Sex in your 20s compared to sex in your 30s ?



  • RunHardBeStrong
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    no, mines the highest of any human being that ever existed its like i'm mount vesuvius

    Sounds messy.
  • Irontri7
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    More muscle mass = higher testosterone = increased libido
  • FireTurtle75
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    My sex drive has never been higher.....I get it everyday :) hoping having a partner someday can only add to the fun ;)

    Reading through, so many are saying they have a super high sex drive..c'mon peeps someone has to be

    mine is negative 10.... you're so right Jo!

    Yeah..I find it interesting, I mean I have a pretty strong sex drive..but then there were times when I was working 15 hours, a kid might be sick so I was up all night and I most definitely would have said to ex "if you touch me I'll hurt you" :laugh:
    That's pretty much the attitude I get every time I try anymore. It's getting pretty *kitten* old too. Bad thing is my drive is probably as high now as it was in my late teens & early 20's after going on the keto diet.
  • tcunbeliever
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    I would like sex twice a day every day, and I've always been that way.

    My husband used to be up for every day, multiples on the weekends. That dropped off after about 42 years old. Now it's more like every other day, sometimes singles on the weekends, sometimes multiples. Though I have discovered that if I hit him up early in the day like right after work, then he's still good with every day. So, I think it's more of an energy level issue than a testosterone issue. He's just tired at night and wants to sleep.
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    Booo, so you have a very low sex drive then?
  • coxwill45
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    In my 20's I was highly motivated sexually, wife was not so much, but it was 4-5 times a week easy. 30's and 40's dropped off some, ( you get tired of begging sooner or later and write it off.)
    In my 50's it's still a fun sport but 2 times a week is all I can get the wife to submit to. I've always had the higher sex drive and my wife is content with cuddles, it's a wonder we made 25 years together, but my commitment is till death and will never change.
  • Ironandwine69
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    Have a couple of kids. It will solve the problem of high sex drive in no time.

    I have four. Have many more do I need for this to take effect? :ohwell:

    Yeah it doesn't work for my husband either. If anything he's more crazy on his 40's than in his early 30's.

  • Ironandwine69
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    Irontri7 wrote: »
    More muscle mass = higher testosterone = increased libido

    *kitten*. I should have married a skinny dude
  • _BrewingAZ_
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    Mid 30's here and my drive is just as high as it was in my early 20's. And I've actually noticed it getting higher the more fit I'm becoming. My poor wife.
  • MiloBloom83
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    I'm in my 50's. Really don't feel like i've peaked yet.
  • worldtraveller321
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    wow, i am my late 30s and feel its high yet i barely had any opportunity ever .
  • TheChaoticBuffalo
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    Sex drive peaking? What the hell are you talking about? B)
  • bobshuckleberry
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    I'd say in picked up in my 30's part of that was confidence. Part was getting out of a bad marriage. But honestly at 49 it has not changed much since early 30's. I think it depends on the confidence you have in yourself and how you feel about the person you are with.
  • Chase_The_Pain
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    The reason they say that the male sex drive decreases in the mid 20's is because that is the point at which their testosterone levels start to drop. Low testosterone will definitely cause a drop in sex drive. I have been on synthetic testosterone since my early 30's so that has not been an issue. Now that I am 42 and recently single, my sex drive is even higher. With that said, I believe that your environment might play a role as well.
  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
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    It's definitely higher for me at 35...
    But I spent most of my 20s, out of shape and high
    I'm a little wiser, ambitious, harder and a lot happier
    But also more high strung and I guess irritated too
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