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Does your doctor comment on your weight?



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    Nope and it's irritating as well as sad. We have arrived in an era where it's better to let people kill themselves than chance losing customers because of the easily offended mouth breathers.

    Odd, from talking to my doctor and talking to friends who have heard their doctor talk about weight and such, seems like it's really common around here for doctors to raise the issue (my doctor says that she thinks it's a medical obligation), so I think your generalization that doctors don't is off-base, or at least a major over-generalization.

    ..and yet, just as uncommon where I live.

    Point is, we cannot generalize or assert -- as the prior poster did -- that doctors in general don't raise the issue because of "easily offended mouth breathers."

    If you think your doctor is not doing his or her job, talk to the doctor or change doctors.

    I think doctors SHOULD talk to patients about weight and also see no reason to think that on average in the US it does not happen or happens less than it used to.

    I don't want to have this argument, but I know you won't drop it, so...on page one post #1 I said what I had to say.

    You are generalizing just as much as you claim GlassAngyl is. :shrug:

    I think you just didn't like her tone. Fair enough...but as has been said a few times, doctors don't necessarily bring it up unless the patient does. Easier to give a pill. They're medical doctors, not bariatric care professionals. They treat symptoms with medicine. That's pills and potions.

    Except I'm not generalizing. I said that in my social circle and talking to my doctor that suggests to me that doctors DO talk about weight. I did not go on to say "and therefore they all do and those of you who said yours did not are wrong." I said we cannot generalize about what all doctors do (or what doctors do vs. in the past) from individual experiences. I think it's common to around here, but I also think without some kind of real, properly-done survey, none of us know. And I suspect it does differ at different medical facilities and areas and depending on who the doctor is talking to and the type of visit. I suspect many DON'T get much indvidual attention from a doctor, and that may well be why things like weight may not get discussed with them. I also know (from a friend who is a doctor) that depending on the patients some doctors may think they are uninterested in or incapable of lifestyle changes, which I think is bad but probably understandable in some cases.

    Anyway, no, my complaint with GlassAngyl was not just her tone, but the generalization. The assertion that we know that doctors ARE NOT doing something that it seems to me many are doing, and that we KNOW they stopped doing something they used to do (no evidence of that has been presented), and that we know why (again, no such evidence has been presented).

    I also think it's funny that she blames easily offended folks with thin skin compared to those in TX or whatever, as I live in an area I'm sure she'd consider full of snowflakes, but probably best not to bring that into it.
  • R_is_for_RachelR_is_for_Rachel Member Posts: 381 Member Member Posts: 381 Member
    She said that her answer would be mostly "No." When I asked her why she explained that being a doctor is a business and if she would critique each patients weight, she is sure she would lose patients, especially the easily offended ones.

    bizarre! i'm a dental hygienist and rely on pts returning too as i get paid per patient.....imagine though if your dental hygienist didn't tell you had gum disease or bad breath in case you might be offended?! quite rightly i could be sued for not letting you why would a Dr not discuss being overweight!

    i've had 2 types of Dr over the years, ones who would tell me i was overweight-even wen i was slim and then the GP who said he wasn't going to tell me off because he was a heavy smoker and we all die anyway! lol
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Member Posts: 13,577 Member Member Posts: 13,577 Member
    No. Even when I was overweight my doctor didn't comment on it. I assume because I was healthy. She commented when I lost weight by asking if it was on purpose.
  • fritch_gets_fit26fritch_gets_fit26 Member Posts: 40 Member Member Posts: 40 Member
    During my last visit to my doctor she mentioned my weight and that it is something I need to work on. This is something I was already aware of, and something I wanted to work on...hearing it from a medical professional only solidified that in me. Hopefully when I see her in a few months she will be happy with my progress.

    Honestly, I will never understand people getting upset at their doctor for talking to them about their weight...they are medical's literally their job to be in your business when it comes to your health. If you are overweight and unhealthy, like I have been the last few years, then they need to mention it to help prolong your life.

    You don't cry and get upset when a mechanic tells you your car needs work...or a plumber tells you something is wrong with your pipes. It is their job...just like it's a doctor's job to tell you if your weight is effecting your health. The people who get upset are just not ready to face that, and until they are nothing anyone says will change that. I was never under the impression my weight wasn't a problem...I was and still am overweight...and I'm working on getting healthier...but I never thought, "eh, my lifestyle and size are totally healthy...this is going to be great for my future...pie is basically fruit salad, ice cream is kinda a protein shake, and small elves will come and do my dishes when I sleep. What a blissful existence I live."
  • fat2fitshleyfat2fitshley Member Posts: 50 Member Member Posts: 50 Member
    Typically no, they don't mention it but I'm also right on the borderline of healthy weight versus overweight so I guess I'm not at a high enough risk for them to worry too much and my health markers are good. It was mentioned once when I went to a doc in the box and they suggested I lose weight to lower my blood pressure. The only time I was offended was when I was 19 and I weighed 105 pounds at 5' 1" and my GYN told me I was overweight. I thought that was out of line, and it really messed with me as an insecure 19 year old.
  • clicketykeysclicketykeys Member Posts: 4,962 Member Member Posts: 4,962 Member
    My oncologist did, and I'll admit, it annoyed me. I knew what my weight was and was aware that I was mildly overweight. But it wasn't enough to be a significant concern. Or if it was there was no mention of that.

    I wish doctors ASKED more.
  • shaunshaikhshaunshaikh Member Posts: 616 Member Member Posts: 616 Member
    I'm in the US. My doctor suggests I need to lose weight when I need to lose weight. I have a good doctor. I don't think you can generalize how all doctors act. I think it's a personal decision on whether someone is comfortable talking about weight. It's a touchy topic for some people. If you don't have a good doctor, find one.
  • DisfatbidgeDisfatbidge Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    Yes my doctors have suggested it but I am class 3 obese so frankly it'd be irresponsible of them not to and I'm glad they did. However nobody ever brought up weight loss surgery as an option until I asked about it.
  • Hungry_ShopgirlHungry_Shopgirl Member Posts: 329 Member Member Posts: 329 Member
    The only doctor I saw on a regular basis for an extended period of time was my endocrinologist. She didn't mention my weight at all until I started losing. When I got my medical history from her before moving away I saw that in one of the visits from the previous year she had noted "weight is creeping up" but had not said anything to me upfront. I still wonder why.
  • IsabeausRoseIsabeausRose Member Posts: 129 Member Member Posts: 129 Member
    My doctor usually does but I don't get offended he knows me. I tend to take weightloss too extreme and he warns me not too lose too much weigh. That there's a happy medium.
  • Fit_Happens_2021Fit_Happens_2021 Member Posts: 270 Member Member Posts: 270 Member
    I find it irritating that we live in a world where everyone gets offended so easily by every little thing. Having said that, some doctors need to work on their delivery and make sure they are being helpful not just critical. My doctor talked to me about 'lifestyle changes' when I developed high blood pressure and I am glad he did. A person is a whole human being so even if I am there about something that isn't weight related but the doctor points out that he/she can offer help with nutrition and exercise that can improve my overall health why would I be offended?
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