Less alcohol - Nov 2017 - one day at a time

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Hi fellow MFPers,

Thought to start this challenge today through end November because I really need it and sounds like some of you might, too.

I am not trying to quit alcohol but just trying to limit my intake during the week especially while allowing myself to enjoy some wine on the weekends. I need to be accountable to exert some control over my 'crutch' ... pretty sure it will help with my weight loss goal along the way.

I will try to post each day and invite you to do the same.

Will start this challenge today and run it until end Nov. I hope some of you will join.



  • KareninLux
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    All right! We are not alone!

  • sarasiza
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    I'm in :)
  • Luvmyhubby222
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    Totally in! I was just thinking of doing this, as it wrecks my calorie intake. Glad to have some folks in it with me!
  • flippy1234
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    It will be interesting to see how it affects our weight loss. Make sure you comment about how it's going here.
  • nessalynn6780
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    I'm in. It's going to be tough!
  • fe452436
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    I have heard that having alcohol is injurious to health.A person after having it becomes unconscious.Person can say anything or do anything which he/she forgets afterwards.Is it true?If yes then it is dangerous.
  • Sunnybrooke99
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    Omg. I’m taking two 14 year olds to comicon.. this weekend doesn’t count. Next week tho!
  • AmandaPoole2
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    I'm ready. I've been living in Puerto Rico for the last year and a half. While living on the island it's easy to make an excuse to enjoy an afternoon cocktail or two..lol. Recent events and the horrible condition of PR have sent me back to the States indefinitely while my husband stays behind for rebuilding efforts. Being back in the States have brought to light a need to cut back a bit. Ready to get healthier and support is welcome!
  • ali3boys
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    So last night went okay; I made my "mini" goal weight today; but I can do better. So far I just been cautious of how much I'm drinking; but tonight I'm going to try and visualize before I even start what exactly I'm going to have and stick to it !!! any other ideas ?!? I think keeping my goal weight over the weekend will help. Hopefully... Lol