What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    It's great in the beginning when you are losing most weight in your midsection. It sucks however when your breasts deflate and they're more skin than fat.

    Sorry Girls, but, unless you have been wearing a bra 24/7 since puberty, this is going to happen, anyway. You are just getting a bit earlier than most. Roll them up, or get them lifted and move on.


    Actually studies show that wearing a bra doesn't prevent sagging. Use oils, moisturize, take care of your skin.

    I think maybe bras wouldn't help in the sense of strengthening the gravity-defying muscles but they would still mitigate sagging in the sense of not putting the girls in a position to try to hold themselves up in the first place. End result would still be less sagging over the years, or so the logic goes among those for whom it's the convention, like among French women.

    ETA: I wish I'd had any kind of strategy starting from adolescence, or at least my early twenties. I saw a picture of myself on uni grad day recently (which was about 20 years ago) and I swear mine are like a foot lower now.