Keto is the bomb!

Hey I'm Joe! I just want to say if your trying to lose body fat you should try ketogenic diet. It really works and you can still eat lots of good food!


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    A short term diet works for short term. Weight management is a lifetime commitment. It's changing bad habits and choices. I am glad you lost weight. That's the main goal here. What ever works for you is what you want.
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    Thank you for sharing that.
    You might want to check out the Low carb interest group here:
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    Keto is great! I would highly recommend it to people who have a lot of body fat percentage to lose and can't lay off the carbs or sugar. But almost everyone I know on Keto does count their macros which is essentially counting calories (grams have calories duh). You might be doing CICO without even noticing it. As for myself, I'm petite and most of my calories would be nonexistent on keto. But glad to hear it worked for you. I hope more people commit to a lifestyle change for the better.
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    Hey Joe!

    A ketogenic (non medical) diet works really well for me. I am losing weight but the biggest change has been ditching the feeling I am walking through a thick fog day after day. I feel like I have energy for the first time in a decade. The fact I can also have food that is commonly thought of as not being good on a diet (butter, red meat, cream) mean I have no temptation to stray from the eating plan. I feel like I have finally found something that works for me. Congrats on finding the same for yourself :)
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    It's not "my CICO pal" either, nor is it, "My Skinny Pal" There are many different ways many people use here to achieve their individual goals, yet it seems the only ones who bash anything outside their way of thinking is the CICO gang
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    Noel_57 wrote: »
    And saying "Keto is about reprogramming your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs." is not true science. It simply isn't.
    And yet.....That is exactly what is happening. Could you explain a little better or point me to what you mean. I would appreciate it. Thanks!