now that's all lol I cannot give up as I don't want to go back to how I was before, I was miserable, my partner was miserable, my family was also, everyone I know, including myself was frustrated and missing out on having a lie with me as I would just shut myself in my house all day everyday now I can go out, walk around town, I am even told to slow down hehe, hopefully I will get past this whole gallstone issue and continue with my fight to lose weight :)
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    @RamboKitty89 Congrats on losing over 70lbs! Sorry to hear you have to do low fat due to gallstones. It sounds like you're doing a good job incorporating lean proteins and fruits and veggies. Since you're on a budget, bean and lentil based dishes are also a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. How long until you can get back to your regular eating?

    Welcome @Senrak66!

    Happy Tuesday everyone! So yesterday after a surprise $700 car bill (ugh), I definitely wanted to dive into the junk food again. Why do all the surprise bills happen right around when I'm going to buy a house? I figured an additional $5 wouldn't hurt me at that point so I bought some Halo Top to stop myself from bingeing and it totally worked. I kept within my calories and went to my exercise class to feel better. Now if only I can do that all the time. I hope everyone else's week is going better than mine!