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  • ryanthegreat314
    ryanthegreat314 Posts: 1,394 Member
    Hi everyone! Looking for friends. Goal is to lose 60 pounds within the next 6 months. Used to be very active on here about 3 years ago but life happened and I gained 60 pounds. Now it's time to lose it and get on track again with fitness.
  • jayhd777
    jayhd777 Posts: 86 Member
    Back again.....after 2 all inclusive holidays... weight to lose, muscles to tone...from Liverpool UK.....feel free to add......
  • rArmantas
    rArmantas Posts: 44 Member
    Hello everyone! Feel free to add!
  • Mellykay88
    Mellykay88 Posts: 305 Member
    Hi guys! Looking for friends to cheer on (and be cheered on by
  • KarinaOrtiz6
    KarinaOrtiz6 Posts: 31 Member
    Add me :D
  • Mrscorner
    Mrscorner Posts: 1 Member
    I'd love some friends that will actively motivate/cheer me on and I'll return the kindness.
  • astone0489
    astone0489 Posts: 21 Member
    Hey everyone! Add me if you'd like! I'm happy to help and motivate anyone I can!
    Best wishes!!!
  • Maxcannon_
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    Add for motivation
  • cortex112
    cortex112 Posts: 1 Member
    Starting back MFP to gain lean weight:) add me if you like too! Tampa area.
  • rlaurain
    rlaurain Posts: 64 Member
    Please feel free to add me :) I' 24, from Michigan and am trying to lose 30 pounds.
  • Gypsiii888
    Gypsiii888 Posts: 17 Member
    Add me please. serious and dedicated people looking to lose weight. Just started my weight loss journey last month looking to lose 10lbs per month
  • scott796
    scott796 Posts: 3 Member
    Active daily logger. Feel free to add me.
  • SweatsOnSunday
    SweatsOnSunday Posts: 514 Member
    I'm not the most successful calorie-counter. Just last night, dinner on the delayed Amtrak to get home consisted of hummus, pretzels, Sam Adams, and M&Ms. But I also have my good days. Feel free to add me.
  • zipitzippy
    zipitzippy Posts: 86 Member
    Feel free to add me, I need motivating friends & I'll do the same back! :) Have about 50 lbs to lose
  • I'm 32, on a weight loss journey. Need support, inspiration and friends to hold me accountable. July 11- Sept 11 I lost 10lbs and 2 more up till now. I am dedicated. And on a roll.
  • shannonwaters2395
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    Give away to good home- MFP pal- 30 year old female in good health, slightly overweight, no special dietary requirements. Moderately active, passionate about chocolate, Misfits and Red Dwarf. Loves to garden and owns a beautiful bigboned shelter bitza. And a cat. Somewhat stubborn, slightly eccentric when sleep deprived, which is often being a shift worker. Phobic of dental professionals but no issues with clowns and spiders. Says she hates excuses but is refusing to log whilst the sutures of a recent dental surgery are in situ (should be back on Monday when she runs out of excuses). Otherwise an honest daily diary logger and an active liker/commenter. Looking for a responsible and active pal.
  • fsaghebnia
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    я жил в киеве , у вас есть хорошие култур
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  • fsaghebnia
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    edited October 2017
    я жил в киеве , у вас есть хорошие култур
    пить пить
    пить водку патом на утром пить кофе
  • From_Within_
    From_Within_ Posts: 44 Member
    I’m here looking for lots of new friends! I’m trying to stay focused on feeling good and being happy with myself. Hey- don’t judge, I’m also trying to break some negative bad habits.
  • Rottingtone
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    New friends are always welcomed. :)